Which Instagram Diet Fads Are Best Avoided?

Which Instagram Diet Fads Are Best Avoided?

Are you a fan of Instagram? Well, you are certainly not the only one.

Once upon a time it was just a photo sharing app but over time it has transformed into a marketplace full of products, many of which are decidedly dodgy, with various (paid) celebrity endorsements.

The following article will look at just some of these Instagram diet fads and teach you why they are probably best avoided.

#1: ‘Clean’ eating

The ideas behind clean eating are good and have been proven to be the best for your overall health, after-all you are trying to cut out as many processed foods from your diet as possible.

Clean eating only becomes a problem if you take it too far.

Obsessing over what you eat can lead to eating disorders. And regardless, if you want to stick to a diet long terms chances are cutting out all of your favourite junk foods will not work.

To succeed at a diet long term you need the occasional treat, just make sure that you do not overindulge when you are giving the opportunity.

#2: Waist training

No doubt you have seen the images of Kim Kardashian and other celebrities wearing a corset in an attempt to slim their waistlines.

Well, unfortunately this does not work. To lose fat from your belly you need to diet and get regular exercise.

Doctors have even stated that these waist trainers are potentially dangerous, as they can restrict your breathing and even crush your internal organs.

#3: Juice cleanses

Skipping meals and opting for a glass of juice simply does not help with your weight loss efforts.

For a start you will find that your metabolism will slow as your body will think that it is being starved.

And secondly, fruit juice is full of sugars, and with the fibre removed this will not fill you up and will in fact make you feel even hungrier.

A better option would be to opt for fresh fruit, but alongside a healthy diet. This will ensure you are cutting calories, while also ensuring you are consuming the necessary nutrients your body requires.

#4: Diet tea

There are many different diet teas being endorsed by various celebs on Instagram, from Britney Spears to Kylie Jenner.

Do they work though? Well, most of them don’t and some may even cause an embarrassing side effects.

Many of these diet teas contain a herb called senna, which acts like a laxative. This means that any weight lost while using these products is poop.

Not only is this embarrassing but it can even stop your bowels from functioning properly.

Other ingredients found in these diet teas include caffeine and guarana, which are natural stimulants.

Most people can handle these, but some unfortunate people may encounter nervousness, restlessness, nausea, anxiety and a whole host of other side effects.

With all these problems, it is probably best to look for an alternative.

How to lose weight?

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