Are Instalean Green Coffee Beans a scam?

Are Instalean Green Coffee Beans a scam?

The problem with popular weight loss ingredients such as Green Coffee Beans is that there are always going people looking to exploit their popularity.

Products such as Instalean Green Coffee Beans is such a product if you believe the reports online.

A common scam is to offer supplements as a trial, and while Instalean Green Coffee Beans is not available as a trial it has had its own issues.

Let us look at this supplement in more detail to see what the issues are and if there is a suitable alternative.

Claims made by Instalean Green Coffee Beans?

Instalean Green Coffee Beans claims to:

  • Be all natural
  • Help burn fat
  • Help suppress the appetite
  • Help increase energy

Each of the claims are pretty standard and are what you would expect to see on any website selling a dietary supplement.

We would have to look at the ingredients used before we can verify if these claims are correct.

Ingredients of Instalean Green Coffee Beans

According to the homepage of Instalean Green Coffee Beans this supplement contains 50% HCA (chlorogenic acid) with no artificial ingredients or fillers.

This all sounds ok so far and should you use this supplement alongside a healthy diet with regular exercise then you should certainly experience the claimed benefits.

Price of Instalean Green Coffee Beans

Instalean Green Coffee Beans is not available for a trial, so again this is a good thing.

Instead it is offered as a 1, 2 or 3 month package starting from $59.95, which is slightly more expensive than we would like it to be.

There are certainly cheaper and more effective options available.

Is Instalean Green Coffee Beans a scam?

There is nothing to suggest that Instalean Green Coffee Beans is a scam. It may cost slightly more than you need to be paying, but it does not look like a typical weight loss scam.

Contact details for Instalean Green Coffee Beans

You can contact Instalean Green Coffee Beans using the following information:

Freephone: 44-203-051-3243
Email: support@instaleangreencoffee.com

Please leave a message below if you have tried this product.

Alternative to Instalean Green Coffee Beans

A cheaper alternative to Instalean Green Coffee Beans is the supplement sold online by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement costs $39 and contains Svetol Green Coffee, which is the exact type of Green Coffee Bean recommended by Dr Oz himself.

It also contains 50% GCA and unlike other Green Coffee Bean supplements contains very little caffeine (less than 2%) so is incredibly safe to use.

Click here to read our review of Svetol Green Coffee!

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