Is Raspberry Ketone ProSlim another diet scam?

Is Raspberry Ketone ProSlim another diet scam?

Raspberry Ketones is incredibly popular within the weight loss community, no wonder really after it was shown to burn fat on the Dr Oz Show in the US.

Yet despite its undoubted ability to help with your weight issues there are still risks associated with buying a supplement containing Raspberry Ketone.

For example there are still companies online promoting their products with ‘trial’ offers that may seem tempting but unfortunately end up costing the consumer more than they thought.

One supplement available online with a trial is Raspberry Ketone ProSlim, but does this automatically mean that it is a scam?

Claims made by Raspberry Ketone ProSlim?

Taking Raspberry Ketone ProSlim is claimed to help:

  • Burn fat effortlessly
  • Banish cravings
  • Increase metabolism

Ingredients of Raspberry Ketone ProSlim

As you would imagine Raspberry Ketone ProSlim contains Raspberry Ketones, but this is not the only ingredient present as you will also find African Mango, Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapefruit and Resveratrol within the formula.

Now each of these ingredients have shown promising weight loss results in the past so it is unfortunate that there is no mention of the dosages of each ingredient.

Without this important information you will not be able to work out if Raspberry Ketone ProSlim can actually do what it claims.

How much does Raspberry Ketone ProSlim cost?

There is no mention of prices on the homepage of Raspberry Ketone ProSlim, only a form asking for your information so that they can send you the trial.

This trial will cost as little as £2.95, which will cover the postage of the supplement. This is not the full story however, as if you do not cancel within 14 days you will be automatically charged the full price £59.95 and will subsequently receive another package every month thereafter.

However it seems there are other landing pages available with one allowing you to buy the supplement without having to sign up for the trial. Again it will cost £59.95 plus postage.

Is Raspberry Ketone ProSlim a scam?

Although Raspberry Ketone ProSlim offers its supplement to buy as well as the trial there are still a number of worrying issues.

For a start there are no mention of what quantities of each ingredient is present within the formula so there is no way of knowing if it is effective.

Also the price is too high for such a product, you can buy other supplements much cheaper online.

Finally there is no address listed on the Raspberry Ketone ProSlim website, which is a requirement here in the UK. Looking at the terms and conditions the address seems to have been removed.

Contact Raspberry Ketone ProSlim

At the time of writing you can only contact Raspberry Ketone ProSlim by telephone (0800 468 1045) or email (support@raspberryketoneproslim.com). There is no physical address listed on the website.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Raspberry Ketone ProSlim

A proven alternative to Raspberry Ketone ProSlim is Raspberry Ketone Plus. A supplement made using the recommended daily allowance of Raspberry Ketones (200mg).

This supplement is available at £19.95 for a months supply, which is considerably cheaper than Raspberry Ketone ProSlim.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

38 comments on "Is Raspberry Ketone ProSlim another diet scam?"
  1. No more products or monies taken from my account have telephoned and cancelled was told an email would be sent not yet received

    • Cant believe these people are getting away with this scam. Please do not buy from this company as they will charge you £59 pounds whether u cancel or not. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! i am an innocent mother of a newborn n wanted to lose my baby weight and im left with a hugh bill i cannot afford.

      • Sent for trial pot of skin cream – got a letter from my bank asking if I had authorised £89 to be taken from my bank account using the card that I had paid £4 95 for the cream – I did not and thanks to bank’s fraud team they blocked the use of my debit card who said they were going to take the matter further and treat it as fraud. This product came up next to my email page where I am constantly inundated with unsolicited advertising generating from Sky/Yahoo advertising who refuse to stop it when requested. Let’s hope they will get their comeuppance at last

    • Hi has anyone got a phone number or email add thst I could have please as I to have been charged £39.40 for something i dont want.
      This is a big chunk of my money been taken from me too x

      • I ordered trial pills for £4.99 yet they have took £165 I’m going to police about this if not sorted

  2. i have been scammed by this company on completing a survey a free gift of raspberry ketone was offered with a charge of £2.95 p & p next few days £59.95 taken from card, then another £64.90.

    I also tried to contact this company and finally after many attempts cancelled.

    The fraud dept. of my bank say the company can legally take money from my card even though i have cancelled it.

    I am currently taking this matter up with trading standards and watchdog

    • Same thing happened to me as happened to Wendy and I am furious that companies are allowed to do this as it is theft, robbery call it what you will. The credit card companies are not without some some share of responsibility and this has happened to me once before where a company after getting your card details related to a sister company starting charging to the card also for unsolicited services. It`s a bad aspect of credit cards that recurring charges are so readily made from crooks….no other word for them.
      I will go to trading standards and watchdog as well and see what they have to say.
      Barry Hatton

  3. My experience was buying a oneoff purchase for £4.95 and being later surprised by £59,95 coming out of my bank account. Customer services at Raspberry Ketone Proslim, trying to tell me that this is all explained in Terms and conditions. How are you bound to Terms and Conditions (after a purchase)?

    I happened to only purchase these tablets (can you belive @ £2 /tablet 🙂 ), via a online survery website – I was completing a paid survey. I was offered these tablet and thought, why not for only £4.95 – there were no Terms and conditions or a clear mention of £59.95 to follow.

    So as long as you are happy with this type of shopping, then you’ll be fine :-).

  4. Like so many others I fell for the scam I paid for a free sample the postage of £4.95 required and was shocked when I received my statement to see that two payments of £58.90 and £64.90 had been taken out of my account I immediately rang this company and was told I could not cancel because I had ticked the box Terms & Conditions. I immediately cancelled my credit card and returned unopened to the address given on the package. I received an e mail from the Company informing me that my order had been cancelled but they were not prepared to make a refund but after a few e mails they made a return of £29.90 only I was informed that they could not give me a refund on the returned package as they could not sell them on even though they were unopened I now intend to take the legal route to recover the money which I consider stolen from my account. I can now say that the Advertising Standards Authority warned the scam to be illegal.

  5. The address is Natural Way 21 Torbay Road Paignton Devon TQ46 AA if you want to write to
    them not that I think you will get anywhere.

    • Hi Jean

      I’ve been caught by this too by completing an online paid survey – I’m certain I never had any Ts&Cs shown to me. How sure are you about the Paignton address? The reason I ask is that I intend to sue these people for the £125 or so that they’ve stolen off my credit card

  6. Oh no I too have been caught in this trial! £4.95 and then £59.95 taken from my account immediately called my bank who were very helpful sending me paperwork to fill in and I asked them to block any further attempts from these fraudsters. Not sure is I am able to get a refund through the chargeback from my bank but don’t hold out much hope of CLEANHEALTH offering a refund. Nothing mentioned in Terms and Conditions about this at all…. pissed off, headache and feel completely stupid 🙁

  7. Completely p****d off been totally conned by by this company. I too thought I was getting a one off trial of this product to try for just the price of postage £4.95. However, £59.95 taken from my bank account on 16 March 2014. I only noticed this tonight and called immediately to find out what was going on only to be told the 14 day trial period had passed. There was no reference to a trial period on the order confirmation!!!! John Philip, although not entirely convinced this is his name, referred me to the terms and conditions in a well rehearsed speech. I challenged this for quite sometime but got nowhere. I asked for a manager/boss but he couldn’t or rather wouldn’t give me a name or contact.
    Suddenly had brainwave re 14 day period since I only received item on 6th March so in my reckoning had til 20th March to cancel not 16th! So I phoned again, again speaking to John Philip, who still had my account open in front of him over an hour later!! Apparently 14 days starts from date of order not receipt. Of course I contested but got nowhere.
    I will be seeking advice from CAB tomorrow, contacting trading standards and WATCHDOG.
    John Philip told me he was at a call centre in West Lothian, Scotland. Its a PO Box address if anyone wants it..RKPS, PO Box 13586, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7AS.


  8. I was another victim of this scam can somebody please tell me the contact number so I can get my $ 4.95 back

    • Unfortunately, the ‘phone number they give is of no use a all as there is no connection. I’m phoning from Australia so perhaps that creates a problem. The number given is 0800 468 1045.
      Good luck. These scammers should be stopped. I see some of the complains date back a long way so why are they allowed to continue?

  9. Don’t be fooled by this company they are a complete scam. Tried to get my money back and they refused to do it. Even my bank can’t assist me other than make sure no more payments come out.
    I’m a single mum just trying to lose abit of weight and now i’m out of pocket. Please don’t be fooled by their free trials cos they will charge you.

  10. I am another victim of this scam. The trail coat 2.95.Then on the 2nd of May NATURALWAY
    took 64.90 from my bank account. It is hard when you are on a pension and you have got to watch your money.I hope he gets whats coming to him.

  11. You have sent me a bottle of pills today WHICH I DID NOT ORDER. I am going to ring the Bank now and they will follow up a case of fraud against you.I have been in touch with the bank. I certainly do not need them as first I am dying with cancer and the state I am in very thin ,the last things I need are pills like these.I hope that you refund the money as I need all the money I have ,but by the look of things I won’t get it from you with out a fight and a I will hand it over to the bank.to get it from My credit card number has change as the account has been cancelled
    Please do the right thing and refund the money. please l need every cent I have and that is not much
    Dawn Buhagiar

    • Hello Dawn.

      You will have to contact the manufacturer of Raspberry Ketone ProSlim, I do not work for them nor am I associated with them in any way.

      This is a review to highlight the payment terms of this product.

  12. Add me to the list of ripped/scammed off people. However there maybe a silver lining…. The agreement on the website says Proslim ltd. This company was disolved in 2009. Therefore a contract cannot exist. Ill keep you posted.

  13. My son inadvertently got caught out by this scam. What I dont understand is why the banks and credit card companies can wash their hands of it when the Ts and Cs were not displayed prior to people signing up for a free sample? And why arent trading standards doing anything.

  14. Another point about this scam by ‘Cleanhealth’ is that I have seen other poor victims being berated on other forums (Bradford T&A) for being daft enough to fall for this on the basis that there are plenty of warnings out there about scams. However since the majority of trading will, in not already, be carried out on the internet, we, the sane and fair minded majority cannot simply resign ourselves to putting up with scammers and criminals dominating and terrorising our market places. If someone had tried this in a corner shop they would not have got a way with it for long. It is possible to regulate and keep transactions above board for the majority of sales and we should all be pressing very hard for proper controls and proper redress rather than resigning our selves to being ripped off at any time.

  15. I today have just had the same conversation with Natural way about the online survey I completed and the £4.95 p&p “free trial” of Raspberry Ketone proslim ,and the £69.95 that they have just taken out of my account without my permission as ,like the rest of these poor people there was no Ts&Cs or 14 day periods mentioned in the survey ,although the foreign lady on the phone insisted they were there. In total they have robbed me of £74.90 and I only get £65 benefits a week so to me that’s a lot of money and to make things even worse I have been looking on ebay and you can get the exact same thing for £29.95 freepost .
    If this isn’t a scam I don’t know what is , although I don’t know what I can do about it legally as I can’t afford solicitors but I really hope they get their comeuppance and someone somewhere can take them to the cleaners.

  16. What an absolute scam these people are! Avoid at all costs

    • What email address do you have for them. The one I have just comes back undelivered. I have the same problems as the rest. I have cancelled but I want to see if I can get my money back while also making sure they don’t send any more. I will go to my bank on Monday but that sounds as if they can’t do much? This is crazy. How are they getting away with this.

  17. I too have been duped by this false and misleading company! Went through free trial p&p for £4.95 and later had £69.95 debited from my account! As soon as i contacted my bank the first thing they asked was whether i had took part in a free trial recently, thus showing that the company is well known to banks and immediately recognised via the name CLEANHEALTH. After contacting the company i was given a well rehearsed speech stating the terms and conditions were clearly stated again and again which i am pretty sure they weren’t! However i decided to email the company and after a few polite but to the point emails regarding the purchase and my inability to cancel the contract in the given time stated i was offered a £35 refund, which i accepted as i could not actually be bothered to pursue and risk not receiving anything at all.

  18. I am so glad i read these reviews, i did the survey last night clicked on the free trial and didnt read the terms and conditions till after,( silly i know) but it does say that you will be billed £69.95 after 14 days and every 30 day there after. I rang and cancelled my order and was informed that no other money will be taken from my bank. this is a lesson learned ( always read the T & C ) i Have now unsubscribed to all the survey sights too to prevent any further hassle.

    This company go in and out your account taking money £69.95 EVEN WHEN YOU CANCEL WITH THEM. The fraud department at my bank have told me that they cant fully block this company, so I HAVE HAD TO CLOSE MY ACCOUT.

  20. Hi
    This is a scam big time.
    Thanks to everyone for posting, or I would not have realised this.

    In fact, I ordered on 4 December and its 5 January 2015 now and I didn’t get my order, so after reading above comments, I tried to cancel my order and be refunded to no avail, so I have had to have my bank cancel my credit card which is a pain in the neck, but better than these scammers taking more money from me.

    The name on my bank statement is Naturalway – so be ware, and do not deal with these folk!

  21. A TOTAL SCAM and should be have been stopped a long time ago.

  22. How many bottles do I have to take to get some result.
    So far NOTHING

  23. bunch of thieves pure and simple

  24. hi I paid £4.95 for these tablets that I never received they then took £85 out of my bank I have stopped further payments but how can I get my money back does any one no this is such a bad scam

  25. Hi.as above just been through exactly the same.Paid 4.95 ttrial not realising I was subscribing and they have took 85pound from my account on 17sept!!!! Absolutely raging! !! I will be demanding a refund but I wish 2 know how????
    Please anybody know???

  26. I have tried several times to call them as they have a no in Australia but no such luck I thought it was a trial paid $4.00 dollars trial now keep getting them every month does any one know the phone no for Australia Thanks May

  27. I also just realised I’ve been scammed, I placed an order for 2 trial items Advanced Slim Ketones and Nature’s Answer Cleanse & Detox on 5th October and received the items on 10th October. I’d like to point out that I was not aware of the high cost of these tablets until I was guided to the terms and conditions today 26.10.2015. Like most people I did not read all this when I subscribed. This is the last place I would expect to find the cost for a product, which I think should be clearly stated on any documentation to alert the consumer, and not hidden in T & C’s.

    I’ve had the tablets 16 days, but they took my money 3 days before the trial would be up according to me actually receiving the tablets and no follow up email to say they would be taking the money. They say to contact if you don’t receive the tablets within 7 days, to reset the trial period – this was not the case for me so no reason for me to call them.

    I called today ralising
    As it is I not only don’t want any more tablets but would like my £85.00 refunded. Even this is different from terms and conditions which states £80.00, and a£85.00 had been taken from my account on 23rd October and told them to cancel both the accounts, and I do have cancellation emails. I also phoned my bank to make sure no further payments go to these companies. I also had already paid £4.95 each for the 2 types of tablets I purchased I’ve actually paid £89.95 for 1 pot.

    From the 2nd conversation had on the phone they seem unwilling to refund me the £85.00, and I was advised to email their support team support@advancedslimketones.com which I did and got the same negative response. I have no intention of letting it go as I really don’t feel the trial period was up until today for me anyway but from all the complaints I’ve read not many seem to get refunded.

    People like this should be prosecuted, how can they get away with these scams?

  28. I got scammed by Advanced Slim Ketones and Nature’s Answer Cleanse & Detox in October as I also fell for the £4.95 free trail but I never knew when the free trail started. My account was debited by £34.94 at 3.04am on the 26th of October luckily I noticed on the day it come out and I managed to get the money recalled by my bank and the payments stopped on my card . The firm was called Glambody who tried to take money off my card then a few days later a firm called Body Heath took £19.95 off my card and I have managed to get my money recalled by the bank and any more payments to them stopped. Just be aware of these two companies. Now the bank is monitoring my account because of these scam artists. I can’t believe these people can get away with doing things like this. I will get mine from the high street from now on. hell of a lot cheaper and no hassle.

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