Is Weight Training Just For Men?

Is Weight Training Just For Men?

If you are a regular gym goer then you would no doubt have noticed that most women tend to stick to the cardio machines as a means to stay slim.

Well, although they will be burning calories they may not be getting the best results from their time.

Women often think that weight training will make them look manly, with large unfeminine muscles.

In reality this is not going to happen, yet they are missing a trick as weight training can be an amazing fat burner.

Burn 500 calories a day!

Every pound of muscle on your body burns around 50 calories every day, yet as we age our bodies will lose about 10% of lean muscle mass every 10 years.

If we want to continue burning calories then we need to halt this deterioration of our lean muscles, and if we want to start burning more calories then we should really think about gaining muscle.

Remember if you can increase your lean muscle mass by 10 pounds you will be able to burn an extra 500 calories every day (10 pounds x 50 daily calories).

This can have an incredible effect on your body as these 500 extra calories will add up to 3500 calories over the week, or a pound of fat burnt from your body.

Will I look manly?

You should not think that weight training will make you look manly, a female body will not be able to produce enough testosterone to build any serious muscle bulk. Your body will simply become more firm and toned, which will improve your appearance too.

What exercises are best?

Rather than trying to train every muscle group individually you should make the most of your time by performing ‘compound’ movements such as squats and lunges.

These are good full body exercises that will work most of your large muscles.

When weight training you need to give your body chance to repair so you should not overdo it. Perhaps 2-3 times a week, but never on consecutive days.

You should never lift too heavy and should focus more on your form to avoid any injury.

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