Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat?

Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat?

Sitting at your desk at work all day can lead to weight gain over the years as you will not be as active as you should be, plus there are those foods that should be avoided.

Here are some problems and the solutions to ensure you do not become fat at your desk:

Problem: You receive food as a perk of the job

Solution: Some people are lucky enough to work in an office that provides subsidised canteens yet this can be a minefield that can lead to weight gain if you are not careful.

Try to pick salad or lean meat, pasta or even a baked potato while avoiding the processed junk.

Those that work in a fast food restaurant will find eating healthily to be particularly difficult though most now publish the calorie and fat content of their food so you can make healthier food choices.

Problem: Your morning coffee

Solution: The best way to avoid the temptation of your morning coffee shop run is by eating a good nutritious breakfast before you set off to work.

You may even want to bring a small sachet of instant porridge or dried fruit to work for a mid morning pick me up.

If you really cannot avoid the coffee then the best option is a skinny cappuccino, which is only 80 calories. You should really avoid full-fat lattes as these will ruin any chance of staying slim.

Problem: You are stuck at your desk all day

Solution: One way to get a little exercise at work is to swap your chair for a stability ball. This will help to work your core and will burn calories.

You could also stand while talking on the phone or walk to a colleagues desk to pass on messages rather than sending an email.

Finally to prevent weight gain you need to make the most of every break, perhaps you could go for a brisk 20 minute walk during your lunch break?

Problem: Vending machine snacks

Solution: We have all seen those vending machines full of tempting chocolates and crisps, yet you should try to avoid them if possible.

Try to bring in your own healthy snacks, low fat yoghurts and fresh fruit are excellent options.

A bottle of water is also a good option as sometimes your body will mistake thirst for hunger.

Problem: People bringing in cake for everyones birthday

Solution: To avoid this temptation you may want to suggest that your colleagues put the money that is used to buy the cake one side for a charity, or perhaps into a kitty so that at the end of the year you can have a good night out instead.

It is possible to stay slim and healthy while at your desk, hopefully these few tips will give you a few ideas. If you have any other tips perhaps you would like to share them?

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