Jamie Oliver Lost Weight because of Seaweed

Jamie Oliver Lost Weight because of Seaweed

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has recently revealed his 2 stone weight loss thanks to him cutting out white, unprocessed foods and eating more vegetables. There is one part of his diet that may surprise you.

He also revealed that he added seaweed to his diet too. But how can this help with your own weight loss efforts?

How can seaweed aid weight loss?

In 2014 a team of researchers at Newcastle University found that seaweed contained a compound called alginate that could stop the body from absorbing fat.

In the research it was suggested that the alginate could block the fat digesting enzyme, which would therefore force the body to absorb less fat.

While this research certainly sounds impressive the NHS has its doubts and stated that blocking fat is not always beneficial.

“Fat plays an important role in metabolism; it’s just the intake of excessive fat that is a health problem. This means that the potential for alginate to stop excess fat being absorbed by the body has its downsides, and the excess fat will have to come out in some capacity.”

With this view from the NHS, there are certainly doubts surrounding the apparent weight loss benefits of seaweed. Perhaps further research is warranted.

So how should you lose weight?

Firstly to lose weight you need to look at what you are eating.

Are you eating a lot of junk food and takeaways? If you are then these will need to go, or at the very least cut back on drastically.

Instead your diet should consist of more fresh fruit and vegetables as they are nutrient-rich so will provide plenty of nutrition with very few calories.

Weight lossI would also suggest eating plenty of fibre and protein-rich foods as these are slow to digest so will help keep you feeling full for longer.

Protein is also important for working out too, as it will help to repair damaged muscle fibres, therefore helping to reduce recovery times, and to help build lean muscle.

As for exercise, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle then whatever you do will be better than nothing. Start slow and build yourself up to doing more intense exercise.

I would recommend cardio, but you should not focus purely on it. I would also suggest weight training as this will help build muscle, which will increase your RMR or Resting Metabolic Rate.

You will also find that you will only burn calories while you workout while doing cardio, whereas if you do weight training then you can continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after.

For those who have a busy home or work life then HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is recommended.

With this workout you will be giving 100%, but only for a few minutes at a time. The good thing about this kind of workout is that you could potentially burn hundreds of calories in just a few minutes. That is of course if you give it your all.

I would also suggest cutting back on your soft drink and alcohol intake, as they are empty calories that offer very little nutritional content.

You should instead drink more water instead. Remember it contains zero calories so you can drink it without any guilt.

The final weight loss tip I will give is to ensure you get plenty of sleep (a minimum of 7 hours per night) and to try and avoid stress. Both can affect your hormones and result in food cravings.

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