Jessica Biel Reveals Post-baby Weight Loss

Jessica Biel Reveals Post-baby Weight Loss

Following the birth of her son back in April, Jessica Biel has taken a little time away from the limelight.

However, in a recent Instagram photo proud father Justin Timberlake has revealed that Jessica has bounced back to her pre-pregnancy shape.

How has Jessica Biel lost weight?

Her ability to lose the post-pregnancy weight comes down to two factors; diet and exercise.

Jessica BielShe has been following a Paleo diet for a good while, and had continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy.

What did her diet consist of?

Jessica Biel is a fan of Paleta, which is company formed by Executive Chef Kelly Boyer who provides its customers with a healthy version of haute cuisine.

Jessica Had this to say about Paleta:

“Thank you eatpaleta for making my life easy & delicious. 3 meals & snacks at my doorstep? Yes pls. #PaletaForLife”

She has eliminated all legumes, grains, dairy, and processed foods from her diet, instead choosing to do her own cooking as well using fresh fish, lean meat like chicken as well as consuming plenty of vegetables.

“Eating Paleo just leans you down and slims you up and takes that little layer of fat and water-weight right off your body.”

What kind of exercises does Jessica Biel do?

As well as regular dog walks, Jessica has stated that she is also a fan of yoga and hiking.

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