John Goodman Reveals 100 Pound Weight Loss

John Goodman Reveals 100 Pound Weight Loss

Actor John Goodman has recently revealed his secrets to losing 100 pounds.

The 63-year old actor is usually known for his size, but he has decided to lose weight for the sake of his health. So, how has the Roseanne star achieved such an impressive weight loss?

John Goodman Diet Secrets

The secret to John Goodman’s weight loss success is not really a secret as it is something that we have said time and again. And that is to stop eating rubbish, or as John recently put it “crapola”.

“I decided to stop stuffing food into my mouth every five minutes.”

“Turns out I was just eating all the time. Anytime I had my hands open or free, I shoved something in my mouth. It’s all crap.”

What Does He Eat Instead?

Instead of eating junk food as in the past John decided that he would choose to eat a Mediterranean Diet that is rich in fish, nuts, olive oil, vegetables and fruits.

Very little red meat is consumed with this diet, instead fish or poultry is eaten.

Also, plenty of healthy fats are used. So, olive oil will be used instead of coconut oil.

As well as the weight loss benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, other health benefits can be experienced by changing to this diet. These benefits include:

  • Prevention against heart disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of type-2 diabetes
  • Less chance of Alzheimers

What Other Diet Tips Did He Reveal?

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show to promote his upcoming film ’10 Cloverfield Lane’, John revealed that he has been able to control his weight by eating smaller portions:

“It’s been a year and half, I did it slowly.”

“I used to go on these diets, take three months and lose about 60-70 pounds, feel great, and reward myself with crapola.”

What About Exercise

As well as the changes to his diet, John has also spoken about his exercise regime, which involves the use of an elliptical and treadmill at home, as well as regular crunches to strengthen his core.

Final Thoughts on John Goodman’s Weight Loss

While he misses the junk food, his choices are certainly paying off. Perhaps his weight loss story will inspire you to make some positive changes of your own.

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