Josie Gibson Reveals Top Diet Tips

Josie Gibson Reveals Top Diet Tips

Ex Big Brother star Josie Gibson has been in the news quite a bit over the past few years after her incredible 6 stone weight loss, going from a size 24 to a size 10 in just a year.

Nowadays though she has written her own diet book, and launched her own diet and fitness website (slimmables.com).

Below you will find her top diet tips that will certainly go some way to helping you to achieve your own weight loss goals.

#1: You need to learn to love yourself

By learning to love yourself you will inevitably start to care for yourself that little bit more.

Josie says:

“If you’re feeling a bit rubbish and bad about yourself, you reach out for rubbish to eat. So start loving yourself and appreciating everything about you. Your body, how it works and what goes into it. I promise it’ll make a huge difference to the way you eat and the way you look after yourself.”

Josie Gibson Diet Tips#2: Eat “green and clean

When Josie says green and clean foods, she means that you should try to avoid eating processed foods, wheat, grains and dairy.

“Read all your food labels and know everything that’s going into your body. Think, is this good for me? Is this full of nutrients and vitamins? Is this what I need? Is this the right fuel for me?”

Personally, while we would recommend cutting back on some of these foods (for example the processed foods), we certainly would not recommend cutting these foods entirely from your diet.

The truth is that our bodies need all sorts of foods, even the junk food as this can serve to keep your diet from becoming too boring.

#3: Always set goals

Without setting yourself any goals how will you know what you are aiming for?

“Its great to set goals and challenges to aim for. So sign up to a 5k, a 10k, or a sporting event, so you’ve got a goal in mind.”

When it comes to weight loss we would suggest setting yourself smaller and more achievable goals, when you reach them it will encourage you to push onto the next one.

If you set your goals too high and fail to reach them then you could become disheartened and likely to quit your efforts.

#4: You must exercise

For best results you cannot rely solely on diet alone.

“I’m naturally lazy, but I cycle or walk to work every day and do two or three high intensity classes a week.”

Whatever you choose to do, exercise is incredibly important for weight loss and your overall health.

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