Kate Hudson Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Kate Hudson Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Kate Hudson the actress and daughter of screen legend Goldie Hawn has recently revealed her weight loss secrets.

So how does she manage to stay slim?

Well, for a start the 35-year old actress has stated that she needs to work hard:

“You [have to] work your a** off. That is the only way, you can’t do two weeks and go and do two days, then take a week off, and be like, ‘Why aren’t I in shape?’”

With this in mind it is of little surprise to learn that Kate does a variety of different exercise classes and workouts including running, dance aerobics and even pole dancing.

“I like more dance, aerobic things. At one point I did the pole dancing — that was really amazing for the body.”

“The things that I’ve seen the best for women have been anything that’s real dance, something that elongates, and really really strengthens.”

What about her diet?

When it comes to her diet Kate Hudson is a fan of a gluten-free diet.

“I try to buy most gluten free for the house, and they’re doing it so well now that it tastes good and the kids don’t even know it.”

She has also stated that she is a fan of supplementing her diet with juicing.

“I’m doing the best that I can. I believe in green juice, which is a lazy way of not eating the greens.”

What does a gluten-free diet look like?

Unsurprisingly a gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes food that contains gluten; for example foods that contain grains such as wheat, barley and rye.

This means that popular foods options such as bread, beer, pasta, chips and cakes are to be avoided.

This type of diet is often used to treat celiac disease, which causes inflammation to occur in the small intestine. This can cause gas, bloating and diarrhoea to occur.

Those who choose to eat gluten-free tend to eat the following food types:

  • Unprocessed beans, seeds and nuts
  • Fresh eggs
  • Fresh meats, fish and poultry
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Dairy products

Benefits of a gluten-free diet

Of course one of the benefits of eating gluten-free is weight loss. This is probably due to the fact that many processed foods contain gluten, so cutting these from your diet will also result in less salt and fat being consumed.

This is not the only health benefit however as this type of diet can also:

  • Helps aid digestion
  • Improves mood and focus
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boosts energy levels

So should you try a gluten-free diet? Well, it seems to be working for Kate Hudson.

Just makes sure you continue to check portion sizes and remember that your diet is just part of your weight loss efforts, you also should get regular exercise.

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