7 Ways to Keep The Weight Off For Good

7 Ways to Keep The Weight Off For Good

So you have managed to reach your weight loss goals, well done.

Unfortunately with only 20% able to keep the weight off long-term you may be wondering if you will be one of those who regain the lost weight.

Read on to discover a few tips that will ensure you are able to keep the weight off for good.

#1: Make exercise a habit

You have no doubt been exercising during your weight loss journey so it makes sense to continue to do it after you reach your goal weight.

It really should become a habit that you every day.

Of course this does not need to be intense exercise as you will soon need a little rest, but if you have a sedentary job where you are sat for long periods of time then you need to find a way to burn off some of those calories.

#2: Weigh yourself regularly

This does not mean daily, but to ensure you are not letting things slide you should certainly consider weighing yourself once a week.

Once you reach your weight loss goal it is easy to let your foot off the gas, this is when weight gain can happen.

By keeping track of your weight you can see if you are letting things slip before it gets out of hand.

#3: Cut back on screen time

These days we all have computers, games consoles, smartphones etc that we seem to be constantly looking at.

If you are then you are likely not to be moving around as much as you could.

Even if your job involves sitting in front of a screen all day this does not mean that you should be spending your remaining time doing the same.

Switch off these devices and get your heart pumping, doing so will help burn off those calories.

#4: Drink more water

If you find that you often suffer from food cravings between meals perhaps the real reason is not hunger but thirst.

Long Term Weight LossMy suggestion to you would be to have a sip of water the next time you feel hungry, if the cravings subside then you were thirsty rather than hungry.

#5: Snack healthily

You most likely already know this since you have achieved your goal weight, however you maybe tempted to start eating a few more of those unhealthy snacks now that you have lost the weight.

Unfortunately just a few of these snacks every day will soon mount up and you will soon notice your clothes becoming a little tighter.

#6: Get more sleep

Getting enough sleep is one way to ensure your food cravings are kept to a minimum.

If you fail to get the recommended 7 hours of sleep each night then you will find that the hormones that control your hunger could become messed up, resulting in cravings that are hard to control.

When you are feeling tired you will also have less energy so you will find exercise difficult.

#7: Shop smart

If you want to eat healthily then you need to buy healthily.

It only makes sense that if you buy junk food then you will be tempted by them.

Write a shopping list before you go and stick to it. Also I suggest that you never go shopping on an empty stomach. If you are hungry while browsing the aisles then you will no doubt be tempted to add the junk to your basket.

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