Study Reveals How to Keep the Weight Off For Good

Study Reveals How to Keep the Weight Off For Good

There are numerous weight loss methods that work, as well as numerous techniques that don’t as well.

No doubt you have probably tried a few techniques yourself, with variable success.

Now, a study undertaken at the University of Lisbon in Portugal has looked at diet hacks that have worked for real life dieters.

Their results have been revealed in the study entitled ‘Weight control behaviours of highly successful weight loss maintainers’.

What were the results of the study?

Over the course of the 28 month study the 388 adults who took part lost an average of 18 kg, or 2 stone 8 pounds. They were able to maintain this weight loss too.

While these results were impressive, what actual tips does this study reveal, and can you use them yourself to achieve your own weight loss goals?

What tips were revealed?

From looking at the methods used by the participants, the researchers were able to reveal the following weight loss tips:

The average number of calories consumed daily was 2,199, with 33% of these calories coming from fat sources. Increasing protein intake, while reducing overall carb intake was also noted.

For exercise, 78% of those who successfully lost weight engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity for more than 150 minutes (just over 2 hours) per week.

Other tactics used by those who successfully lost weight include:

  1. Keeping healthy foods at home
  2. Consuming vegetables regularly
  3. Having breakfast daily
  4. Walking often
  5. Weighing themselves regularly
  6. Establishing specific goals
  7. Cutting portion sizes

None of these methods are new, but this study shows that you do not need anything revolutionary to see good results.

These are methods that have been known about for years. Perhaps the real key to weight loss success is consistency and dedication.

Remember you didn’t gain weight overnight so you cannot expect to lose it overnight too. However, if you employ these methods and use them consistently over a few months or years then you too will see success.

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