6 Ways to Keep Your Portions in Check

6 Ways to Keep Your Portions in Check

If you want to lose weight then you need to avoid overeating, unfortunately for us most overfill our plates, which we undoubtedly feel obligated to finish.

If this sounds like you the read on to discover a few tips that you can use to keep your portions in check.

#1: Watch your plate size

There are 2 trains of thought when it comes to plate size with one section of people stating that you should eat off a smaller plate as this should make sure you eat less.

However, this will only work if you do not stack your food, or go up for a second helping.

The other train of though is that the size of your plate is unimportant and that you should focus more on what you put onto it.

This means that you need to make sure what you put onto your plate complies to the following rules:

  • 1 half should be vegetables
  • 1 quarter should be protein
  • The final quarter should be starch

Regardless of which option you choose, it is more important that you pay attention to your own satiety clues. And to stop when you are satisfied, but not too full.

#2: Allow yourself some bad foods

While it is advisable to cut back on the junk food, if you want to avoid binges then you should allow yourself some bad foods occasionally.

Of course you should not go overboard with the size of the junk food portions, just 1/4 of the total meal should ensure you are able to remain satisfied.

#3: Smell is important

The smell of your food is important to its taste, but it can also help with your appetite too.

In the journal Flavour it has been shown that participants took smaller bites of food that had the stronger aroma.

#4: Try mindful eating

The next time you are about to sit down for a meal take a second to think about why you are eating.

Is it because you are looking to refuel or is it simply because you are bored or stressed out?

If it is due to the latter then you need to think about why you feel like this.

#5: Avoid distractions

If you tend to eat in front of the TV then you may find that you will eat more than if you were to eat at the dinner table.

You should also put your phone (or tablet) to one side and concentrate on your dinner.

#6: Drink more water

Water is essential for your health, but very few people drink enough throughout the day.

It can also help curb your appetite, which will help with portion control too. As drinking it before a meal can help fill you up.

Often cravings between meals can be cured through the drinking of water as often your body will mistake thirst for hunger.

The aim is to drink between 8-10 glasses per day.

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