Is Kendall Jenner starving herself?

Is Kendall Jenner starving herself?

Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner has always been slim, but following her decision to become a model there are those who suspect that she is using some extreme measures to keep her model figure.

The 18 year, who has walked the catwalk for brands such as Givenchy and Marc Jacobs is said to have drunk as many as 12 cups of a special detox tea every day.

This tea is said to contain dandelion root, which is a natural diuretic and laxative that for understandable reasons should not be used excessively.

Unfortunately it seems that Kendall has fallen into the trap that many people fall into where they are willing to try anything to lose weight.

Even today despite protests from campaigners who want to put a stop to size zero models, there is still demand for them. Only last week Stella McCartney was criticised for posting a picture of an unhealthy looking model on her Instagram page.

Size zero model

While this method of losing weight may work short-term it is certainly not sustainable and is best avoided.

Even eating a few vegetables, like it has been suggested Kendall has been eating alongside the detox tea is not recommended as it is unlikely that enough nutrients will be getting absorbed into your body to provide it with all your body requires.

In our opinion this is an unhealthy way to lose weight and should be considered starvation.

If you want to lose weight there are healthier ways to achieve your goal without following the example set by Kendall Jenner.

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