Is the Ketone Advanced trial a scam?

Is the Ketone Advanced trial a scam?

One of the biggest diet trends of 2013 was Raspberry Ketones, no doubt its appearance on the Dr Oz Show had something to do with it.

Even now sales of supplements containing this ingredient are booming, yet there is also a worrying trend for trials that are leaving many people annoyed and out of pocket.

One supplement available on a trial is Ketone Advanced, but does this automatically mean that it is a scam and should be avoided?

We will have to look at this supplement in more detail before we come to our conclusion.

Claims made by Ketone Advanced?

The following claims are made by Ketone Advanced:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Eat less, feel better

Now, these claims are to be expected on a website selling diet supplements. We would need to look at the ingredients found within Ketone Advanced before we can verify if these claims are accurate.

Ingredients of Ketone Advanced?

Ketone Advanced contains Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine, Green Tea extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit.

Like so many supplements available on the market there is no mention of what dosages are present.

This is not a good start for Ketone Advanced and should be a red flag that something is not quite right.

How will you know if a supplement is going to be effective if there is no way of knowing what it contains?

Cost of Ketone Advanced?

The most worrying aspect of Ketone Advanced is its price.

Upon signing up for the ‘trial’ you will no doubt be charged for the postage, but you may not be aware that if you do not cancel within 14 days of signing up you will be charged an astonishing £94.97. You will then be charged this amount monthly until you cancel your membership.

This price is ridiculous, especially when you compare it with other Raspberry Ketone supplements.

Once signed up you may find that you are unable to cancel or get a refund, as these are common issues associated with auto-ship programs such as this.

Lorraine Kelly controversy

Lorraine Kelly Ketone Advanced scamHaving been alerted to an advert featuring herself that claimed that she had lost weight using Ketone Advanced, Lorraine Kelly has threatened legal action against the company behind the scam.

This is not the first time that she has been caught up in a diet pill scam, as in June 2013 she along with other celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Adele had their images used in a similar fashion.

It is best that you stay on guard if you see an advert featuring a celebrity endorsing a diet pill.

Is Ketone Advanced a scam?

The terms and conditions are available on the website so Ketone Advanced are not breaking any laws. They are just hoping that people will sign up without reading them.

Once the 14 day trial period has elapsed there is very little you can do, which will no doubt lead to claims that Ketone Advanced is a scam.

For this reason we cannot endorse the Ketone Advanced trial. Auto-ship programs are best avoided, the true cost will shock you.

If you have signed up for the Ketone Advanced trial we would love to hear from you. Please leave a message in the comments section below.

Contact details for Ketone Advanced?

To contact Ketone Advanced there is a free phone number: 0844 858 8072

They can also be contacted by email: support@ketoneadvanced.com

The address for returns is (make sure you cancel beforehand):

PO Box 13511,
West Lothian
EH49 7YH

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Ketone Advanced?

A proven alternative to Ketone Advanced is Raspberry Ketone Plus, a Raspberry Ketone supplement sold online by Evolution Slimming.

This supplement contains the recommended amount of Raspberry Ketones and is considerably cheaper at just £19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

311 comments on "Is the Ketone Advanced trial a scam?"
  1. I bought the trial bottles on 2nd January then noticed a payment of £94.97 taken on 15 January. I had no idea I was signing up to a monthly membership of this amount and it appears you get nothing for your £94.97 payment except an empty bank Account. This surely must be illegal. I will never buy anything online again

    • were you ever able 2claim your money back? the same thing has happened me

      • Hello,

        The same thing happened to me either I just ordered a free trial and they took 94.97 from my account. It’s really bad they just trapped people.

      • please can anybody help i was stupid to fall for this sc am there was nothing to say they would take out that amount of money and know im in trouble with bank over my overdraft, im a single mom living on 30 pounds a week after bills for food struggling so desperately need help how to cancel it .stupiud stupid i now please help

        • Hi

          I ordered the trial ketone but never received the items I phoned up and cancelled them. I then found out that 94.97 was going out of my bank account today unable to stop it HALIFAX BANK WOULD NOT CANCEL THE PAYMENT phone the company up demanded money back should be back in my account with in 3 days and confirmed by email refund. now waiting for money while waiting just changing banks as HALIFAX ARE CRAP for not blocking payment.

          • Hi i also signed up for the free trail offer in July 2014 thought i was just giving them my debit card details to cover postage. They took £94.97 with out me knowing. When the 2nd batch arrived a month later i rang them thinking they had made a mistake sending me another free trail. i rang the number in Wales and in Milton Keynes only to finfd it is then transfered to a number in U.S. with a fowl nasty man who hardley speaks english told me nothing is free in this life. I rang my bank Halifax and found they had taken another payment of £94.97, so they got 2 payments from me.i sent the second batch back to Milton Keynes within 24hrs later on recorded delivery, but still no refund.They have 3 names, BEYOND KE TONE, BEYOND KE TONE BEYOND, AND PURE ADVANCED KE TONE. The despatch note never mentioned how much these pills cost so are so in the dark. I rang everyone fraud people at my bank, police, trading standards, but no luck, plus they are still trading.Its disgusting no where did it say you would be billed, mine were an advert on Facebook, they have been told about this but have not removed it. I think this scam has been going on for over 3 years now, i had a crime number but still no one has been able to help me get my money back. I am 67 years old and like many others can ill afford to loose this money.

      • Yes, I did. Good to me, that I picked mobile msg from my bank for an amount to be credit, on my inquiry I realized its KETONE payment I requested the bank not to process it. they said that I should call them also in 24hr. But the merchant was clever and credited again and this time payment was through. I called the bank and asked the reason and answer was that my request application activation time was 24hr and before it activated the merchant credited again (merchant know this trick). After long argument with bank they refund my money. I am happy.

    • Did you manage to cancel the payment? I stupidly signed up for it about 3 hours ago and afterwards found out it was a scam. I’m just wondering if you could advise me on how to cancel so I don’t get charged?

      Thank you, Megan.

      • Hi all, I too signed up for this and regretted it straight away. Within one hour of ordering, I emailed to cancel but got the response “we can’t cancel via email, please call us”. When I called they said I couldn’t cancel until I had received my order and returned it back to them. I wasn’t having any of this and told them as far as I was concerned my order hadn’t been shipped as I had not received an email to confirm this and suggested he cancelled it now as I have read hundreds of complaints about this scam. All of a sudden he said my order was cancelled and I received a confirmation email instantly. My advise to everyone is when you phone them, don’t listen to anything they say, stand your ground and remand they cancel.

        Good Luck

        • hi got sample then got a bill for 84 71 and 89 66 i also tried 2 email no luck i will keep trying thanks regards B A LAMB

        • Hi

          I did the same thing. I think when they ask you to send back the remaining pills they hope that you don’t send them by Special Post which means they have to sign for them. It is imperative you send them back by this method as when you call them you can give them the number of the Special Post.

          These Scam Artists need to be regulated or stopped. I am sure there ares more than one of these companies trading under the guise of ‘free trial’.

          Once I read the number of my Special Post package they immediately sent me an email confirming the cancellation. I also threatened Legal Action but I think they are used to that.

          Good luck everyone trying to free themselves from the Scam.

          • i’m glad you mention Free Trial – that’s what I thought – I did get my money back once but now the company claim on their copy of an ad to the bank that it said Get Your Trial – nothing about free -a scam – and now the bank said it is going to debit my account for nearly£200 again – so here I am writing letters – there is no end. I suppose I’m lucky because I caught the debit within a few days or else they continue to debit ones account. It was a nuisance as I had to change my debit card – a real hassle to stop them getting into my account – crooks.

        • Hi Kelly,

          So I had ordered both this product and the cleanse, then 2 days later found your post. You gave the best advice ever, 30 mins I spent on the phone and they were giving me all of this call back when you have sent your order business. As you directed I stood my ground, requested postal tracking numbers from them as I had no proof of sending, no email confirmation, etc. He kept not answering my question. He tried to begate me, I kept my cool and stood my ground. He put me on hold and his supervisor advised him to cancel both orders. Ha. Follow this advice. Keep pushing.

      • hi i too have just been scammed by them i phoned the number as told them i want to cancel and was told to send the bottles back with the remaining pills inside and when they receive them i will get my account cancelled but im going to send it recorded so i no when it gets there an they cant tell me it didn’t arrive all i can suggested is that you do the same this is the number i rang 0844 858 8072. as i emailed an got no response. total scam artists they should not be aloud to do things like this. hope u manage to cancel in time lesley

      • to Megan and any other victim of this keytone advance & green coffee scam
        if you have ordered in the last few hours you have 14 days to cancel before they start
        fleecing your account for hundreds of pounds..ie £94.79 (keytone advance) £79.97(active greencoffee)
        They have helped themselves to a total of £364.60 from my account..and apparently there is nothing i can do about it apart from block any future payments via your bank!!

        Megan & others call this number to cancel:08448588072..i spoke with a Carole Russell who works for the american based company in clear water florida… give them your name &email
        to cancel>>
        please email me for any more info..good luck

        • Did that 0844 number not cost you 5p a minute?

        • Hello there,

          I am also facing the same thing. But i have already past the 14 trial days. I have already called them and they said that I will receive an email confirming the cancellation. But still no email been sent to me.. what to do?

      • They took £93.00 from my account, but they did it 13 days after the order instead of waiting until day 14. My bank has refunded me the money, put a stop on the funds request, so they cannot take any more & reported them for contravening the Direct Debit agreement.

      • if you ring up an asian man will answer and to be honest you won’t get much sense out of him, my sister signed up to it and she has had to change her bank details so that they could not take any money off her.
        it also says you can cancel it online but they do not even try to.

        • I have also fell for this scam. I saw the adverts with LorraineKelly so I thought I would send for a free trial. I have just opened my credit card statement to find I have been charged £174.94. I’ve rang up and I also got an Asian man who spoke really quick and told me it was in the T&C. I hadn’t seen the terms as I thought I was just getting a trial. I argued with him and he ended up giving me half my money back. I suppose that is better than what most people were told but I’m still not happy. I’m annoyed with myself for falling for this scam and wished I’d read all these comments first. My advice is to keep nagging at them till they offer you some money back. I’ve lost £86.94 to these people

      • Email the company support@ketoneadvanced.com with your name email and shipping order tell them to cancel your subscription!!!! do it today ive just had £94.47 taken from my bank and there is no way to get it back once its gone!!!!!!!

      • Hi Megan – well there seems no end to this. I got caught for nearly £200 in August. I managed to get my money back through my bank. However, I thought that was that until today – I got a letter from HSBC saying they are going to debit my account for the nearly £200 as the company sent them a copy of my order – that was supposed to be a free trial and I paid for the postage – but the copy of the add from the bank said Get Your Trial- nothing about Free – so now tha bank has taken another £200 out of my account. I have an address in Vancouver, Canada.for the company – they seem to be in the US and all over I pointed out that Trial means to test so why should one pay for a trial. Anyhow I also wrote to the bank requesting my refund. It is a Scam.- I’M NOT HOLDING MY BREATH. DENE

    • Yes I buy the trial as well to find out a payment off £47.48 had been taken from my bank account if you don’t cancel with 14 days I rang up and they told me a payment for the nutra green coffee cleanse is due out like hell it coming out what a bloody scam

    • Same thing happened to me on the 10th of Feb I brought the Ketone Advanaced for £3.48 postage and I also brought the Green Coffee Clean for £4.95 postage (stupidly went for both products), yesterday evening I noticed that they had charged me on 25th of Feb £94.97 for the ketone and then on the 3rd Mar £79.97 for the green coffee, I called my bank straight away all they could do was block the company from taking any more payments and advise me to call trading standards, my bank also told me that this was the 4th call in a row they had had about this company. Today I called Trading Standards they could not help me because this company states in the Terms and Condition that they will charge you these amounts if you do not cancel before 14 days and that it was my fault for not reading the T’s & C’s. So I have just called the company I purchased them from (0844 858 8072), I lucky hadn’t opened either product and after a long conversation they said if I return them they will refund me and not charge me any more money.

      • Hi the same thing has happened to me and eventually they have agreed to a refund if I send the bottle back. Did u receive your refund?

        • Hi can someone help me with what number or email address I need to contact please… I cant believe ive been scammed out of £93 + £86 …

        • getting your money back is near impossible. hard lesson to learn. free phone number 0800 0149612 if it helps any one good. chance of refund..ZERO

      • Me too – I couldnt and still cannot see terms and conditions.

        I too have had 150 taken – from an account where I only keep enough in to cover direct debits and have now been charged unarranged overdraft fees at £5 per day !!!!

      • EXACTLY the same thing happened to me.

        On the 3rd of July I brought the Ketone Advanaced (£3.48 postage) and the Green Coffee Clean (£4.95 postage), I looked in my account today and saw that on the 17th of July £174.94 had come out of my account in two transactions ((£94.97 for the Ketone Advances and £79.97 for the Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse).

        I did a little research (which I wish I had done before I decided to purchase the pills from them) and found a way of contacting them:

        0844 858 8072 or support@ketoneadvanced.com

        I spoke to a man called PETER in FLORIDA who tried all excuses under the sun. Eventually he cancelled my membership which I should have done within the first 14 days, but i also emailed them to cancel it as well.

        Peter said that they would e-mail me within 24 hours an address to send the products back to, where I would be issued with a full refund.

        We will wait and see shall we.

        I have well and truly learnt my lesson and will never be falling for this again.

        For any information please feel free to contact me on hannahbury@hotmail.co.uk

      • hello there im having trouble with the same thing ,when ive phoned the number above the company are saying that there not ketone ive phoned it 4 times and each time they said that number had nothing to do with tem ,its got my head batterd,im a single mam with three kids and if they take that amount of money out of my bank i will be in deep do do .

    • I feel spuited i ordered ghese yer thur and read reviews thr nite as couldnt sleep ive sent email to cancel and phoned man was nice enough asked why i wanted to cancel said cant afford them offerd discount pmsl said no want to cancel said my order will be cancel said i recieve email and wont recieve thesecbut going to bank in morn to cancel card just in case so hopefully ive been lucky lucky i went on line to look themup and saw the con feel very daft nearly falling into there hands

    • Yes you are right, £94.97 and an empty bank account, I was so angry with this company that I Phoned and complained so much that they agreed to pay half the money back but there get out is that I didn’t read the Ts and Cs correctly. KEYTONE ADVANCED IS ONE BIG SCAM.

    • i have done the same thing, i ordered the ketone advance as a free trial just paying the postage of £3.48 which i recieved, i also ordered the cleanse green coffee as a free trial paying for the pand of £4.95 and i am still waiting for delivery 3 weeks later, and today i was checking my account on-line and the the thieving bastards have taken £47.95 for nothing, i phoned the number supplied but no joy and the website address is no better, so been ripped off once again, the only reason i ordered them was because lorrain kelly was supporting it in the advert, but checking her out on-line she is reported to be sueing the company for falsely puttting her name to it amist other celebs these people are making a fortune by ripping off desperate to lose weight and gullable at the same time,i have learnt my lesson and i am straight over to the bank in the morning to cancel my card

    • I ordered both products 3 days ago how do i go about cancelling without the massive charge

      • Phone your bank immediately and explain to them what has happen and they can put a stop on the company taking any money from you, then phone the company up and demand that your account be cancelled and keep e-mailing them until you get an e-mail back to say it has been cancelled. Good Luck Hun your not alone, I since learnt that these a lot of people who have been taken in by this company.

    • Just got scammed today,I’ve joined the club of people tricked by the deceitful low life’s!! It wants stopping it’s so wrong.mother #######s!!

    • pls go to your bank and tell them that they didnt inform you before taking out money from your account then bank will refund your money. same thing happ to my wife as well.

    • I have also brought this product and had one payment of £79.97 and another £94.97 taken out of my bank. Im a one parent and struggling as it is. I have rung the company and they told me if I send my products back they will refund my money. This has really put me off ordering on line and I will never do it again. All I have now is a empty bank account and not enough money to pay this months bills

    • yes Heather its happened to me to and I got a really bad stomach ache using the trial shocked at the price and surely its misleading they have hidden behind terms and conditions.. hope someone stops them soon ..


    • everyone should report this scam to actionfraud on line

    • Did you ever get a refund. This company have taken £175 out of my bank and when I rang them for a refund they read me the t & c. Not sure what to do next would like some advice

    • Bought on line at 2.30 today, read the posts and rang to cancel at 2.50. I was told I could not cancel. I had to receive the bottles and then return in order to cancel. I told them that what they were doing was illegal, and would take legal action and involve trading standards. Eventually agreed to cancel, but I would have to pay p and p. Agreed as better to lose a little than a lot. At 3.00 I rang my bank and was told that the p and p amount had been taken from my account, but i could block any future payments. I have emailed the company and threatened legal action.

      What a fool I have been, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!!

      Thank you for all the posts,you have hopefully saved me a lot of money

    • Hi everyone,
      I also was stupid enough to put my card details into this free trail £3.95 Kenton advance pill. I looked at the reviews after ordering them and soon realise that this is a horrible scam! 15 mins after ordering the pills I called my bank NATWEST who were really helpful and said 95% of calls about scams online have come from this company! They also said they deal with over 2000 complaints a day with Kenton advance!

      As I said I was lucky enough to realise this was a scam quickly and called NATWEST they said they will cancel this account I have with Kenton advance so it blocks any payments after 12 pm tonight and if any payments come out my account before that I will be refunded by the bank.

      I really advise people to look at the reviews before they buy of unfamiliar websites and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!!!!!!

    • i have been conned out of 175 i orderd the trial and went to the bank and my money wasnt there it was my holiday money and everytime i phone up the person keeps saying i signed aggrement but i never signed nothing i have phoned the fraud scuad and been to the bank about 5 times to get it sorted and still nae were.the money they have taken was my we girls holiday money wish i saved up for as am a single parent and everypenny i had is gone .please help a stressed out mum

    • I bought the trial bottle on the 2nd July paying £3.95 and then by the end of the month i had the £94.97 taken from my account. There was no way that i would have gone for the trial pot if i had understood that i would be paying such ridiculous amounts of money for more.
      There was nothing on the page to state that i would be subscribing to anything. I just thought that i would be buying this one pot and if i liked the product then i would have got more.

      I am so upset and angry with what has happened and it is clear that i am not alone. I am so annoyed with myself for ever getting this and i will never buy anything again online as i can;t trust anyone ever again.

    • Hi
      I noticed £93 had been taken out of my account let me say I never signed up anything did not receive anything rang my bank they refunded me the money about 2 weeks later received a letter from the bank saying Keytones had proof it was me it was not and they were going to give them the money back. Rang the bank again he told me to do an email to the bank and they would see what they can do from that. I just would not sign up for this any way I have received nothing. I am now waiting for the bank.

    • FYI – I have been battling with these people to recover sums that they collected from my credit card without my authorisation. If you are experiencing similar problems you should report them to the Citizens Advice Bureau Consumer Service on 0345 404 0506 who will file a report with the Trading Standards officer, since what they have been doing (i.e. misrepresenting the contract ) is in contravention of the Distance Selling regulations as well as section 56 of the consumer credit act. The Trading Standards Officer will need the merchant’s details which are as follows:

      • Merchant: ‘Green Coffee’ – merchant number (08000149618)

      • Merchant ‘Ketone’ – merchant number (08000149617)

    • i had same problem..got the trial pack ..paid for it..then with out my consent weeks latter 2 lots of £79 was taken from my bank..nothing sent to me just money taken from my account with out my consent..i thats stealing


  2. my work colleague has the same problem, she signed up for the trial without realizing the £94.97 payment. She has problem of cancelling it. Rang and email that on the website, she got no answer or reply to the email. Anyone manage to cancel the subscription?

    • Ordered trial through facebook, didn’t realise what I was signing up to.

      Product arrived a few days later

      Did get a confirmation e-mail saying it had been shipped but no reference to any further payment.

      Sent numerous emails to the cancellation department but just got an automated response back saying they could not find my account and to call the number listed above.

      Just called and spoke to a very nice lady who has assured me she has cancelled my account and I will not be charged anything further and will not receive any future products.

      True to her word I have just received a cancellation notification e-mail.

      So fingers crossed everything seems to be in order.

      • Hi Mike I have read through many forums on this and people have said they cancel your subscription however still charge you for the pills you have already received. This is in the terms on their website, the pills they send actually cost near on £90 and they will still charge you for those. Please do not take any chances with these people and ensure you send the pills you have back to them!!!!

        • I order this and have just rung 08000149645 and the guy give me a RAM number and stated I need to send my bottle back and ring them with the tracking number

      • Hi there same thing have happened I me! I’ve done what you have just said. Did you get your money back?


      • Hi, what number did you ring?

      • hey i did this through facebook too did u manage to get your money back as i paid for postage then looked in my bank last night and they had took £95 out 2 weeks after i had got the product.

        • I ordered through Facebook, they said ‘only pay p&p’ which is bull. They ended up taking 2 lots of £79.99. I want to my bank to close my account and I couldn’t because there was other pending payments to that company. Luckely they stop the pending payments. And now I am in the middle of claiming my money from the bank..

        • I was scammed yesterday they took 89.00 out of my bank account along with another 95.00 all the bank did was give me there usa number to ring on the banks phone.and the bank put a stop on them taking anymore money out of my account.the actual seller told me I couldnt have a refund as I didnt cancel it within the 14 days but did offer me more pills the cheeky twats I told them to stick them were they belong . I cant have my money back wotsoever. There wasnt enough info in the small print .

      • please can you tell me the email address or phone number?

    • Absolute con ….nothing more than theft !

      1st … Ring your bank and explain you’ve been conned and need a block on any future payments
      2nd ring the USA number and demand the RMA number and return address
      3rd put the RMA number on the outside packing with a letter inside with your details and request your canncelation confirmation be emailed to you …… Send by registered post

      You could always ask your bank to persue costs on your behalf

      Absolutely disgusting con allowed by this weak country!

      Good luck Steve

      • The reason the British government allows these false companies and there scams into the country is because the UK government or there corrupt politicians are obviously taking a backhander. Letting these crooks into the UK, to con the British citizen, is a despicable thing to do to any countries people.

      • Absolutely disgusting!!!
        After a long chat I must have said something to that B**** on customer service…
        She did tell me that i should EDUCATED my self with the trade’s terms and conditions!!
        She was well bragging about her knowledge and her colleagues to Rip off money of ppl IMO
        How can these people sleep at night!! Somebody gotta raise the awareness!!
        So they can NO longer greedily slim the banks accounts!!
        And they should be Banned as they have a dishonest trade!
        How sad.

    • I managed to cancel my account today. Or so they say. So I have contacted my bank to put a stop on any further transactions from this company. Barclays are very very aware of them. But no refund on my £170 payments already taken for two bottles of pills. How was I so gullible? Who can afford crap like this. How do they sleep at night.

      • Yes I have too been scammed, I received a parcel from the post office on Friday and could not think what it was as I have not ordered anything and like most people got this off face book I did not see any terms or conditions to my horror they have taken out of my account £94.97 and £79.97 so I phoned my bank they said they have had lots of phone calls about this and were really nice too me and helpful. I have cancelled any more payments going out and have phoned the company and spoke to a horrible unhelpful woman who said I cannot have my money back even if I return the goods that have not been opened and the other green coffee pills that I have not received as yet but have taken my money I still cannot have my money back on these either. Not sure what I do now!!

        • Exactly the same happened to me. A very unhelpful guy at this rotten discussing company put the phone down on me

          • This scam is absolutely disgusting – I went through a website for womens health and there was no mention of the 14 day trial etc… I am down £150 and they will not accept the products back. I cancelled the account and the further payments with the bank but am left with these pills – which by the way have made me feel quite ill since taking them!
            Have reported them to Advertising Standards Agency and Watchdog! Please dont fall for this scam – i have never had anything like this happen before and it has devistated me!

    • the same as happened to me too I also didn’t realise they would take the money as they did £94.97 from my account I have emailed them and phoned but no satisfaction I am not giving up I want my money back I cancelled mine on the 5th of march and sent the ketone back on the 7th but they still took the money a con alright.

      • Hi, can you give me a postal address that isn’t a PO box? I’ve rung twice now and they have flatly refused to refund my money because it’s out of the 14 day trial period. If I can get a postal address I might have a chance. They took over £350 out of my account. 🙁

        • hi the same happened to me.i just thought i w ould try the trial.i didn’t know i had b een charged until i had my credit card statment.by then it had passed the 14 days.i have since then cancelled that card,because i don’t trust them.i thought it was bad enough them taking £174 but i have just found out they have taken more.ihave now cancelled with them.also my point is a s someone else said on here.i’ve never seen any t/c. there is a postal address with the despatch note which i received with the tablets i don’t want.if you would like that,let me know.

          • HI Bell, the same happened to me. How did they know the details of your new card to take money again from you?
            I just cancelled my card and the bank assured me they wont be able to take more money.

          • I can tell you how to get your money back and stop these criminals. You have120 days to claim under the charge back scheme which is run by visa/MasterCard. You write and dispute the charges. The reason you can win is that you thought you agreed to the terns and conditions for auto ship products. But you did not. I have proof the criminals run Facebook advertising campaigns and for the duration of that campaign which directs yoiu to a fake women’s health magazone and from there a website with shopping cart to buy the product. However I can categorically assure you that during these advertising campaigns there is NO terms and conditions or agreement for auto shipping or multiple card not present payments. Then a week or so later when you find out money has been stollen yoiu findout the domain and youlook at the site and think you missed the terms and agreement because they are there. What you didn’t realise is that when you purchased there was not and I have screenshots and video of URLs to prove it. So put in a charge back demand urgentlybeforurgently before 120 days up. You will need to write and then the criminals will defend the dispute but Ivan give you proof when you get that far

  3. Yes I fell for this too came to my senses minutes after ordering so phoned my bank and reported my card lost as was too ashamed to mention my stupidness! The next day I decided to phone my bank again and spoke to the fraud department they said it was a good job I phoned them as cancelling your card doesn’t work as these scumbags set it up as a recurring payment like a direct debit they can continue to take money from your account.

    My bank said they have put my account under watch to try and stop the payments and will deal with the company on my behalf to get my details removed from their system!

    Luckily I have had nothing more than the £4.95 taken and have now fully closed my bank account and set up a new one as not taking any chances… I emailed the company to explain this and would like to share my experience with you as they only responded with a cancellation once I told them my bank account was cancelled.

  4. …………………


    I understand payment has already been taken for this small amount you can keep it as a token of my brief moment of stupidity.

    I do not want the tablets as I would not put sh!t in my body from a company who scams people in this manner. 

    I have cancelled my debit card and reported you to my banks fraud department so don’t bother trying to take any other funds.

    You disgust me!!!!!

    Thank you for contacting us about your order. 

    After a review of your account status, I’m sorry to say that the Email Support Center does not have permission to cancel your account by email. We ask that you please contact our Cancellation Department by telephone at your earliest convenience, so that a live customer support team member can assist you.

    The Cancellation Department can be reached at +44 (0) 844 858-8072. For your convenience, our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We know that your time is valuable and appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Thank you,

    Amy Tate

    I will not be calling you by telephone just so you can get more money out of me. My card is cancelled so as far as I am concerned the matter is finished. Considering this email comes from the ‘account cancellation department’ and your fraudulent website says to email this address to cancel shows how much of a scumbag you lot are! Don’t bother replying as not interested in what you have to say any further!!!

    Thank you for contacting us. 

    We recognize that your time is valuable, and we would like to resolve your account concerns without further delay. The quickest way to do this is through a telephone call with a manager at our Support Center. 

    Please call +44 0800 5460 182 (U.K.) or +1 469-665-8105 (U.S.) to be connected directly to a manager at the Support Center. For your convenience, these phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, for those calling within the United Kingdom, the U.K. phone line is a “freephone” number, so calls are free when calling from a landline, including payphones.

    Thank you in advance for giving us a call. 


    Bethany Parker
    Customer Service Manager
    Email Support Center

    Dear sh!thead,

    I will not be contacting you by telephone as I have followed the cancellation instruction as per the terms on your bogus website which is to email (see attached screenshot) therefore I have done as requested!!

    My bank is fully aware of this situation and placed a block on my account saying they will liaise with you further should you try to take another payment. However to stop you disgusting excuse for human beings I have cancelled my card and now fully closed my bank account so good luck with trying to do me out of further funds.

    You are not a legitimate company therefore I feel that there is absolute no reason why I should call you or have any further communication with you. The bogus pills which are probably rat poison (as you scumbags would feel no shame in doing that) will not be collected from my local post office and will be returned to sender. I emailed you before they were sent telling you I didn’t want them, you still sent them so that’s now your problem!!

    Screw you and hope you drop dead!!!

    Although I do appreciate the terms of endearment you have assigned me, I will not respond in turn. 

    I have cancelled your account effective January 21, 2014.

    If you do somehow receive the product (Ketone Advanced), please feel free to keep them and try them out. If you enjoy the results our product give, we will be here for you to reorder at a later date. 

    Thank you very much for your time!

    With Regard,

    Brian Hunter
    Email Support Center

    • Can someone contact me also. All the numbers you have supplied to contact you are now no longer working.

      How can I get my refund after you have already agreed but I have not received the confirmation email or refund….

      Shida Hall


      • Hi Im going threw the same problems 296-97 has been taken from my bank and still no cancel confirmation even after threats of solicitor and trading standerds

        • Cancel your card and get the bank to re issue you with a new one. This is the only way I could stop the payments because I could never get in touch with them

    • Haha Sam I love your reply’s! It made me forget about my problems for a second there.
      I going to be canceling my card aswel. I’m going to contact them by e-mail and send message’s like these, once I have sorted out my account of course. I like how you have had differnet people sending you message’s, I keep getting the same person by Amy Tate and the same message…
      Maybe if I call them a Shithe*d to are get a different person. I’m going to look these people up, if there real of course.

      Thanks for the idea sam!

  5. Awww good ole Brian, I was actually insulting Bethany but yes I think he is a poophead too!!! Unfortunately these guys operate within the law, set up recurring payments on your account so cancelling your card doesn’t work, and the only way to stop them without numerous phone calls to them and your bank is to cancel your bank account (and be abusive obviously) AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!

    Good luck guys and may they all rot in hell!

  6. is there anywy of claiming the £94.97 back? i am extremely dissapointed that i have been a victim of this fraud

  7. F.A.O Bethany Parker

    Having just ordered my free trial products I deceided to investigate reviews(something I should have done 1st) was horrified by what I read so in just over an hour I have rung and cancelled my order and account.

    Initially I was asked why I would want to cancel so soon after placing order and when I explained this was my perogative I was asked again that a genuine reason must be given so I explained I’d read reviews and all the small print and I genuinely couldn’t afford to get myself into that situation.

    After being put on hold twice I was then informed that S&H could not be re-funded and was that ok? Well your telling me you wont refund and is this ok,what am I suppossed to say?? Of course Im not happy about paying nearly £10 for absolutely NOTHING!

    Then im told if you order and cancel on same day this is protocol, well fact of the matter is I ordered at 11.45pm on 30/1/14 & cancelled just now at 1.20am 31/1/14.

    Obviously the reviews are correct a rip off how the hell you get away with that is unbelievable. And i’ll be reporting this to fraud team & regulations ombudsman. One not too happy 1hr customer

    • Further to this I was then told that when I recieve product I must ring and cancel 14 days there after. I’ll be going into my bank tomorrow and asking fraud team to watch my account. Im awaiting a confirmation e-mail in next 24hrs. Amazing how shipping costs are swallowed instantly but an e-mail takes upto 24hrs.

  8. I have been scammed with this company when i ordered there was no contract to read or sign. all i knew it was a free trial for 30 days only to woke up today with money taken out of my account today.

    When i phoned them I spoke to a guy called Darren who promised to refund my 94.94 pounds he had promised to send me an email. When i called again today as i had not received the email by five pm I spoke to another guy who refused to transfer me to Darren so i had to start over again explaining what had happened to me.

    He said he was referring the matter to the financial team who will call in 24 hours. I have contacted the financial ombudsman who promised to take the issue and investigate the company only after i have confirmation from them that they are not paying me back.

    So its a waiting game for me now gutted my kid was supposed to go on a school trip today had to cancel.

    The tablets i only took them for two days and became very ill was hospitalized for two days investigations are still going on the product.

    They are arguing I had to cancel within 14 days and today is my 14th day i haven’t gone over and still i ‘m charged if its within i am still within 14 days until 12 midnight I will fight this to the end.#scam

  9. I too fell for this scam. I filled in my bank details and then backed out of the website and so was surprised when the tablets arrived. As it was just before Christmas I did nothing with them and then in my January bank statement was shocked to see that Ketone Advanced had taken £94.97 out of my account. I phoned them to complain. They said they would stop any further payments but I would not get any money back. She asked if I had not read the terms and conditions. I didn’t see any but why would I read them for a free sample. I am sending the tablets back to them and will then contact the bank to see if I can get my money back. Robbers !

  10. I have a question that relates to these scum bags, as I do believe that we are all protected by the laws of online selling. Which is our right to cancel at no costs prior to 7 days.

    Answer that you dirty holes robbing people.

  11. I too ordered what I thought was a sample for the ketone advance and Nutra coffee at the small costs of £3.95 £4.95 having not read the terms and conditions stupidly but like others am appalled that they can dupe customers by hiding these exorbitant prices in the small print !!!

    Why was it not made obvious in their main advert along with the trial prices mentioned above !!! Obviously because it’s a scam and there should be watchdogs to stop this !!

    I have contacted them and stopped any future payments and received a confirmation email but the wont refund my money as it’s outside the 14 trial period despite the fact I have not even opened the pills!! And have now cancelled my credit card

    If anyone has any results please let me know

  12. I ordered and only afterwards spotted the fake news article they were using to “independently” tout the pills. I cancelled within the hour, but still incur charges for the initial products (c.£10) and was unable to prevent them still pushing through the delivery (despite reassurance otherwise by phone). i did receive email confirming that the account was closed.

    However… terms & conditions specify that you must return the unused product and quote the Return Merchandise Authorisation code which they did not provide. I spent 3 days chasing them up for the code, which they promised to send in an email, but failed to do each time.

    I keep chasing them by phone and email to ensure full audit trail. They then say I do not need to return the products as account already cancelled and there will be no further charges. Obviously, I’m happy at that, but they don’t put that in writing…. and the terms and conditions specify that I would be charged if I don’t return the product!!! Do I trust them enough to follow the verbal advice?? HELL NO!!

    So I keep calling them, insisting on written confirmation of RMA code or that I do not need to return the product. They say they will send it to… they don’t … I keep calling…. I speak to the manager. he says they won’t send anything out in email beyond the automated messages saying the account is cancelled.

    So I have no RMA code and only a verbal say so that I do not need to return the products…. However, I can’t return the products without the RMA according to the terms & conditions!!! i am still within 2 weeks of purchase, but feeling very exposed by what is clearly a completely criminal outfit.

    So I will be returning the products anyway, and via recorded delivery. I will speak to my bank’s fraud team too. But this has been an entirely ugly episode by total scammers.

    On the legal front, the independent advice above is that they are not illegal. However, they did misrepresent in their sales with their fake news sites. They also put me in a position whereby I physically cannot comply with their terms & conditions. So if they charge me for lack of RMA code, then I believe this does form an UNFAIR TERM IN THE CONTRACT. However, taking them to court over this is a messy affair….

    Short advice is to stay the hell away from them…

    • Did you return the products? Did they take any money? I was foolish like everyone else on this thread and persisted in calling and emailing. I was verbally told I didn’t have to return the products and have this morning received an email confirming my cancellation but no mention of having to return the products. Do I waste more money returning them? Today is day 6 of the 14 day period. They try really hard to delay giving information, they are thieving scumbags

    • I exactly have the same problem as you…cancelled within the same day of order but they “miraculously” managed to ship the product…and then I phoned them 3x already on the same day to find that they won’t give me RMA as my account has been cancelled and they kept saying for me to keep the product. I insisted I want to return it but they told me “why bother to send back if it will come back to you again because there’s no RMA on it.” I already cancelled my card and will call fraud dept to monitor my account and block any possible recurring payment from them

  13. hi all the thing above happen to me have e.mail and have tried phoning them without any luck i spoke to my credit card co and have explain what has happened they have now blocked them from taking any money i have just paid the p&p for ths pills.

    i call them again to day to find that somebody was there gave him all my details and ask me why i was canceling to cut a long story short i told him to just google the company and thats why i was canceling

    my luck must have been good today has he gave me the rma numbers and the returns address of where to sent the pills back to but need to return them within 21 day of canceling

    do not just send them back you must have the rma codes if not they will still take your money hope this helps

  14. Only realised that there was a problem with this when I checked my bank account today and £97 has been taken out. I’m not a stupid person, I am usually a very cautious person.

    When I ordered my ‘free trial,’ there was no mention of agreeing to a continuous payment, I did not tick a box agreeing to this. I also did not receive any notification via email or in the packaging received. Surely, there must be some form of credit agreement?

    My bank states that upon payment of the trial, I have effectively agreed to them taking money each month. I have been stung for both products at £97 and £70!!!! I have spoken to the helpline who would not help.

    The terms and conditions state that you have 21 days to return ( I am day 18) but the very polite lady says that I still have to cancel within the 14 days. It does not state that, it says you have 21 days from initial order. She would not give me the RMA number.

    A huge con, buy from a reputable company that looks after it’s customers. Shame on you, I can least afford this

  15. I feel so so stupid I signed up to this as a surprise for my wife as we have a wedding coming up and she wanted to tone up.
    I ordered the free trial and thought nothing of it untill today when £94.97 was taken out of my account.

    I’ve rang my bank and cancelled any future payments to them and my bank are going to try and claim the money back from them.
    I decided to look on the page where I signed up and no where does it say about canceling after 14 days or any thing about charging £94.97 i only found out about that on there website so we all have officially been conned. I’ve just come out of hospital to find this out after a major bone tumour operation and now have no money because of these people.
    I hope and pray that my bank can claim this money back.

    I’ve sent a cancelation email to the company’s involved

  16. As i had a cancerous tumour in my bladder i was getting surplus fat around my belly due to lack of exercise after having operation so thought i would give this product a try, probably the worst decision i have ever made in my life, these people are thieves with no morals whatsoever.

    I ordered just the Ketone Advanced on December 16th & it arrived a couple of days later, after taking just two pills i became extremely nauseous & immediately contacted my doctor who advised me to stop taking them as they could have an adverse effect with the chemo treatment i was having.

    After just 1 day after receiving them i rang their office to cancel & was told to ring another number for cancellations. The lady told me that as she had my order number this would automatically be cancelled & send them back immediately, this i did, i also sent them two emails confirming that i had returned the item & unbelievably had a email reply from them a week later at 11pm on Christmas Eve telling me to write the order number on the outside of package for identification purposes, they would already have been in possession of the package by this time as i sent it back recorded delivery on the 20th.

    I rang my bank about this because i felt uneasy about their apparent ignorance in what was happening. Then to my astonishment on January 27th almost 6 weeks later a sum of £94.97 was taken out of my account by this bunch of crooks. I immediately informed my bank who said that this company had had many complaints & as i had told them in December about my concerns my money would be returned.

    PLEASE do not trust these people they are nothing more than con men, i personally have informed various authorities including Trading Standards & hopefully the full weight of the law will catch up with these thieves !!!

  17. Massive scam and i hope there will be someone to take them down soon. For me in plain english, free trial means that you receive product for free to try. Yes, they are clear about 14 days but why should we pay for something what was advertised as Free. I would understand the charge if another supply of product was delivered if i didn’t cancel, but being charged for “free” sample is out of order.

    Notified my bank and they will be watching my bank account from now on, also got number where someone actually answer the phone 08435043147 and you can cancel your account, but can you trust someone who gives you cancellation reference number 111 ? I don’t think so, so i will be on watch as well and will look up if there is any way to get my money back.

    Hope the number I was given will at least help someone else

  18. All of the above happened to me. Signed up for the free trial. As has been said who reads terms and conditions for a free trial! Tablets arrived. What made me think was that there were no contact details, or re-ordering forms. Didn’t think anything more until I checked my bank statement and found £94.97 had been taken out.

    Notified the bank who have cancelled any payments to Ketone. If they try to take any more payments the bank will now be responsible for refunding the payment to me.

    I now face the battle to obtain the refund.

  19. I to was taken in by this put the order in on the Friday then realised I had made a big mistake when I read all these facts and reviews about this company ( pity I didn’t see these first ) sent an email canceling this straight away then on the following day after Saturday morning I phoned them up spoke to a lady to cancel the order.

    I told them my underage daughter had taken my credit card and ordered them without my consent so the lady said she had canceled the order and I would get a confirmation of this by email within 24hrs ( but I didn’t receive this ) then 3 days later I got an email to say the item has been shipped.

    I sent them another email asking why they have been shipped as this was canceled ( again no reply ) ( I haven’t as yet received them only been a few days though) spoke to my credit card company who have paid the £6.95 p&p explained to them the situation and they have now canceled and blocked my credit card to stop further payments from being claimed.

    I will be keeping a close watch over this though my credit card company said as they were aware of the situation and should any more money be paid I would be reimbursed by them ( hopefully now this won’t happen again).


  20. Just a quick update now received the pills I will be sending them back with a message inside got a returns address if this helps anyone !!!! P.O. Box 13511 Linlithgow, west Lothian, EH49 7YH uk.

  21. Noticed the dreaded £94.97 on my statement today!… Now in the hands of Visa’s fraud dept & can only hope I’ll be refunded. Feel such an eejit! Turns out I can’t even take the bloody things too, nor send them back now they’ve been opened… So how could they have been trial samples in the 1st place???

  22. Yes I’m another stupid person that has had the full payment come out of my account today!

    I had phoned to cancel but the lady told me its to late but there is still time for the coffee one because that hasn’t come out of my account yet?!

    So I’m going to call my bank and tell my bank that I had already cancelled it and they have taken the money, if they put it down to fraud I don’t care as long as I get my money back!! As I never had any email from them to confirm my order or that it has been cancelled. See what my bank has to say about it.

    Does anyone have the email address for the company please?


  23. Hi,

    I am embarrassed to admit I too fell for this and ordered the tablets. Fortunately, I wasn’t in when the postman came to post them, a week later, I still hadn’t collected the pills from the Sorting Office, but noticed 2 payments had been taken out of my bank account, I rang my bank who put me through to the fraud department, who cancelled any future payments, unfortunately they were not able to refund the money as its actually legit!!

    However, I did contact the company, and arranged to send the pills back, I have spoken to them today, they received them 3 days ago and have said they will refund the full money – I am just so thankful I wasn’t in that day, else I would have more than likely started on the pills and would be £130 out of pocket!!!


  24. Has anyone got a number that actually puts you through to someone?

    • I got this one 08435043147 from my bank and it worked as i was able to cancel my subscription and wven got an email to confirm that, sadly will never see those £95 again 🙁 hope this will help

      • Another tel. no to try is: 08005460182.I did get to speak to someone – as 08448588073 I believe is on an automated loop and you won’t actually speak to anyone!! good luck

        • I just manage to cancel my further payment and got RAM numbers but they said I need to call them back and give truck number. I only got this trial bottels. I called 08000149645. I just hope my bill wil not too big 🙁

  25. I too fell for this and while it may not legally be a scam it sure feels like it.

    I ordered on the 20th and then looked into the company – the wrong way round I now know!!

    I sent an email to them and was told they would get back to me in 24hrs, I got my response today saying they can’t cancel my order I need to call 0844 858 8072 to do this. I got through to a call centre in India who just gave me the Rma numbers but won’t refund the money as the product has been shipped. Have cancelled my card and keeping my fingers crossed no more money will be taken. Lesson learned!

  26. hi guys….instead of trying to cancel with the company itself, just go to your bank and cancel your card and ask for a new card, just say uv lost your card…so when they try and take the money it will be the wrong card number!!! i hope this helps…i fell for it aswell but i cancelled my card!!! 🙂 x

  27. Hi Guys

    I also have been scammed by this lot. I am so annoyed with myself because my gut feel something wasn’t right however I thought I was being over cautious! Well, a hard lesson to learn. I never received any order confirmation, the trial products came through with no paperwork and I was charged for the postage as expected… didn’t think anything of it until I check my account yesterday. I ordered both the ketone and green coffee so have been charged £175!!!!

    Immediately called my bank and everyone I spoke to pretty much acted like this was the norm as they have had so many people with the same issue. One guy at the bank even told me his step daughter was also conned by these people!! I don’t understand how they get away with this. As for the Ts & Cs, I checked the site again and clicked on the tiny link and I can’t even read them!! Dark blue background and black text, you can barely see the print!!

    I now have confirmation that it’s all cancelled however still furious I let myself be taken in and have lost £175. These people need to be stopped! 🙁 x

    • The same has happened to me I went to the bank for money and had 20p I had no gas and have a toddler it’s terrible that they are getting away with it. Facebook has to do something to protect this matter. I’m a signal mum of two and don’t have any money until I get my wages. Free trial that’s cost me over £100 raging

    • Did you have to send back the pills?

  28. Just Been scammed too! £94.97 came out of the bank today! Thought I’d try lose some weight for my daughters wedding…which we’re doing on a budget!!…saw this offer and fell hook line and sinker!. Managed to find a number and speak to an Asian man who cancelled keynote but gotta send green cleanse tablets back for cancellation on them too…..Going to the bank to cancel all other payments….Pigs..scumbags…thieves….I wanna cry 🙁

  29. Obviously dont want to speak too soom but I literally ordered them with like 1 minute to spare, whe I knew I had no money in my account, a few days later, the s&h came out my account, but no other payment and I have recieved the tablets. The small prit says to cancel the direct debit with your bamk within 14 days of when you first order them, to make sure no further payments come out, so im going to do that and hopefully fingers crossed will not proceed to be charged

  30. Right so I have just called the customer support, and it seems to be a case of people not readin the terms and condiions (me too) I dont think its an actual scam I jut think its a reeeeallly rubbish deal where your “free trial” period isnt actually the length of how log you take the pills. They want you to try them, of you like them in like 2 weeks (the cancwllation period) you will not get harged bt you have to send the rest back, or you have to pay for the rest (which comea out automatically if not cancelled)

  31. I am a right idiot! My husband has just found this review page. I am sick to the pit of my stomach. I ordered the raspberry ketone and green coffees. I paid for raspberry ketone from my account and the others from his.

    Tonight I went to get petrol to get to work and card declined?? I checked my account online when I got in to find the £94.97 taken. My husband has checked his account but nothing taken yet.

    I don’t even know where to begin to sort this problem out! Unfortunately I won’t be able to send the pills back either as I have opened and used a few. Didn’t think they was having any effect after 1wk so I stopped taking them. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  32. I also ordered the Ketone and green coffee tablets on the 11/01/14 and the confirmation said Order Total:£6.95.
    I had e mailed them to cancel both items and they replied to say to call them, which I did on 25/01/14. Thinking I had cancelled in time I was surprised to see I also had money I was not expecting taken from my credit card. I called to ask for a refund and the lady said I would, but I had not cancelled the Green Coffee one ( I had done both at the same time on the 11th). I received 2 emails and the one for Ketone said I would get the £94.97 refunded but the Coffee one did not mention a refund.
    I tried to call back but the lines were busy. I have emailed them and also called and put a block on any other payments going to them.
    I will be surprised it I get any money back at all.
    I checked the site and there are terms and conditions on the very bottom of the page where you go to order. You have to clock on to it to open it.
    It does say —-

    The 14-day trial offer for Ketone Advanced includes enrolment in our auto home delivery program, which is subject to the auto home delivery program terms described below.

    The 14-day trial period starts the same day of purchase. We do not guarantee arrival dates or times. However, you should contact customer service immediately if you do not receive your product within 7 days after order is placed so that we can adjust your trial period to ensure you have enough time to try the product.

    When the product ships, we will charge the non-refundable shipping and handling fee specified on the checkout page to the card you provided at checkout. You will receive an email notice confirming your order so that you know when your trial period starts and when your card has been charged for shipping and handling, or if you didn’t receive your email.

    You must contact customer service before the end of the 14-day trial period to cancel and avoid further charges.

    If you do not cancel, we will charge £94.97 on the day your trial period ends for the trial product you have received to the card you provided at checkout and you will continue with the auto delivery program


    Unless you cancel, the auto delivery program will begin shipping you a fresh one-month supply of the product about 30 days after your trial order period has ended and every 30 days thereafter. When each month’s supply ships, we will automatically charge the monthly fee of £94.97 plus £6.95 postage and packing to the card you provided when you signed up for the trial offer. You may cancel your enrolment in the auto delivery program at any time by contacting customer service.



    So it would be difficult to pursue them for fraud.
    I will for one be more careful and read the T&C`S in future as I feel it will have cost me money.
    I always thought I was a sensible person Well it just goes to show.
    I will not get caught again.

  33. i too fell for this scam a free trial of both tablets for the price of postage and packageing, total £9.00 but i went to check my bank and found that £94.97 had been taken from my account, i sent the tablets back but did not phone and cancel just emailed to cancel apparently this is not the way to do it.

    i phoned today and spoke to a gentleman who basically told me it was my fault as i did not phone to cancel and get the secret number to return the tablets. i am very baffled though as he said to me that you can not return the bottles if they are open or if you have taken any!!! is that not the purpose of a trial!!! i think you are supposed to just look at the bottle and then send them back this whole thing is just a scam and i want a refund i will be talking to a solicitor regarding this as i can not afford to loose this money

  34. For people who still have time within 14-day trial, my suggestions are: (1) call that scam company to cancel subscription and make sure you receive cancellation confirmation email; (2) call your bank to monitor your account and block them for taking more money from you; (3) I already cancelled my card but if you want cancel your account just to be safe; (4) always check your transaction; (5) if you still have the product delivered although your membership has already been cancelled (like me) just decline the package don’t receive them, I think it’s a trap they will see it as you agree to purchase the product, they insisted me to keep the product if they arrive but I don’t trust them as they only talk without any written form in terms and condition…

    I already give up about the non-refundable postage fee…it’s the payment for my stupidness

  35. I’m thinking of going after these crooks personally, and get my money back. Its no good going to the police about this scam they just don’t want to know, why are the police there ?who know’s it’s a mystery.

  36. I to was party to being sucked in by the ‘FREE TRIAL’ from kenote advanced.

    I have cancelled my account to day by phone within the 14 day trial, I told them I had become ill and after seeking medical advice was told not to take any more and to dispose of them which I have done. I also told them I have contacted my bank and card provider and cancelled my card and told them not to make any future payments. The number I called was 0843 5043 147 they answered straight away and said they will cancel my account and not send any further products and I will receive an e-mail within 24hours.. I did receive an e- mail 5 mins later with a cancellation notification no.

    Here’ hoping.

  37. I had thought I got the better of these con artists as I called and cancelled got a return number and address.

    I sent the pills back a and obtained proof of postage as they told me to do. Money still came of my credit card for the ketone advance and Nutra green coffee. When I called them they were very unhelpfull, apparently have no managers or senior staff to talk to and the reason they took the money is because I dont have a tracking number apparently proof of postage (as I was advised) is not good enough.

    I am awaiting someone in authority calling me back. In the meantime I have called and recorded my conversation with one worker who told me to return items a proof of postage is all I need. I will let you know how I get on with this.

  38. Exactly the same is happening to me – I sent the pills back with 14 days but now they are disputing my proof of postage. I keep asking for confirmation that the RMA numbers have been returned but they keep requesting a tracking number and they say I can’t cancel until I provide that number! The most unhelpful telephone number and email support. I thought I had read all the terms advertised in the small print and stuck to them, but they just keep adding extra conditions! My bank said I’d need to wait for the money to come out before I can refer the case to debit disputes.

  39. This company is a leech and robs people like us. They managed to take £530 from my account. I am a hard working mum and they got away with this because they send no invoice or anything with the product and no contact details. The rasberry ketone costs £9.35 inc of postage on Ebay and they charge £94.99.

    I have 2 children and find it hard to accept there are scums like these who can get away with it. I am sickened and would urge anyone to report these people to trading standards as I have, Eventually they will be stopped. I hope the founders of this company die a slow death.

    • I have been caught out. Preying on people’s insecurities is just sickening. I have reported them to Watchdog UK and am trying anywhere I can. I hope they take me seriously as these people need stopping!

  40. I too like the rest of you was conned , I called an hour laterto cancel the pills even before shipment after I found this site, they told me the order is cancelled and I will have a cancellation email – I’m still waiting this. I called back and spoke to someone else to chase up this email , who told me my account has a do not ship on and no money will be taken out my account , I’m so mad I have been fooled by this , I hope to hear nothing from them

  41. Just wanted to share my story in case it helps anyone.

    I fell for this, ordered the trial of Ketone on the 22nd Jan. realised straight away that I had made a mistake as saw the small print after ordering!

    I phoned them a couple of days later and was given an RMA code and advised to send the product back unopened etc. Did this and heard nothing more until I noticed the £94 had been taken from my account a few days ago. Phoned my bank who are now watching to block any further payments, also emailed Ketone advising that I would instruct my solicitor to deal if they didn’t refund my money. Heard nothing so phoned Ketone who asked for my recorded delivery tracking number which I gave them. The advisor then said that he would refund the £94 and send me an email in 24 hours. I never received this but have just this min checked my bank and it has indeed been refunded! I have now emailed them asking for written confirmation that my account has been cancelled and all details held on me disposed of so we’ll wait and see!

    Just wanted to share as there is hope of getting your money back!

  42. Hi guys, I did the order 2 hours ago and just call them and did the cancellation of both order and account, and the guy told me that the 9 pounds for shiping are not refundable but that i will not receive the bottles, and that my account is canceled. Am i lucky? still I am thinking to go to my bank tomorrow. Wish me luck

    • I too was told the same thing , they said I may get them , I may not. ~ I hope not I want this finished before it’s even started

  43. Hi all

    I did the same! Called the same day and said I did not want to go ahead with my order. I ordered the 2 products and was told that both had been cancelled and I would not receive either product. I was told I would get a confirmation email of cancelation within 24 hours which I have not. I have called them many times regarding my email that I have not had. They all tell me my account has been cancelled and because I done so within the 14 day period I will get no further charges. Well I received the tablets. Called again and they said its fine I don’t have to send them back and my accounts are cancelled. I really don’t trust them at all. The day I made the order I rang my bank and had my card stopped and a new card sent to me. I would suggest that you just get a new card. My bank said as long as they don’t have the sort code and account number they will be unable to take any more money out. Silly mistake! Fingers crossed they have only taken the 6.95 and 4.95 for the shipping of tablets. I would not even trust to take this tablets . The number I call is 0844 858 8073. The Return address on the tablets is PO BOX 13511 LINLITHGOW WEST LOTHIAN EH49 7YH GOOD LUCK AND CANCEL YOUR BANK CARD ASAP!!!

    • I’ve just checked my bank and had the shipping costs taken out, I’ve been straight on the phone asking why when I said yesterday it’s to be cancelled which they advised it was- I’m still waiting on this cancelled email to which they guy said it will be sent momentarily ! I’ve key again what my account says and they say it’s all cancelled ( I hope so) I’ve now cancelled my bank card just to be on the safe side

    • The products also still shipped when I already cancelled but there was no one at home that time, so they were left in delivery office. I don’t want to send back ’cause costing more money so I’ll just let them there and they will be delivered back to company!

  44. My story is much further up the page but after reading a lot of recent comments I just wanted to make people aware that my banks fraud department told me that just cancelling your card does not work. These people set up a recurring payment on your account, like a direct debit, which means they automatically get sent your new card details. This is something that is done by banks to prevent people taking out payday loans using their bank cards then cancelling later. This obviously could be different depending on bank though, mine is Halifax.

    I made the decision to fully close my bank account as didn’t want to take any chances and luckily never had more than the initial shipping fee taken. I also never accepted delivery of the pills.

    Do not worry about the T&Cs this company may operate within the law but they would never bother pursuing payments from people 1) it would cost them far too much and 2) no judge would find in favour of a company who falsely advertises their product using fake magazine websites/celebrities and hides their T&Cs within their website (non transparency)!

    Good luck guys!!

  45. I was sceptical about the diet but constantly seen advertisements on Facebook.. So the whole free trial thing eventually pulled me in.. I received the products today and luckily never opened them.. I googled the diet again just to confirm how to take them etc.. Only to find the scam pages! So immediately I rang customer service.. Canceled my account.. Got a rma number for both products and was told to send them back. I have to ring them afterwards with my tracking number. So hopefully this will stop any further payments being taken from my account

  46. Just wanted to let you know I was also stupid enough to fall for this scam. Noticed on Monday the £94 had been taken. I called them straight away on the number on the page above, they cancelled both, I was told to return the 2 empty bottles, had to write REM number on envelope, then had to call bk with tracking number, then had to call bk to confirm delivery, bit of a bother but £94 was returned to my bank account today, I am shocked I got it bk, relatively easily, so keep trying

  47. I signed up for the free trail of the ketone advanced and green coffee and did read the terms and conditions. I cancelled 10 days after ordering by email as the terms and conditions state and I am just being ignored! I can’t even get through by phone. I have no been charge over £170 for products I have cancelled and haven’t even received! I am hoping I can block any further payments and hopefully get my money back! So angry right now!!!!!!

  48. I ordered these last sat. Collected today & tried. Googled & realised. Phoned bank who’ve said they’ll block them & refund if any payments are taken. Also spoke to them & obtained RMA numbers. Hope the money doesn’t go out :/

  49. I stupidly signed up for the free trial before reading up on it only to find out that it’s a scam! I rang them up the day after signing up for the free trial and demanded they cancel my account, don’t let them try to tell you that you have to wait for the product if you haven’t received a confirmation email because as far as you’re aware the product hasn’t been shipped! Stand your ground I rang them up everyday for 3 days to make sure it was cancelled and no further payments will be taken and I was assured they wouldn’t. I haven’t received my cancellation email but they cave me a cancellation ID code. I have rang up my bank who are monitoring my account for the next year and will make sure they don’t try to take any more money other than the shipping fee which they took. they told me to keep an eye on my account in case they manage to take any money out, if they do I am to ring the bank again who will refund me and block the ketone company. I feel this to be such a cruel way to scam people out of money! I just hope that if you have done the same to cancel as soon as you can and ring your bank to block the company! it’s no good just relying on the company saying they’ve cancelled it! I’m not taking any risks.

    • Similar situation happened to me.. I realized something wrong right after I completed the order. Then rang them to cancel my account and asked for a cancellation email but I didn’t receive it. The only thing they provided was my cancellation ID. I kept calling them however all of them told me they have sent me the certain email.. they insisted due to some technical issues I couldn’t receive the email. It’s totally a fraud!!! I received their promotion email which shows I could get more tablets with less shipping fee. How come because of so-called technical issue I can receive the promotion email but the cancellation email? Then I rang again to ask for a written confirmation that my details includes bank account had been deleted and they would not send any products to me. The lady who told me I would not receive any tablets one day ago then said they had shipped my order and I don’t have to return it. I was really mad and told the lady I knew that was totally their trick. The lady denied that once I cancelled my account there would not be any further charge. I stated that if I didn’t get their cancellation email within one hour I would contact my solicitor to handle this legal issue. Then the lady asked for another email to prevent “technical problem” and promised they would right away send the certain email which I have never received. One day after, I received shipment notification with a number which is exactly same with my cancellation ID. Then I completely believe what these people say is bullshit.
      I again contacted my bank who has blocked this scam company in the same day I placed the order. I asked bank agent by any chance is this company still possible to take money from my account.. The agent notified me that yes they still can and the only way to permanently stop this fraud is cancelling my card. So I ordered a new card immediately. Hope this is the end of this nightmare.
      Although it’s a bit troublesome to wait for a new card, it’s better than being taken 94 pounds and spending more time to get the refund. So just cancel your card and not to let them take more money from you. Good Luck Everyone!!!

  50. Thank you all so much for posting these comments! I was just seconds away from ordering my free trial when I decided it might be a good idea to google the offer first, and I’m so glad I did! The people who run this “company” are disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves!

  51. Hey, all I did was phone my bank so they can’t take any more money of me, and technically if they do take money of me it is fraud and a scam as if you have demanded to stop the money from your account they should stop. My bank said that I have to keep watching my account just in case but no money should come out my account. Also don’t phone them as you get charged even if ur on a tariff with broadband sky etc. phone up fraud department n they will take it from there, and I won’t be returning those tablets as I payed for postage n packing, so they can go shove my money up there arse. 🙂

  52. Hi guys I need your help/ opinions.
    I fell for this. Ordered then realised it was a con. Emailed the company but got an automated email back from “amy tate” saying due to my account status cant cancel by email and to ring them. So I rang but he couldnt find my details. So I rang my banks fraud dept and cancelled my card straight away.
    SO next day/ today, ive phoned ketone advanced up and got through to a lady. I told her I dont even want the trial that I paid p&p for and to close my account. She said my account has been closed etc and ill recieve an email in 24 hours?
    I bet I dont.
    Im now worried about the £94 coming out. Todays only the second day out of 14.
    I dont want to recieve the trial products? What should I do if I recieve them?
    Whats best number to ring? So far ive used 0844 858 8072 which is where the lady told me my accounts canceled. I have doubts!
    Luckily I just paid £2.49p&p for only ketone then realised!
    Any recent success stories please?

    • Call your bank and explain. Thats what I did and they said they are getting hundreds of people everyday who have had this done. They have cancelled my card and are sending a new one. Good luck hope this works.

    • This number isn’t working

  53. I too have fallen for this. It wasn’t until I checked my bank account I realised that £97 had be taken out. I phoned my bank account but there was nothing that they could do as the 2 weeks had gone by. How can a months free trial expire after 2 weeks??

    Can anyone give me any advice on how I might get my money back??
    I am fuming that this company has managed to get away with this for so long!!!

  54. I fell for this hook line and sinker, I noticed today that £94.97 had been taken out of my account
    I lost my temper a bit with the person on the other end of the phone

    I told them that this is theft and after 24 mins on the phone she actually agreed to give me half the money back for both , they are misleading people I told them they could have there product back they have told me to keep it!,
    Calling bank to get payments stopped and to ensure I get a refund

    Feel soooooo stupid

  55. They r the lowest bastards ever if I could get my hands on the arseole who runs this shit I would teach the wanker a lesson they wouldent forget they need shutting down and fucking dying a slow death I WISH let’s not give these TWATS any more money people and hope they get what’s coming to them I don’t know how anyone can work for them knowing it’s an out and out SCAM die slowly you BASTARDS

  56. I also fell for this after seeing it on Facebook and reading the news reporters article.
    Signed up for the free trail which was not free! I got the product which I have not used and is still in the cupboard. I do not remember signing up for a continuous payment or seeing anything about monthly amounts.
    I thought my account looked a bit short and when I got my bank statement I realised £97 pound had been taken. I phoned my bank and asked if they could stop it as I had no contact details for these people as it was a free trail I had just kept the bottle.
    The bank informed me they had taken another £97 a few days before!!!
    The bank have contacted then to cancel if and if they now take any more money the bank will refund me. The man at the bank said they have had a lot of this and as they had taken a second payment I should receive another bottle and if I did not by the 15th to call them back and they could go after them to get money back .
    Second bottle has arrived so I now have 2 bottles which have cost around £200!!!
    This company may have terms and conditions but they are not clear and as far as I was aware I was just paying shipping for a free product. Website is very misleading.
    Do not give this company your bank details and advise everyone you can not to fall for this. I will certainly contact everyone I can to try and get my money back. If they were a decent company they would offer to full refund everyone who has fallen for this.

  57. Hi guys. I think ive been a lucky one. I realised the day I gave them my bank details for the trial that something was wrong. I then read up on it and how they trap you into autoshipment after 14days. Very misleading if you dont read the small print. Ill never fall for anything like this again.
    Bit of advice of what I did. Contact your bank as soon as and explain whats happened. They will block any other payments going out and ask for them to send you a new card.
    Ring the company up. I used 0844 858 8072. I demanded my account to be cancelled immediately (this was second day after I paid for the trial). I was told id get an email within 24hours confirming my account was canceled but I didnt receive anything. So I continuously emailed them from their website or by support@ketoneadvanced.com until I got a response. They said they couldnt stop the trial being dispatched to me as order was already sent, however I eventually got confirmation that my account has been canceled. Luckily I realised straight away about this scam! I haven’t even opened the trial bottle and dont plan to. It will go in the bin after a few months when I know no £97 comes out of my account in 14days or each month!. We will see. Im constantly worried n parranoid now. Makes me feel sick knowing I gave them my bank details and address l xx


    I got the free trial myself and told my friend who had recently been caught up in this scam also.

    I have gone through so much hassle to send the products back and for my account to be cancelled. It has cost me around £80 (including phone charges) to get rid of these products. The customer service is absolutely appalling.

    Even though they have told me the account has been cancelled I still haven’t received any confirmation that it has so have had to have my bank account closed.

    Absolute joke, please do not get trapped by this vile company!!!!

    If you’d like to buy rasperry ketone get them off amazon I paid £19.99 received them the next day – no subscription – excellent results.

    Please please please do not get this free trial!!!!!!!!

  59. I’m another sucker who fell for this scam not realizing they took unauthorised money from my account. I’m trying to get a refund. This is obviously a scam so why do advertisers allow thsi on their sites?

  60. So yes been had 2x 94.97+79.00 pounds called bank and managed to recover 79 .00 pounds also got a phone number for ketone(8044 7707434) called to day had to be very strong with numty on the phone demrnded they returned the 2x 94.97 but numty no one just kept reading from script about T/C so asked for the S/V or manager got hold of numtey no two went though it all againe

    He started with T/C I got very vocal with sum colour full language he then suggested that they refund me 70.00 pounds to close the issue againe I got colour full and asked for full refund he was not haveing any of that idea and tried to end the call because I was not prepared to tack the 70.00 pounds I then suggested that his offer of 70.00 was a joke but I would take 120.00 pounds to go away to my surprise he accepted this so I asked for it to be put in an email as comformation I now have conformation of cancelation and conformation of a120.00 refund I know it’s not all of my money but I would rather 120.00 than bugger all also like so many I told my bank not to let payments go to this organisation to all I say be very strong when dealing with unethical organisation

  61. I, stupidly. also got caught up in this scam and have been shitting myself since finding out about the extra payments! I have rang the number they emailed my once trying to cancel and the woman gave me an extra 30 days to send back the products. ‘FREE TRIAL’ my arse! I shouldn’t have to send them back if it’s a free trial! Oh well, will send them in the post as soon as possible…if I get the RMA number! If I don’t I shall be calling back tomorrow or will cancel my bank account – I can’t afford this shit! I’m only 18 and if my parents find out I’d be in the shit 🙁 Here’s to hoping I get the email!!

    • Can I just cancel my card and not send them back the products? I have paid for this to be delivered AND I would have pay for it to be sent back which is ridiculous as I have not taken any!!

      • I contact my bank and canceled the company account also the company and canceled any more orders.Also rang standing traders.


    • I fully agree with sharon good on you for putting your exact feeling down , They have con me out of £400 pounds and if there was more to say I would add it.


  63. I am absolutely disgusted! This is a scam for sure, I paid £3.48 for apparently postage charged. I later discovered on the 14th day they had took a further £94.97 I phoned the company which also probably cost me a fortune, the person on the other side cannot speak good English, all he kept saying was its legal, its legal. They obviously know what they are doing. PLEASE WORN EVERY ONE ON FACE BOOK ABOUT THIS SCAM. Shower of B……..


  64. So I got sucked in by the FREE TRIAL bullshit and thought I would only be paying 3.50 pounds. I got no email confirmation nothing from them just a charge of 94 pounds. I called there support staff who said she will forward my complain to the refund committee and I should get a call back in three days. It has been three days and no call. She even confirmed that my subscription had been cancelled yet no email.

    So I email Brian and got a very polite cancellation. No mention of how I had been duped or how I can get my money back.

    I feel so stupid. There has to be some other way. How can they be still allowed to operate and advertise a d dupe more and more ppl.

    • Nida I was told the same someone will phone u back in 2/3 Days and no one has I have been on the phone twice as the first person put the phone down on me. As we cancelled we r not entitled to get all the money back they have taken £715 they will only give me £100, I’m bloody fuming with them

  65. I also fell for it too unbeknown to me as I don’t check me bank account that they have been taking £84.95 and £34.97 a months since sept 2013, after me checking me bank on 25th march as someone had done fraud on my bank account this is when i did notice that they had been taking money out of my account in total they have take £715.52. I managed to get through to them after being on hold for an hour or so whom I spoke to said if I send them back I would have a full refund it will take 2/3 working days for someone to get back to sort refund out so I will cancel your orders. I have phoned again 4 days later to get an address to return the items 12 in total, know I have been told that I’m not able to return the items and that I can not be refunded for the 12 bottles that I want to return. I may have just got the £715 a put a lighter to it n burned it fuming is not the word so now I’m stuck with a product that Ian no longer welcome


  67. I to have been caught by this scam to the tune of £94. Luckily (I think) I paid with my credit card which has now been cancelled. Surely they can’t take any more money from me if I’ve cancelled my credit card ?
    I would like to wish the creators of this wonderful scam a slow and painful death. When I phoned up and tried to get a refund I realised very quickly that this was not going to happen. I was constantly being put on hold and when i did manage to speak to someone all they did was read the T&C’s to me.
    I found this product through Facebook and I think they should be ashamed that they are helping to advertise this kind of company to the many billions of people who connect with them. How many young people are going to get conned by this (I should know better aged 30)
    Surely they vet these company’s before they allow them to advertise ???
    I’m thinking of logging it as a fraudulent payment and letting the company try and take me to court. I think they only have a warehouse in the UK. Can’t see them chasing me across the Atlantic. Catch me if you can Fuckers !!!!!!

  68. I have sadly myself fallen into this scam! A payment of £94.97 on 5th March 2014 for the Ketone Pro Advance.

    I have been unable to ring them due to hearing loss so emailed within 14day period and heard nothing so sent a second email still nothing! Finally I went to my bank to cancel and my bank rang 08453660391 on my behalf and informed them about the email and I wanted cancel. They said they would contact me via email within 24hours and 2days later I have heard nothing!! I have noticed a second payment of £94.97 has been withdrawn from my account today and I am angry and furious with myself for falling for this free trial scam!!!

    I am not sure what else to do and having hearing loss doesn’t make it easy on me to ring up. Going to make a second visit to my bank to try and sort this out ASAP, my bank has cancelled any further payments coming tout but it takes up to 14days. Thankfully my bank manager was kind enough to write and copy all evidence and supported me in any way he could., he has mentioned a lot of other customers have been in the same situation.

    • Email daily, keep going x


  69. Hi,
    I have reported them to the advertising standards authority and also sent a report to BBC 1 Watchdog programme.
    Please all contact at least Watchdog with your story and hoepfully if they get enough reports they will look at this company and others like them. If we can get this highlighted on national tv it mght help stop others falling for this. Hopefully if we can stop others signing up to this they will go out of business.

    • Rececca, I have contacted Watchdog this morning, and I urge everyone else to do the same. I have had a total of £356 taken from my account, under the same circumstances as all of you guys. I will not let this drop. I have contacted trading standards, Watchdog, and I email Ketone Advanced everyday. They do not seem scared of threats, slurs against their “Good” name or anything else.

      I will continue to fight to get every penny of my £356 back. Has anyone managed to succeed in getting a refund, if so how did you go about it? Does anyone one have a direct number for them other than the 08 number, or a postal address to send a letter of complaint to?

      • Hi I have contacted my bank and they are in the process of refunding the money see my notes. It’s disgusting since reading your email I have issued email to watchdog to… Good luck.

  70. I too fell for this, when I rang to cancel it within the trial period customer services couldn’t bring up using any of my details ie name address email address, the only way they brought up the accounts as with my credit card details and then told me it was in a different name! So he said he could not give me a returns number! Instantly realised I’ve been scammed so contacted the credit card disputes team who put a stop to them taking any money out. I had only been charged the postage and packaging, I returned the product, I didn’t even open it I’m vegetarian and capsules have gelatin in. But this month they have sent it out again and charged me card. Just rang up customer services again and all my details are back on the account ie my name address! Definitely very good scammers so please becareful! It’s so wrong should not be allowed!

  71. I fell for this to I have sent a email of cancellation no reply have had 96.00 and 92.00 pounds debited from my account I have made contact with the bank who are aware of the Sam and they are refunding the money. Please please be careful —————– I have also reported this company with the address details and it is a shed in a garden. The items come from India so please if your taken them be real careful I stilly took them for 2 weeks and have now serious health problems were they have damaged the lining on my stomach I lost 3 st in 2 weeks and now I’m struggling to eat anything. I’m living on water and milk. It’s not healthy and has actually destroyed my body. ———————— my doctor has confirmed I’m not the only one effected by these in our area. I was initially a size 10 but had a little extra I wished to she’d be fore my wedding. I’m not a size 4 going on a size 6 this was not explained it would only burn the excessive fat not kill me. I’m getting back to normal and and rehabbing my weight issues with a local nutritionist group. Please please please. Tread carefully on this one I wouldn’t want any one to be in the situation I’m in that getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle because your bones are so week and constant pain and hunger.

    Please take care people.

  72. My wife Sharon got conned for £94.97 two weeks ago as you’ve probably read sorry for expletives I wrote it for her, I was livid. Good news after hounding them and alot of strong words, guess what got my money back in the bank yesterday. Stick to your guns everyone and put pressure on them as much as possible. Don’t let them get away with fleecing you. IN MY OPINION THEY NOTHING BUT LEACHES AND SHOULD BE STOPPED!!!!

    • Contact Watchdog, there are a few of us that have – the more that do it, the better!! Glad you got your £ back!

  73. Yes, me too! I have had emails back stating they do not have any record of me (yet they managed to take my money okay). I have now emailed the address on the bottle to see what they have to say. I have the tablets ready to return; however I’m concerned about a lack of RMA number in case they won’t refund. I will be sending by recorded delivery, which should be enough. We are entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee on internet purchases so I will not rest until I get one!

  74. Hi all,

    I too have percivered! Do not let it drop, I have emailed them daily, and phoned them regularly too. Yesterday I refused to get off the phone until I spoke to the manager, I was promised a call back, and after being very stubborn, I finally agreed. I did not get a call back, but I did get an email from a manager advising that they will refund for 1 pot of ketones and 1 pot of coffee beans. So this is 50% of the money they have taken. I have replied back telling them I want to return the tablets and have the last installment refunded – I am waiting for a reply. 50% is better than nothing, but I will continue to email and call daily and make such a nuisance of myself that I hope they will get fed up of me and refund the lot. I will let you know how I get on, but seriously, don’t give up. It has taken me 2 weeks of persistent emails and calls to get 50% back, keep going and do not take “no” for an answer, I have found it hard, this not being in my nature, but they have stolen from me and I can not let it drop x

  75. Hi I’ve been done over as well and I’ve phoned them and I’m just wondering if anyone has the address that your meant to send it back 2

  76. I have the same problem as you all, this company should be stopped. I have now received a cancellation email but that is all, not my money back.

  77. They talk a lot about the Terms and Conditions
    Did anyone actually get a copy of those when you supposedly signed up?
    All I signed up for was a free trial and paid postage and all I got was a trial order confirmation sheet confirming postage there were no Terms and Conditions Sent!
    How can there be a cooling off period if there are no terms and conditions to read.
    I suspect the address given is also a front.and only appears to be a Post Office Box Number and that anyone there will deny association with the Scam Company.
    With the number of complaints and the banks clearly having many many customers scammed in this way. I think it should be a matter for the Police AND Trading Standards.

  78. SCAM SCAM SCAM ..im fed up of phoning these people for a refund I orded my “pills” on the 5th and cancelled 14days later. I only phoned as I noticed money had gone from my bank I also emailed I shouted screamed and and said a few short word’s which may be I shouldnt av done but hay never mind it felt good at the time.but the only reason I did is because I couldnt understand the person on the other end and wished to speek to and english speeking person only to be told but madam you should read T&C arrrgggg which I did .I have learnt the hard way and wont ever order anything else on line again

  79. My god – I wish I had seen all these comments before I too ordered from these people. I noticed at the last minute that there was very small print at the side that said I was committing to a subscription but there is no box to tick, and the fact that the advertised Verified by Visa didn’t happen made me panic. I tried to email straight away to cancel but no response and the phone calls were not answered at first. I have today managed to speak to someone and cancelled (hopefully) all my dealings with these people 24 hours after the order and have received email confirmation. I also spoke to my bank to put a block on any future payments. What a shower.

  80. Hi I have away that u can all stopped being robbed, as I myself applied for these slimming tablets I will copy and paste my message I sent them, In response I had a cancellation e-mail.

    The message I sent the after being told I had to cancel via phone..and it worked.

    I know for a fact that you can cancel the registration via e-mail as I have seen on your Facebook reviews page that other unhappy customers have had there cancelation take place via e-mail.

    I expect to receive a e-mail confirming that it has been canceled.

    Considering your establishment have broken several laws regarding your advertisements, I will look forward to receiving my cancelation.

  81. Hi there,
    Just to let you know I have fallen for the same ‘scam’, I have managed to get them to cancel what appears to be an agreement with them, and I have gotten my bank involved. But not before I was completely infuriated by their customer service department by phone who have hung on me 3 times this morning. I resorted to sending another email. So will wait and see what happens next. I wont fall for the same thing again! The worst part is I cant even use the products as there didnt seem to be a disclosure of any other ingredients in the rasberry ketone which on its arrival lists caffeine as an added ingredient, which I am completely intolerant to.
    I am looking forward to at the very least this company (and others like it) being stopped from ripping people off in this way! I will post details of any further action with this company.

  82. It’s wonderful that google search before signing up for something is so helpful. A survey from Internet explorer, with only 4 questions had shown up on my screen, claiming I am one of few chosen for the survey, which would be rewarded. I was sceptical, as always with free stuff online, but I did fill the survey, and three rewards came up – the Ketone product, electronic cigarettes, and a muscle builder. I was asked to choose one. None of these products is or has ever been of interest to me. I don’t need to lose weight, I don’t need to build muscles, and I don’t even smoke. Each of the packages cost £0.00 costs, but somewhere it says I should only pay the postal costs of about £2.50. I decided I should go for the Ketone product, and maybe give it away to a friend in need. After checking the site linked to my selection, I saw a signing up required, but then I decided to google, and that’s why I’m here. Thanks folks, and thanks for the information age, I ain’t gonna sign up for an automatic/recurring payment scam, with shady contract deals. I think the government should deal with these companies and their hoax. This must STOP!!!

    • The same thing happened to me, except there were no Ts & Cs stated. When the Ketone arrived there was just a delivery note, with no mention of further payment. I have sent the details of this scam to BBC’s “Watchdog” programme.

  83. I too have been taken in by this scam and have lost over £100 🙁 I am mortified to say the least and would be interested to know if anyone has any success in getting their money back. I have cancelled my subscription and blocked further payments with my bank, but I won’t get back the money they took out already. How stupid could I be 🙁

    • Dont give up!

      Email and phone them, I got half of my money back, and I am persisting to get the rest back.

      If you dont pester them, you wont get anything.

      Good luck!

  84. i saw an add for these tablets through facebook.it said they would only cost £4.95 as it was a trial.i agreed and they took £150 from my account.it said i cud not claim back until 30 days had passed and i had to use a rebate form. these tablets are adverised by an american company.sent from scotland.your rebate has to be posted to america and your rebate is supposed to come from america.it takes ten weeks to process.this means i should have my money by june.im not hopeful.total scam.my bank wudnt even help..i just hope others read this before making an innocent mistake

  85. THERE IS HOPE. I made an order in late April, but only found the problem after they took money out of my account, After reading this website I was able to sort it out.

    After they took the first payment out for both products. I rang the number quoted on the bottle ending 72,
    It was late at night and got through straight away, cancelled order, got rma for both products.
    Was told to post opened bottles back with rma number on outside of parcel.

    1/ I got separate emails for each product confirming cancellation.

    2/ I got separate emails for each product saying they would refund me the full amount.

    I did post the bottles back, but that was after receiving the confirmation emails.


    5 days after calling them ( and this was before they would of received my returned bottles)

    I did cancel my card just in case, and put a block on the company.

    So it has cost me postage and a phone call, but otherwise I’m pleased to get refunded.

    hopefully this is the end, good luck to you all,

  86. Hi there. I ordered a trial pack and have since been charged £94.97 twice (almost 200 pound) I have not receievd any more of this product and wish to cancel what ever it is I have supposedly signed up too. This is FRAUD!! I want the money back in my account and I want you to delete all of my details. If any more money is taken from my account I will be pressing charges. I have already been in touch with my lawyer and I would like to inform you that If this is not sorted I will be taking this to court.

    Clare Henderson.

    • Hello Clare.

      I do not work for Ketone Advanced, this review simply serves to highlight the payment terms of this company. If you want a refund I suggest you contact them. 🙂

  87. Ordered the free trial…….after 1 day of not receiving a confirmation order I emailed and phoned on 0800 5460 182 telling them to cancel the order and delete all my details.
    The guy at Ketone asked why and I told him that they are falsely using the “Womens Health” logo to advertise their product and that Womens Health Magazine are currently taking legal action against them as they have no connection to this product at all.
    I told him that when I called my bank to block all payments to them, my bank informed me that they were already aware of Ketone and the fraud department had been notified and that no payment would be authorised by them to Ketone.
    I told him about the enormous amount of people that have been ripped off by their scamming techniques of being unable to cancel even when adhering to their T & C.
    The guy said he would send a confirmation of my cancellation and that the product wouldn’t be sent………I’m waiting……..!! I feel safe in the assurance that my bank will not pay out any monies to Ketone and are going to try and claim the £9.90 p&p back for me.
    My advice to anybody trying to cancel is to hit them hard with all the facts of their fraudulent company as they do not want to listen to this, it seems to make them offer a cancellation more quickly.
    I am lucky compared to a lot of people on here who have been really ripped off but I hope I have helped in some way by explaining the method I used for cancellation and I wish everybody good luck………..Next stop for me is reporting them to “WATCHDOG” !!

  88. well i been conned like all you on here thought just bought the trial had bank statement today they took 2 lots of money out gutted to say the least i phoned my bank so they put stop to any future payments phoned th U.S number they couldnt even find anything with my name and told me to phone back in half hour yeah right

  89. Dont give up when you’ve been duped y this mob 🙂 Ive ranted over the phone for 2 night now and been emailed with a confirmation of a full refund without sending any pills back.
    I called 0800 014 9645 and spoke to a cody who could speak good English and as I soon as I mentioned legal proceedings and the bank coming after them he agreed a full refund and emailed 10 minutes later. I also called back and spoke to Ashley who was American to double check that the refund has went through my my account. I think the key is to plain talk and Know your stuff, I mentioned I was legally advised to return there goods and would do so weither they gave RAM number or not, I also stated that they don’t work in agreement with trading standards, online selling standards and would prove it if a refund was not given. There term & conditions are irrelevant if you are not happy with the sales and service of a company as you have consumer rights even online!!! I await the refund & all I can say if the refund dosent reach my account in 5 days Il be on it like rocket to all 10 of their numbers lol!!! please feel free to message me if anyone needs any help taking those F$$$$$$ down 🙂

    • Gutted. Been told by the company that I can’t get a refund of £174 as I didn’t cancel within14 days. Managed to cancel order, but no chance of refund apparently. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my hard earned money back? 🙁

  90. i am so angry as i write this now , i was conned by these mother fuckers who are selling poison to people , and the pills do not even work. Am i correct to say that nobody has seen any changes in their weight .

    they took nearly £200 from my account last night and i called my bank they said they can change my account but they cant refund the money back. I called the motherfuckers they said they cant refund me my money but i wont stop i will be caling them until they give me my money back.

    i am worried now that what exactly have they sold us are we going to be in danger health wise god knows what in those pills.

  91. I, like everybody else, fell for this too. I have returned the products back within the 14 days,registered post,complete with RMA numbers so interesting to see what happens from now on in. Best number to call is 80447707434 but even then they will try it on with you,once they realise you are cancelling, and say the system has gone down or computer is slow. Be VERY VERY firm and do not be swayed when they start quoting t and c at you. I have also informed my bank just to be on the safe side.

  92. i too have just found out that ketone advanced took £174 from my account yesterday i have told my bank to block all further transactions from this company and i contacted the company directly and spend 19 minutes shouting down the phone only to have them hang up on me i called again and continued to shout for a further 23 minutes they refused to let me speak to a manager and finally cancelled all future transactions and have agreed to let me return my opened bottles for a refund (minus £8 for each bottle – handling fees they say) dont let them get away with it contact the trading standards and watchdog if enough of us complain maybe we can get the rest of our money back!!!

  93. hi

    does anyone know how to get the rebate form i realy need to fill it now and get my money back , i am so angry with myself and i hate these thieves hope one day it will come back to them.


    • Hi Jo, please look at my comments above (Rollo) and quote them, please ask your bank stop payment if you haven’t already done so. I had to give them a hard time and they don’t want to hear all the facts of how their dodgy company operates.. After one day I have a cancellation email from them and they don’t want to do business with me at all……that’s a relief!! I notified BBC Watchdog too I hope they do a programme on them. Good luck 🙂

      • Hi Rollo

        thank you for the information , i did bombard them with emails and they ended up giving me a reference to use when i call them and they said i should agree to 50% payback. I am ok with it since its better than nothing . I called them today and asked them when do they deposit my money back they said it will take 10-20 days i am so shocked. Now i need to wait .

  94. i also naively signed up for it and after a few days they have £68 to my account. I am fuming here. I have been on phone with them and they keep hanging up. please do not be a pry.

  95. I to got caught out with this scam. I have emailed and phoned says you can email to cancel but this is not possible , no answer to phone number given . Was able to talk to someone on the number given by many of you.. Was told I could not cancel until after the 14 day trial !!!!! I was then told they would extend trial period so not to cancel for another 30 days. Lloyds bank great they have put a stop on account for them not to take anymore money. Have adviced phoning trading standard and to also send a recorded letter with keeping a copy to the firm cancelling any further orders.
    You certainly do lose weight, with worry

  96. SCAM…
    Ordered – T&C did not show up and then I do not receive the package in 3 weeks and then I am told it is too late to cancel and get my money back!!! They have cancelled all future orders but I am FUMING!

  97. Today had email to say that I can’t cancel by email. Gave me the number to phone to cancel apparently they answer 24/7. Again was told I need to wait. Would not take this answer and saiid had contacted trading standards and I wanted email to confirm that they have cancelled my account. Was told that they would do this as soon as I returned the tablets. Have done this recorded delivery. Awaiting cancellation email. Luckily my bank have put stop to them taking any more payments and have said that if they do, they will refund the money and pursue the company. Please please contact your banks as you are within your right to stop monthly payments going out and banks will do this. Good luck

  98. Hi – Me too!

    This feels like the equivalent of an AA confession meeting on here – my name is sue and i’ve fallen victim to these sharks too – i too am guilty of not reading/seeing/thinking to look for T&C’s when all i thought was i was requesting a free sample of the product plus P+P. I have been in tears (and i don’t cry normally) over this wretched matter and what makes it worse was i ordered ‘slimplex’ and ‘pure cleansing pro’ and then i thought i hadn’t ordered the ‘pure cleansing pro’ so ordered that (again) and so now i have 3 bottles to return, plus whilst i was in ‘Raspberry Ketone’ mode, i saw another online advert and ordered theirs too i.e ‘Ketone advanced’ (which still hasn’t arrived) and ‘Nutra Green coffee cleanse’ (which has arrived)! So i have potentially got 5 lots of chaos to deal with and i’ve now spent 1.5 days gathering information and trying to track down what specific websites i went onto and who was dealing from which address. My head is swimming and my fist is ready to punch someone’s lights out! LOL! Anyway thanks for the various bits of advice above! They will regret dealing with me and some of you too by sounds of things! I have already been onto Natwest and cancelled/warned them about my situation and they’ll refund me even if any money gets taken by these *****r’s (very bad word).

    So so far i’ve emailed the following. And i also suggest everyone email’s their MP to refer this to the dept of trade and industry (i think thats the right dept). And watchdog is one i need to do! All this damn work when i have enough other stresses in my life! ARRGGGHHHH

    Thanks for listening!

    Citizen Advice Bureau – complaints form:

    Rip off Britain – complaints form:

    Advertising Standards Authority – complaints form

    Daily Mail:

    Daily Mirror:

    Daily Express:

    Fashion and Beauty at the Daily Express:

    • Hi Sue,

      Would love to know how you get on, I got 50% of my money back, but still fighting for the other 50%, I have kind of hit a wall with it now, I am just going round in circles.

      I contacted Watchdog probably about a month ago, I have not heard back from them, but would be interested to know if you get any responses, and would be happy to get involved with any help / evidence you need to strengthen your case.

      Don’t cry, it will get sorted!



  99. I too fell for this today 🙁 thankfully have found this page. I cancelled both products (ketone & nutru. Haven’t received any e-mail correspondence at all but have been reassured twice that the account is cancelled and no products will be sent.
    Have warned them that I have contacted my banks fraud department.
    Contacted bank who are fully aware. They have placed blocks on both the keytone and the nutra coffee (make sure they do both.)
    Thankfully I’ve only lost £9 that’s for my stupidness!

  100. I also thought of a way to scam the scammers i.e. play them at there own game. I did this once with Purely Creative scratch cards, who tried to rip me off when i phoned their claims line only to find i had spent £9 on the call to get the £10 prize! So i played them at their own game and did all my correspondance with them via 2nd class post which took ages but i got £70 in prizes out of them bit by bit and they reimbursed me my initial £9 phone call on their premium phone number. My MP wrote to them and i went on the BBC Rip off Britain tv show about them! So big fat raspberry (excuse undeliberate but apt pun there) to all scammers because scamming can work both ways.

    So you scam the scammers as follows:

    You order either two sets of these trial products or do as i accidentally did and do one set from one company and the other set from another company.

    You remove your 14 days worth of product out of each container – indeed one of the containers said that you may need more than 2 capsules a day – so i took out a few more in case i needed them. Now because i have done this between 2 companies i now have a total of one months supply of ketone pills and one months supply of green coffee or pure cleanse pro, all for the cost of £4.95 x 4 containers plus the £8.40 to return them by recorded delivery = £28.40 instead of £79.95 x 2 containers. BUT YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU AND CANCEL EVERYTHING ON TIME! Plus we don’t know if these products even work, if the companies are this inauthentic and scabby in their operation then goodness knows what is in these capsules. But you could do a bulk order for each one set of containers and then phone up a few times in one afternoon so as not raise suspicions and then bingo!

    Finally put all your hard earned capsules into small sandwich bags and label them with contents and doseage.

    Get your RMA numbers without delay

    Then down to the post office and return by recorded delivery, then make sure you phone your tracking numbers through asap when you need to. I think ‘Slimplex/Pure cleanse pro’ send phone them through asap and ‘Nutra green coffee/Ketone advance’ said do this once you think the items have arrived at there address.

    They really want you to get overwhelmed and forget to do any one of these steps.

    So anyway i know have a months worth of capsules to try out! hahahaha to those two companies!

  101. I also got this email below back from the advertising standards authority today. This is not a good enough response. Each of these company has a trading address in the UK and surely there has to be an employee/employees there at that address sending and receiving these goods. The police or Trading Standards need to be there and have them arrested or whatever else they have at their disposal. None of this pussy footing around. I would like everyone on here to contact their MP with a summary of their own story, the fact that banks, the post office and the advertising standards authority have all commented on there being many similar cases. then highlight the devastation this situation has caused you in terms of stress, loss of hard earned money etc and that the Government must take a far bigger responsibility in protecting the consumer and they must be able to take action against these company and employees who work for such companies e.g. through fines etc. We the taxpayer/consumer need action not excuses!

    Dear Ms Alford


    Thank you for contacting the Advertising Standards Authority. I’m sorry to learn that this matter has caused you concern.

    You won’t be surprised to hear that we’ve received a number of complaints similar to yours about ads for these and similar products. We have investigated and upheld a number of these complaints but similarly problematic ads continue to appear. If you are interested in reading some of our rulings, please click on the following links;

    Perfect Radiance

    Ketone Elite

    DS Marketing

    Beyond Nutra

    As a self regulatory body, we largely rely on co-operation and the vast majority of advertisers do comply with ASA rulings. For the small minority who don’t, there are a number of the sanctions at our disposal that can usually be very detrimental to those who choose not to comply. However, it is often the case with these ads that (despite claims to the contrary) the advertisers are actually based outside of the UK. This makes the enforcement of our adjudications difficult and limits the range of sanctions that can be applied.

    The CAP Compliance Team have followed up on a number of these complaints in the past but have in most cases been unable to stop the ads appearing for the reasons cited above. As such, we have now come to the conclusion that to continue to investigate each and every one of these advertisers is not an effective use of our resources at this time. We will instead be working towards increasing consumer awareness, including publishing a news item on our website to highlight the general problems with ads like this, in the hope that fewer consumers will take up these offers without being aware of the associated risks.

    If you would like advice on obtaining a refund, avoiding further charges or to complain about this company’s trading practices, I would strongly suggest contacting the Citizens Advice Consumer Service. You can contact their helpline on 08454 040506 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) or you can find further information at http://www.adviceguide.org.uk.

    You won’t hear anything further from us in relation to your particular complaint, but thank you very much for taking the time to contact us with your concerns and for bringing this ad to our attention. If you would like more information about our work, please do visit our website, http://www.asa.org.uk.

    Best regards,

    Emily Henwood

    Senior Complaints Executive

    Direct line 020 7492 2184

    Advertising Standards Authority

    Mid City Place, 71 High Holborn

    London WC1V 6QT

    Telephone 020 7492 2222


    Follow us on twitter: @ASA_UK

    Legal, decent, honest and truthful

  102. I feel so stupid for falling for this and should of read this thread before i ordered the stupid tablets!
    I rang and cancelled my order about an hour after placing it and the guy said I would receive a confirmation cancellation email but they would still take the money for postage and packing?! How does that work if they are not sending anything?! And I have received no emails from them.

    I rang my bank this morning and asked to put a block on the payments but the bank said it was too late and only the company could put a stop to them now. So i guess i’ll lose out on the postage & package cost, which i think is absurd. The bank have put a block on my card and will be sending me a new one, which I hope will stop the bastards taking anymore money. But I have read on here that all they do is set up a rolling direct debit…. I will be watching my bank account very closely.

    I rang the ketone advanced company back this morning and spoke to a very sarcastic American. All I wanted to ask is whether my order had been cancelled and it was obvious from the sound of his voice that this American is fed up of receiving these phone calls from irate customers! I asked where my cancellation email was and he said it takes 24 hours for it to come through, so I will wait and see.

    I just don’t want them to take any further money from me and I am getting myself all worried and stressed over this. I saw this advertised in the Daily Mail, so thinking that it was in that newspaper it would be alright! How wrong was I?!

    • Update on my nightmare! I have rung my bank again and Santander are aware of this company. They have raised a card payment dispute for the P&P cost, now this has been debited from my account, so I am hoping to get my money back. They are also going to keep an eye out and hopefully block any further payments.

      I have still not received a confirmation email confirming my cancellation and its been 3 days now. I have rang them back again and got through to India i believe, to a lady who was obviously reading from a script in front of her. She kept saying ‘I am sorry’ ‘I apologise’ ‘can you check the spelling of who you have emailed’. I got quite frustrated with her and demanded I receive an email as i cannot take what these people say to me verbally.
      She said she cannot email me but she advises I email support@ketoneadvanced.com which I explained to her i have done three times and no one replies! She assured me that they would reply to my email.
      She says my account/order has been cancelled but is it so hard to put that in writing?!

      I have now decided to email them every hour of every day until they reply to me! Wish me luck!

      • I have still not received any email confirming they have cancelled my account/order.

        I have bombarded them today (about 25 times!) with the same email requesting as per the verbal agreement i received that they would email me within 24 hours.

        I will continue to email them every day……

        • Hurrah!
          My constant emailing has finally made them email me back the cancellation confirmation I have been waiting for since saturday. They have sent it to me 10 times, so trying to play me at my own game! I must of emailed them 30 times since yesterday! So don’t be afraid to persist!!

          I also emailed the Daily Mail to make them aware that the article they ran in their newspaper has mislead hundreds of customers who assumed because it was in the Daily Mail it must be legit. I told them it was a scam and sent them a link to this page to show them! I hope they run an article apologising and highlighting this scam now!

          The two email addresses you need are:


          Make sure you email both, Good luck everyone

  103. Dear all,
    Just wanted to share my experience with you all incase it helps anyone out.
    I too have fallen for the ketones and nutragreencoffee scam on Sunday.
    I saw the ad on the daily mail review and wrongly assumed it would be legit! Anyway, ordered both products, gave my card details and then decided to google reviews of the product…leading me to this thread!
    The first think I did was speak to my bank (lloyds) who were well aware of this scam. They blocked my card and issued a new one,. In addition they put me through to debit card disputes who will refund the p&p charges once they debit my account and block any future recurring payments. Just to clarify one of the points made above, the bank have confirmed that reissuing your card will not stop these recurring payments so you will have to get your bank to monitor the activity. They have received many phone calls about this company and although it is embarrassing to admit you have fallen victim to these scammers I felt that honest is the best policy as the bank will then help in the best way they can

    So now onto the scammers…all I can say is I have never in my life dealt with such unprofessional cowboys. As many have said above, phone numbers would not work, emails ignored and when u finally get through they say their systems are down or they cannot find your account! Do what I did is emailed both companies to demand a refund and to cancel my order (so that I had a paper trail).

    Next I phoned the company repeatedly until I got through to someone. I spoke to a ‘rocky Matthews’ and ‘sam smith’ (fake names I’m sure of it) in Clearwater Florida. Both confirmed that my order was cancelled and that I would receive an email. No email arrived so I called and emailed again. Just so you are aware you have to be firm with these people as they can hardly speak English and will repeatedly talk over you saying you should have read the ts&cs.

    Result – I received the below email this morning and my bank have refunded the p&p charges and will be taking this up with the scammers.

    Hopefully, this will be the end of it! Lesson learnt – no quick fix to weight loss, best method is everything in moderation and exercise 🙂

    Dear Jemma:

    Product: Ketone Advanced & Nutra Green Coffee

    Please accept this email as confirmation that your account was cancelled effective May 18, 2014.

    Please note that we are not able to stop product orders that may have shipped or payments processed prior to or on the effective date of your account cancellation. And, because it can take a few days for your credit card company or bank to post payments processed before your account cancellation, your statement may show a payment made after the above effective date.

    If you feel that you need additional account support, please contact our Support Center by telephone at +44 (0) 844 858-8072. For your convenience, our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Thank you for the opportunity to assist you.


    Amy Tate
    Email Support Center

    Original Message
    Subject: Re: 1972920 order number
    To: “support@ketoneadvanced.com”
    Date: 2014-05-19 14:48:42

    Spoke to both rocky Matthews and sam smith (obvs fake names) and have both confirmed that account has been closed but no email to confirm this.

    FYI my bank have cancelled my card, set up a flag incase u do try to take any money and will be refunding me the charges you have already taken.

    If you could be so kind as to send me an email confirmation that the account is closed I will be most greatful

    Sent from my iPhone

    > On 18 May 2014, at 11:11, “Jemma” wrote:
    > Dear sirs,
    > Please cancel the above order
    > Please confirm that this has been done and that my card will not be charged.
    > In addition i think it would be helpful if you make it clearer that this programme is a scam as this information was hard to come by.
    > Regards,
    > Jemma
    > Sent from my iPhone

    • Hi, just out of interest, what email addresses did you email or did your response come from?

      I have been ringing and emailing them since saturday to get confirmation my order has been cancelled and so far nothing. Its driving me insane!!

  104. Hi I have emailed them on support@ketoneadvanced.com and support@nutragreencoffee.com. I have now had two sets of cancellation emails from the two sets of emails I have had…both say the same as above. These have come from CSM700@helpdesk.emailcenterpro.com but I doubt you will be able to get an email to them! I don’t think the emails they have sent me will actually cancel my order as I don’t believe anything they say …so I have spoken to my bank as I know they can be trusted!

  105. Hi all,
    much to my dismay i’ve been caught too.
    If anyone has had a refund from their bank they’ve been lucky as Barclaycard could only say sorry to me and that as i’d agreed to t & c’s they were powerless too do anything.
    Ive just been billed for 94 & 74 and the pills didnt work. I did a week and soon realised that I was on a loser.
    Just had conversations with 2 operatives and they both hid behind my stupidity of NOT reading the t & c’s doh

    Has anyone had any luck either with Trading Standards or with getting a refund after the 14 days?
    I’m guessing that what they are doing is not illegal (or they would have been stopped) but it’s a legal con.
    Interestingly Barclaycard said call and insist on speaking to a manager. I called and was told I couldn’t as Customer service advisors were all qualified to deal with everything. On further insistence I was told there weren’t any!!

  106. when I do see the advert again on facebook I will highlight and share it around to highlight to others that it’s a scam.
    I suggest we all do the same.

    I also googled Ketone Advance before I bought it on April 17th, I didnt find this thread, shame. I only got facts about Raspberry Ketone.

    Has anyone had the contents of the bottle checked?

    • Christine, I reported it to Facebook themselves as a scam, never heard anything back and obviously it is still running.

      • Annette,
        It’s strangely dropped off my facebook page now. is that a coincidence I wonder or have fb nobbled them?

  107. this thing is a total scam,they got my account details and started with drawing my money.so far i have lost £ 93 pounds .am just a foreign volunteer in some organisation and this is actually tomuch for me to loose.

  108. I am ashamed to say i have been done by them as well. Ordered my trial bottle over 3 weeks ago paid p&p then yesterday found out they had took another 80 pound from my account! Phoned them got the same bull###t about t&c and was told nothing i could do but cancel any further orders. No refund because i had clicked the button saying rush my order that means i agree to their t&c which clearly states about paying the £80. But there was none when i ordered it. I havent even received the pills! I have had nothing! My bank have stopped any further payments but i doubt i will get my money back. So upset about this as i am a single mum with two kids and i work hard for my money. It left me with no money for a week and now bank charges to boot cos it took me over my overdraft. Feel like crying! Has Anybody else not had the pills turn up and get a refund. I need a little bit of hope i will get my money back!

    Would love to hear if you had and how you acheived it.

  109. OMG! Further to my replies above, after receiving my cancellation email (about 30 of them!!) I found on the doorstep pills from them!! What do I do now?! Just send them back or ring them up?!!

  110. Well i guess im just another misled (feeling stupid) person to have let this happen, firstly they took p &p but today found out that theyve taken £93.00 and £89.00 from my account, not a happy bunny. I phoned my bank and they will monitor any further transactions and i didnt even have to say the company name they already new. How stupid do i feel !!!!!! Lets hope they get caught the robbing bast…s!!!!

  111. I got my full refund,ask me how. went to the bank asked them to block this company taking any money on my account,asked them to claim back my money, the bank sent me forms to sign , after 2weeks my money was on my account. but don’t forget to ring that company to cancel and ask them the reference number of cancellation, there and then.

  112. Again, I’m sad to say I was someone who also fell for this scam. I recently got online banking and to my horror saw I’d been charged a total of £373.62 from March! I’m absolutely gutted as I’m a student and that kind of money is so much to me. I will be contacting my bank and these scammers first thing tomorrow morning as I have been told if you threaten them with court etc, you can at least get half of your money back!!

  113. At the moment I think I have managed to escape this scam! I signed up for it and then read all these reviews. I contacted Ketone immediately and asked to cancel the pills and they told me to send them back which I have done. I then immediately contacted my bank to ensure they can not take any money from me. As it is not a direct debit they told me to just cancel my card and order a new one that way they are unable to take any money from me. Fingers crossed this works!! I am disgusted. They do not make it easy to cancel your order! Good luck everyone

  114. I too almost signed up for this ‘free trial’ through FB. However, I DID read the T & C’s and it does clearly say you have to return the pills unused/unopened within a certain amount of time to get a refund or get them ‘free’! When u calculate this you would actually just have to send them back immediately!!! Pointless having them in first place!!! Simple lesson to be learned people – read the small print!!! And if the T & C aren’t there, that should ring alarm bells! Some of you are very lucky to be getting any refunds!!! Remember.. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is!!!!! That said I feel for you all and agree it’s is a shameless scam. And more importantly does anyone know if they REALLY DO work?????!!!!

  115. Thanks to this forum, I have just cancelled my order two hours after making it. I rang the company who informed me they could offer me a discount. I stood my ground and told them to cancel the order. The order was cancelled and I was issued with a cancellation number. They stated this would be confirmed in an email but as yet… No email. They informed me that if the pills arrive I need to send them back… Sound familiar? I instructed them that there is no way the pills could have been posted as it is Sunday and I have given plenty of notice to cancel. I also stated that if any pills arrived I would not be sending them back.

    After contacting the bank, they informed me that they had been inundated with complaints! The best way to ensure no money is taken is by cancelling your card! The company are still able to take money under a different name if they have your card number. I should state that I saw the advertisement on Facebook which led me to a Daily Mail website endorsed by Lorraine Kelly! It appears Lorraine has no idea about this as she is consulting her lawyers!

    I hope this helps!

  116. Just ordered the trial Ketone Advanced and the green coffee through Facebook. I am stupid and should have remembered when my daughter got involved in a teeth whitening scam. I called the Ketone customer services and after being cut off numerous times got through and told them to cancel my order NOW. They also offered me a discount if I continued with the programme. I continued to protest that I was not willing to wait until delivery to send back. Success ~ I now have two emails confirming my cancellation and I will be calling my bank to cancel my card which will be a huge inconvenience but that will be my punishment for my stupidity !! The answer is to be strong and not be put off until you get the conclusion you seek.

  117. This is a scam. What you need to do IMMEDITATELY IS:
    1) Ring them and ask them to extend the trial period as you havent received the gods (even if you have it extends the time before they start collection money from your account) Take Name of person you speak with.
    2) Once you receive the goods, call Ketone Advanced/Green Cleanse customer services 0844 858 8072 or 0844 858 8073, and then ask for your RMA cancellation reference.
    3) Return the goods and a covering letter stating the RMA reference, and that you wish to terminate the contract within the trial period, in line with their T&Cs. Send it Special Delivery (Signed for) Next Day. Tell them not to collect any monies from your account because you have cancelled the contract in line with their T&Cs.
    4) Speak to your Fraud / Dispute team at your bank, explain you have cancelled the contract and ask them to place some form of marker on your account stopping them from collecting money – as you have cancelled the contract, them collecting any cash would constitute breach of contract, and your bank should refund any money they take AFTER you have returned the goods.
    Im going through this process as speak, my bank First Direct have been brilliant.

  118. I too have been duped! Does anyone know any legal stuff. I noticed in the terms and conditions that only raspberry ketone is mentioned for the repeat payment scam. Nowhere is there any mention of the green coffee or any other products they sell. So… Can they charge for the green coffee? Or can they only repeat charge for the product stated? Hoping to get them on a technicality so at least I might stand a chance of getting one amount back from them!

  119. I just wanted to say a massive thank u to all u people and your comments I stupidly placed an order and didn’t read the terms and conditions but after placing the order decided to type it in to Google and found this website and realized I had been scammed. I rang the company at which they told me it had been shipped after 15 mins of me ordering it yeah right!! Tried to argue but so angry in the end hung up and came back here to look for advice thanks to u guys I cancelled my card straight away and should be able to claim back the shipping fee. Thank u for all you advice really appreciate it need to make this known world wide. Keep it up peeps. 🙂

  120. just been scammed as well. They use the “you should have read the terms and conditions” quote all the time . rang credit card to cancel all further payments and she said what they’re doing is “legal”. They’re having a laugh with all our money – warn everyone

  121. Like all of you i ordered those stupid pills via Facebook 40 mn ago. I sent them an email to cancel right away but can somebody tell me under which name they appear on the bank statement? Thanks

    • hi,

      on my bank statement depending if you ordered both sets of tablets its showing up as DIET GREEN COFFEE MAX and KETONES ADVANCED.

      hope this helps

    • you need to ring them on 0800148 8243 to cancel your order, they won’t accept an email.

      I rang them 4 times to make sure my order had been cancelled and then demanded it in writing via an email.

  122. I have also been taken in by this company. I cannot even take the pills, as i have medical conditions which prevent me from taking them.
    I have just returned from holiday, to discover that had £93 has been taken from my credit card. On the 15th 0f May.
    But i have not received any goods for this £93.
    After reading these reviews i have tried a few of the numbers provided, but none of them have worked as yet.Can anyone give me a current working phone number?
    I have contacted my bank about this scam. But am now considering cancelling my card.
    Can anyone give advice, on how to actually get to speak to someone about this con.
    And cancel the order?

    • Hello,
      I spoke with someone this morning. Of course now i’m waiting for the email…. The number was 0800 148 8243. Good luck.

    • hi She,

      Firstly don’t waste your time emailing them – they won’t respond. You need to ring them quoting the product name and give them your order number if you still have it. The number I have got hold of them on is 0800 148 8243.

      Other numbers I have which appeared to be useless are 0844 248 1618 and 0844 248 1615. You should def get through on the 0800 number, but be warned you will prob get through to an annoying american who probably spends their whole day getting phone calls from irate customers! I find if you are polite at first when you first speak to them and then if your not getting anywhere, stand your ground and take no s**t!!

      Say to them you want to cancel your order, explain you have been on holiday (vacation!) and that they have taken the money but you have received no product. You could try asking them for a refund, but I doubt they will listen, you might have to try your bank for a refund.

      Also say you want the cancellation written in a confirmation email. They will say it takes up to 24 hours to send you an email. If you don’t get one you need to hassle them every day until you get it. It took me 4 days of hassling them to get them to send me the email!

      You need to cancel your card and speak to your fraud department and tell them to put a marker or a block on any further payments from this company – ketone advanced.
      You then need to speak to your bank about a possible refund, but after reading the comments above it doesn’t seem that possible – might be a case of swallow your pride and learn not to make the same mistake again.

      I fell for the scam too, but cancelled my order within the hour of making it. They still sent me the pills, but only took money out for P&P. I have cancelled my card and got a new one now.

      Good luck and let us know how you got on!

      • Hi,
        Tried the phone number you supplied. Got through to a yank, who after taking down my details. Name & email address etc.
        Said i wasn’t on any of their records as having any accounts with them!.
        I then asked why they had taken £93 from my account. And was told they have’nt, And it must be another company of a similar name. HELP!! This is not doing my high blood pressure any good. I then assumed that i must have got them from a third party. I have emailed them, and had automated replies. Saying that they will be in touch. And welcome to customer support. But no emails are being sent to help me cancel this crap! I have just found my original email from the company i dealt with. It is :- buyoceansbounty[dot]com
        Anyone dealt with them? I need a number to call?

        • Hi She,

          Haven’t heard of Buy Ocean Bounty before, but went onto their website and under contact it had this number:

          US and International Customer Service (800) 287-9221
          Office Hours: Mon. Thru Fri. 9am – 5:00pm PST (-8 GMT)

          Good luck trying to sort this out and make sure you cancel your card and get a new one. Have the bank keep an eye on your account too for anymore payments and tell them to block them.

          It too raised my blood pressure and stress levels!

  123. Today i signed up for free trial using my husbands visa debit card from my mobile phone.
    i didn’t realize what i was getting myself into. i was actually trying to get the ketone pills for my
    slightly overweight sister in-law for trial. i didn’t notice or find any terms and condition .if i had seen it, i would have taken my time to read it. more so i thought offering a free trial of keton “advance”pill is reasonable, considering the fact that they are only food supplements not some magic slimming pills from mars. after i have signed up, they never emailed me order confirmation. i grew suspicious and started browsing for their website., somehow i dabbled into this site. i trembled after reading customers reviews. i immediately alerted my husband and send them an email to cancel at once. my hubby alerted his bank and was advised i call ketone. this i did. i spoke to an Asian lady she said she will cancel my membership immediately and i wont be charged. she sent me this email afterwards…….
    Dear angela,
    Thank you for using Ketone Advanced Trial. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request.
    If you have any questions about the cancellation of this subscription, or if you would like to re-activate the same in the future, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team……
    The lady made it clear that my £3.99 paid for postage will not be refunded… i just hope its truly cancelled as they said.
    people should beware, this is an advance well studied scam. just imagine 4 million out of UK populations falls prey to this scam = 4m x 3.99= £16 million (approximately)

    This is a lot of money this disguised traders are milking and conning from people

  124. I’ve got this email today:

    Dear virginie:

    Product: Ketone Advanced

    At your request, we have cancelled your account effective May 31, 2014.

    Please note that we are not able to stop product orders that may have shipped or payments processed prior to or on the effective date of your account cancellation. And, because it can take a few days for your credit card company or bank to post payments processed before your account cancellation, your statement may show a payment made after the above effective date.

    If you feel that you need additional account support, please contact our Support Center by telephone at +44 (0) 844 858-8072. For your convenience, our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Thank you for the opportunity to assist you.


    Amy Tate

    I don’t mind paying only the shipping for the sample because it’s my own stupidity…. Anyway i’m going to way to see the transaction on my bank statement and after that i’ll cancel my card right away (for my peace of mind). Thanks to all of you because without you i would’nt have react so quickly.

  125. Just looked this up after seeing that money had been taken out of my account from this stupid company and have called them up raging. They originally told me they would only refund me 50% of the total money deducted back; however they have now said that if I return the bottles, even with nothing in them, I will be refunded the full amount. So I suggest everyone do that! Make sure you call them up first and don’t give up, I waited on hold to speak to management and practically didn’t let him speak for the first 10minutes of our conversations before insisting that he now refund me all of my money. Good luck!

  126. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE “FREE TRIAL”! I signed up for this without doing any proper research (stupid me) and then luckily found this review which gave me some insight into these fraudsters. I had received no email confirmations of my order number for the keytone advanced or coffee cleanse so it was just lucky that I had taken screen shots of the order numbers when they popped up on the website. Then, when I tried to re-access the website to find anything about the company or my account I simply got a page that said ‘Thank you’! Thankfully your website has the contact details of the company so I was able to reach them and put all this nonsense to a stop! I emailed them a very strongly worded letter demanding the cancellation of my account, the deletion of all details associated with me, retracting any agreements made in the last hour, and telling them in no uncertain terms not to ship the product or charge me anything further. I got back an automated response saying that they may take up to 24 hours to respond to my query, but it said nothing about not being able to accept cancellations by email. I told them in my email that if they wanted to save themselves or their colleagues from a very unpleasant conversation with me, they needed to respond by midday on Monday. They did not. I phoned this morning and told the man I spoke to what he would be doing, and asked him if he understood. He told me that they didn’t accept cancellations by email and that he could not cancel my order as it had already been shipped. Isn’t it interesting that I have read in these comments that they would try to say that!! He kept saying that if I waited 2-3 days then the product would be with me and I just needed to return it. I refused, saying that they would just come up with another excuse to not cancel it after that. After about 10 minutes of telling the representative that I wouldn’t listen to him and he needed to put me through to his manager (who he said would tell me the same thing), he finally got tired of my repetition and put me through to a floor supervisor. Low and behold, this man cancelled my account with no mention of the product already being shipped! This was only after the line cut out (I was on a secure office landline so assumed he put the phone down on me) and I had to call back again. I got through to the manager again who said he’d cancelled the account and that details were in fact deleted from cancelled accounts (which I doubt), and that I wouldn’t receive the products. He said, however, that they wouldn’t refund the shipping costs. At that point I didn’t care and just wanted them to cancel it regardless, but it just shows what kind of company this is. I asked if they are a 3rd party call centre and they said no, they worked for ketone advanced. They argued when I told them their company was a scam- I told them that finding a legal loophole to charge people money they do not know is going to be taken does not make them legitimate, and making it so that the company’s contact details cannot be found, not to mention lying about one’s ability to cancel their order/account, just shows them to be complete scammers. I then told them I hoped they could sleep well at night and put the phone down. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS “FREE TRIAL”. They are complete fraudsters and if I wasn’t such a pushy American there is no way my account would be cancelled right now.

  127. Yep i was duped as well… ordered the Keytone advanced and Green Coffee Cleanse but after about 10 mins of ordering realised that this was just a big scam. I rang the number twice to confirm that both accounts/orders were cancelled which they said had been… They also said that the cancellation email would arrive in 24 hours which it hasn’t. Now they have taken out the postage fee for both products so got straight onto my bank (Halifax) and they were really helpful and said that they had heard about them and put a block on any further payments. They did say that it may take upto 48 hours for the block to come into effect but also said that that I would be refunded if any money is taken out within this period. Still gonna hassle them like hell for a cancellation email just for my records (and peace of mind!) I thinks the banks are aware now and will try and help. Good luck all…

  128. I too have been scammed and I can’t believe it because I never buy anything on-line!! £3.95 sounded too good to be true for a free trial and as the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is! Straight after I made the payment, I received an email asking me to confirm my subscription. As I did not do this, I foolishly thought I had not signed up to anything. After having £94.47 taken out of my account today and speaking to the company, I learned that the email I had received was actually from a 3rd party, based in the States, just wanting a subscription for future emails, and nothing to do with the Keytone Advanced company so I have been totally duped and misled. Because I did not cancel within the 14 days free trial, the £94.47 is the cost of the pills! What pills cost that much? Ridiculous! I have cancelled future payments with my bank so hopefully, they won’t take any more. Apparently, they can take this amount monthly. Nice earner if you can get away with it!!! Very expensive mistake and confirms my belief that I won’t ever buy online again!

    • Hi Danielle,

      I have done all of what you have done but still have the products unopened ( was going to distroy them) did you send them back?

  129. hi everyone, i fell for this yesterday, the 14 day trial starts as soon as you purchase, so my trial would have started yesterday..so I am well within the time limit to cancel…but my god are they making it difficult, i emailed asking for them to cancel, they said they couldn’t so i would have to ring..i could not get through and when i did i couldn’t understand a word that was said…so back to emails it is. my first email was pleasant…the second and third…not so much..so fingers crossed. i have alerted my bank but they said until the delivery payment has cleared they can’t do anything but after that they will put me in touch with visa disputes but it may not help as i gave my bank details freely… iv tried what i could but does anyone else have any ideas? cheers

  130. I too fell for this scam via Facebook, I have had the same experience as everyone else stated on this forum, they will give me a discount on future orders, no thanks, they did however cancel my order immediately and I have received an email confirmation. I have emailed my bank Lloyds and asked them to put a stop of my debit card to this company, explained that I cannot afford these charges to see if they would consider refunding me as I see that First Direct have been able to do this, and so am hoping that Lloyds will also be able to accommodate. They stated that the T&C’s are on their website, but obviously it is not that clear or there would not be so many complaints!!

    If anyone does receive a refund would be very interested to know how they were able to obtain

  131. I’ve also been scammed. I spoke to my bank who have cancelled the payment in the future. I am still £94 out of pocket. I phoned the company and they have cancelled my order. There is no way that I will get my money back though. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me and I feel pretty low, It looks like there is nothing I can do , but I will be letting every one I know on Facebook etc. about the real price and asking them to let everyone they know too. If people know the truth we aren’t doing anything wrong. JUST READ THE SMALL PRINT (Like I didn’t do!) Hopefully if we all do this we can stop others from falling for the scam. Lets use this as a way to put a stop to this company. I’ve also let Watchdog know and Trading Standards.

  132. My friend just saw the tablets in my kitchen and warned me – thank God!! I got the tablets on Monday but not the Green Cleanse yet. I just phoned and spoke to a very fed up sounding Indian chap who took ages to take my details and give me the returns codes (they are 17 numbers long) and I’ve now followed up with an email. Can anyone please tell me what the name of the company is on your bank statement so I can tell my bank to block them?
    Thanks for your help and hope you all get your money back.
    By the way, the call took 8 minutes so if I’ve been charged 20p a minute I don’t mind – £1.60 investment to save hundreds of pounds.

  133. They got me too! I only noticed yesterday that they had taken two payments for raspberry keytone and one for the green coffee. I thought it was fraudulent use of my card details and rung my bank first. They told me that they are getting daily calls about this now. I contacted the company – getting the dismissive email described above and so giving in and phoning. As explained on this thread, I was told that it was all in the terms and conditions that I ticked to have read. Buyer beware, the devil is in the detail. However, while what this company (group of companies) is doing may not be illegal, they are clearly less than transparent in their sales technique and i wonder how close they are to be deliberately misleading? whatever, they are exploiting the vunerable and need to be stopped. What they are doing is unfair and is based on the assumption that most people (probably?) do not read the T& Cs.

    Has anyone read the terms and conditions? I wondered how clear their explanation of how this works actually is?

  134. Only for my peace of mind i went to my bank this morning (hsbc) and after an explanation they cancelled my debit card. With the email of cancellation from Ketone plus the cancellation of my card….. everything should be ok!

  135. I ordered raspberry ketone and green coffee and have been using them for the past 3 days. Today I decided to research the contents of them only to find this site relating to the scam. I rang my bank (Capital One) immediately, who were very aware of this company and managed to cancel any further attempts to claim money from my account. I then rang a free phone number I found on this site 0800 0149612 and was given 2 RMA numbers, one for each product, which I must write on the envelope. The return address is PO Box 13511, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 7YH These are the same contact details found near the beginning of this thread. When I return them I have to ring them again with the tracking number. Fortunately I have only had postage deducted so I’m feeling lucky that I spotted this site. I found no information regarding any further payments to be made and shocked that I’ve been taken in like so many others. It really is a criminal act!


    • When I clicked “Terms and Conditions” a field labelled “About: Blank” was displayed – watch out for that dodgy ploy, too!

  137. hello everyone, just to say to the last comment , IT IS A SCAM as I like so many DID READ the T&Cs and also tried to cancel before the product was even sent out, however these people have no interest in whether or not you get your money back as they are just evil robbing people. The who thing is a money making scam without regard to anyone in trying to get their money back, most likely to be using in human trafficking and drugs no doubt. These people need to be stopped, jailed and the keys thrown out.

  138. HIYA ALL, i have put a strong worded message as i feel these people have been allowed to get away with these scams far too long, by preying on people who are vulnerable in the fact wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, i being a cancer patient have put on weight through medication, which got me down even more, this seeming a light beyond the tunnel, now is a nightmare and so stressful trying to get the money back that i cant afford to lose nor can anyone on here. please put the word out ans warn others so that they fade away with any luck, . Notify your bank, CANCEL YOUR CARDS THAT WERE USED AND BLOCK ANY Further payments, goodluck to you all. x

  139. did any of you actually try the pills? did they work or is that a scam too

  140. If you’ve paid by credit card you should get your money back from your bank per section 75. If you’ve paid by debit card (as I did) try completing the “chargeback” letter template on moneysavingexpert.com. I have been refunded today by Lloyds TSB the full £184.00 + £6.00 for the o/d fees that ketone caused me going o/d. A big thank you to Lloyds TSB x

    Below is the details copied from the moneysavingexpert.com site:- GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, there is hope 🙂 ***go to the site for the letter template “chargeback”

    You can get your money back. Here’s how…

    The diet site’s terms and conditions state you have 30 days to return the product in order to get a refund. But you must contact its call centre to be given a refund number.

    MoneySavingExpert.com tried to contact the call centre (0800 404 6960) four times but received no answer.

    Some users say they have successfully made contact and received their money back, but many more report emails and telephone calls going unanswered.

    If you have trouble getting in touch with the company, as we did, you may still be able to get your money back but it depends on how you paid.

    If you paid by credit card, you may be protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act as the purchase was over £100. So contact your credit card company to try to get your money back.

    If you paid by debit card or had less than £100 taken from you via credit card, you may be able to get a refund from your card provider via Chargeback – though this only applies within the first 120 days of buying the goods. Also, unlike Section 75, Chargeback is a service guarantee, not a legal requirement.

    As Raspberry Ketone Fresh is based in the United States, you aren’t covered by the Distance Selling Regulations, which allow you to return goods bought online within seven days of receiving them.

    However, some users report that on contacting the Raspberry Ketone Fresh UK distribution centre and mentioning these rights, the company has sometimes offered a refund.

    The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) says when you cancel a subscription, you’re not entitled to a refund of whatever you paid before you cancelled. However, companies may choose to offer refunds as a gesture of goodwill.

    How do I stop it taking more money?

    Try to contact Raspberry Ketone Fresh as soon as possible to cancel your subscription and avoid further payment.

    If the site isn’t contactable or disappears, tell your bank or card issuer to stop future payments. Under the 2009 Payment Services Regulations, a bank must stop such payments if asked to do so by a customer.

    I feel misled, who do I complain to?

    If you think you were misinformed when signing up to Raspberry Ketone Fresh, you can report it to the OFT or Trading Standards by calling the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0845 404 0506.

    The information will then be passed on to the relevant law enforcement body in the US to look into.

    No response from Raspberry Ketone Fresh

    We’ve tried to contact Raspberry Ketone Fresh on at least six occasions by email and phone to offer it a right to reply but we’re yet to receive a response. We will update this news story if we hear anything.

  141. This a major scam does not work at all. They took £95.00 out of my bank account last fri with out permission. Within the two weeks I sent several emails to say I want to further emails or keytone advanced pills. They ignored me would not reply to anything. I tried to call them for two weeks yesterday and today. I finally spoke to someone in India or pakistan and he treated me like an idiot I lost the plot and demanded I speak to the supervisor. I also told her that I’m recording them and I have spoken to my bank about them just taking the money. I also said I plan to sue the company if they dont give me my money back within a couple of days I was sueing them and I had everything being was recordered as we speak. The supervisor tried to calm me down but I was not having it.They said the money will be in my bank account within 24 hrs and I will get an email confirming this. I said if I dont I will sue your company and both of you will be involved.So we will see what a bloody con sheesh

  142. I too have fell for this and I am so mad I could cry. I have just phoned them to get my money back and the guy on the phone was an abnoxious tool, said because it was a free trial PERIOD that they were well within their rights to charge me the full amount after such time and keep my money. I said that i hadn’t used any of the tablets and that I wanted to speak to a manager, he said “you’re not going to speak to a manager, I’m cancelling your account and then I am hanging up on you” and he did. I am now out nearly £200 for 2 bottles of what looks like the same tablets! Going to look into whether I can take this further, not to get my money back as that will never happen, but to stop others falling for it! I feel so foolish.

  143. I fell for this trial via Facebook and ordered the Ketone and Nutra Green products on 23rd May. In less than an hour I discovered all these blogs and printed off the terms and conditions. These companies do not comply with their own terms. I never received a confirmation e mail. I immediately tried to cancel the products by e mail using the addresses ‘support@ketoneadvanced.com’ and ‘support@nutragreencoffee.com’ I didn’t appreciate at first that they purport to be two separate companies so I did not contact Nutra Green until a couple of days after I e mailed Ketone. I did however e mail them a cancellation notice before I had even received the trial products. I stated clearly that I did not want to receive any further products and that they were not authorised to take any further payments from my card. E mails to both companies were acknowledged by ‘Amy Tate’ who said that the e mail support centre did not have permission to accept cancellation by e mail and suggested phoning. These e mails came from ‘account cancellation department’! I did not want to incur the cost of phoning so I e mailed again pointing out that in their terms and conditions it clearly states that contact may be made by e mail. I then received an e mail from Ketone saying my account had been cancelled – this was dated within 14 days of my applying for the trial. After sending 3 e mails to Nutra Green I received an e mail saying my account had been cancelled as of 6th June (although my first e mail requesting cancellation was 29th May, which was acknowledged by Amy Tate on 5th June). The trial products were not received until a week after applying and I did tell them in my early e mails that I had not received the product and therefore the 14 day trial period should have been extended in any event. I thought this e mail exchange was the end of the matter only to discover that on 6th June Nutra Green have taken £79.97 from my credit card, exactly 14 days after I applied the trial product. I have e mailed immediately asking for a refund. I have also contacted my credit card company but they said this is not fraud!! They say they have put a stop on further payments and will be sending me forms to fill in regarding the payment taken and want my e mails as proof of cancellation. I hope the money will be refunded. Products have not been received but if they are they will be returned. No doubt I will have to incur the cost of postage. To offer a trial product without any mention of an automatic subscription service is an underhand way of getting people’s credit card details and charging extortionate sums for products probably not wanted. OK so it is mentioned in the T’s and C’s (and had I read those carefully before applying for the trial samples I never would have continued) but when those T’s and C’s are complied with in terms of trying to cancel but money is still taken, this in my view is fraud. I do wish Facebook would not endorse these scams. If you are trying to cancel these subscriptions do make sure you e mail and / or phone both companies and keep copies of your e mails and a record of phone calls in order to provide proof to your bank or credit card company if necessary. Phone number for Nutra Green is 0844 858 8073 and for Ketone is 0844 858 8072. Be aware that these are premium rate numbers though, which is why I have not rung them. I exercised my right to cancel via e mail. I have received cancellation confirmation, but money was still taken from my card subsequently.

  144. I was literally about to put my card details in to their website when i came across this. Thank god I didnt. Hope you are all successful in getting your money back. x

  145. I too fell for this scam got two orders for the wife and me also found (lean fast / premium cleansing deluxe) which is the same type of selling which I got for another person very small print not looked at properly I looked at my bank account today to find the 14 days are up and I am down £500 lots of calls to them I have been told it’s now been stopped but I cannot trust these con men so will have to phone my bank to make sure no more money is taken no holidays for us this year as this money was put away so we could get away this year to be honest they have worked as I have lost ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ sorry to joke but I have to or I will cry over my gullibility

  146. Thank you everyone for your comments. I hope my comments help others too. I too have been sucked in by this scam. I ordered the product from Ketone Advanced and then the alarm bells rang when I read that someone had over £400 deducted from their account from this company. I was sent a couple of emails requesting I ‘clicked’ to confirm my order. I didn’t ‘click’ and I sent sent an email 48 hours prior to the product being shipped requesting that my order be cancelled. I received an email saying that my query will be dealt with within 24 hours – it wasn’t. I received the supplement. Finally I received an email saying that an account manager would be in touch. Eventually I was emailed again and asked to call their Customer Services telephone number. On 6 occasionsI tried calling their Customer Services but got a recorded message saying that all their representatives were busy but to continue holding and then the phone went dead each time. There is absolutely nothing obvious to indicate that you are entering into a financial commitment when you place the order or receive the product. I didn’t even see the terms of conditions. I even emailed them to ask if I had entered into some regular subscription but they didn’t respond. Usually when I’m asked to tick the box confirming that I’ve read the terms and conditions I read them word to word. With no doubt this company is trying to obtain funds by deceit and they are contravening the Direct Debit guarantee. I telephoned my credit card company and only said that I think I’ve been scammed. All they asked me was who was the company and when I told them it was Ketone Advanced they straight away told me to return the product within 14 days, whether I have the returns authorisation number or not but to make sure that I send it recorded and to keep my email trail. They obviously knew all about this company and will monitor my account to ensure no further funds are taken. Fortunately it’s only cost me the initial price and Special Delivery cost. For those of you that have had funds taken without being aware of the subscription I can only suggest that you contact your bank/credit card and explain the situation emphasising the fact that you thought that you were protected by the Direct Debit guarantee, which obviously this company does not conform to. This is the actual wording taken from the Direct Debit Guarantee

    ‘The organisation will give you advance notice of collection dates and amounts, whether you set up a Direct Debit by telephone, internet or using a paper form. Check these details are correct and contact them straight away if you want to query anything.’

    One could argue that the terms and conditions state payment amounts etc but they are not specific on the collection dates, ie, specify the actual collection date, eg, 24th or the next working day and they are not consumer specific, ie, personal to each customer. May I suggest that if you require any further information that you Google ‘the direct debit guarantee’ so that you can build up as much knowledge as possible to recoup your losses via your bank/credit card company. Good luck!

    • Wow, I feel such a fool after falling for this. I have rung my credit card company today and they have blocked any further payments and I will be posting back the products (Have only received one so far). Thank something that I started to have doubts as to authenticity and googled product and found all this advice, thank you.

  147. My post 11/6/14 a very big THANK YOU to the nationwide building society who have refunded my £500 I phoned to ask them not to pass any more funds to ketone I explained what happend the lady on phone said she had seen other scams like this and if I would allow her to try and get my money back she would try so I agreed 12 hours later went on my internet banking and £500 back where it belongs not in the hands of the ketone crooks again THANK YOU NATIONWIDE

  148. I too fell for this scam but thankfully the company fully refunded the 2 subsequent payments which I did not know I subscribed to & made me rageous! I phoned my credit card company when I noticed the payments of £94.97 & £79.97 and they confirmed they would block any further payments to these companies but that I had to phone the company directly for a refund request. I did this, not easy as it’s an Indian call centre & communication was difficult, but the guy confirmed a refund would be issued if I returned the products (bottles with any unused pills or even empty) via recorded delivery & provided term with a tracking number. I did this but a few days later I noticed no refund so I phoned back to confirm bottles received & refund due. I am pleased to see the refund of both amounts to my account today & am very relieved as I know others haven’t received a refund or have only got 50%. Don’t give up, keep at them to get all your money back.

  149. Hi All,

    I feel the same as so many of you – NEVER do I give my account details away but I thought this was a reliable source as was through facebook and I read the ‘channel 4’ newletter which I now realise was complete nonsense! I googled the product to find out about reviews and specific ingredients in the Ketone Advanced and came across all your reviews 10 minutes after ordering this product. Needless to say the panic set in!! I called the free phone number kindly given above to cancel stating that this was ordered in error and was assured by the lady that no money would be taken from my account and that a confirmation e-mail would be sent straight away to confirm this. After 45 mins of waiting for the e-mail I phoned again and spoke to someone else who confirmed that the account was still active and due to be cancelled but that I would still be charged the £3.95 initial trial fee as this was non-refundable – even though the product was not going to be sent out to me due to cancellation. When I argued this based on how quickly the order had been placed to me then phoning and cancelling he changed his mind and said that in fact I would not be charged anything and that the account had been cancelled in time. Again no e-mail to confirm this half an hour later after requesting it a second time. Just to make sure, I logged onto my online banking and there was the £3.95 still down as a pending payment! I then spoke to my bank (Lloyds) who were fantastic and also confirmed that this is not the first case of this company that has come to light and that the only option to ensure that I would not be charged anything else was to cancel my card and order a new one which I have done. The worse case is that I will be charged the £3.95 pending payment but at least they won’t have any way of charging me anything additional. MASSIVE lesson learnt here and I really hope you all get your money back!

  150. I have only just received 2 bottles of a FREE TRIAL, as yet I have not noticed anything as I have only got them today but I will certainly go to my bank and stop all, Hopefully I will have done it before anything is taken , as it happens I do not have that amount in my bank so I will be soon notified by my bank, thank heavens I have noticed all these comments , I wouldn’t of known, I will have to ring them tomorrow as my bank isn’t open on Saturdays . Oh My God how foolish to fall for this, I was warned that nobody gives anything away for nothing if it worked, Yep thats true. if I am able to stop any payment, I will keep the stuff, and Stuff them who are con merchants.

    • I noticed the terms and conditions about 30minutes after ordering I wish I had read them first what a rip off. I could not believe how much I have got to pay for these tablets its a shame they didn’t show the price on the main screen on their website then it would not of caused a problem for everyone because nobody would have ordered any. I phoned them straight back on the same day and they told me once I had returned them I could cancel luckily they turned up quickly so I sent them back by recorded delivery. Phoned them today and they have confirmed that they have received them back and that the order is cancelled. They have given me a reference number which I have written down but I have told them to send me written confirmation through email as well and just to be on the safe side even though I have got the cancellation in within the 14 days I have decided to cancel my bank card as well as I just don’t trust them. Please avoid using this company

  151. Hi this is Jacqueline again, I have just stopped all at the bank, furthermore I have changed my account number, so they will NOT at all be able to get any money from me, I accept £4.95 p&p but they will not be getting anything from me for a FREE TRAIL PACK, and furthermore they are FREE to me so they are legally mine, I was advice to go to the police and get a crime number as these people seem to be a con, as I said before, the only slimming it may have affect is your bank balance slims down big time, listen to all GET A CRIME NUMBER, CHANGE YOUR BANK NUMBER TOO, GOOD LUCK TO US ALL TO GET THESE PEOPLE, I should have known nothing is free if it works.

  152. I fell for this yesterday and now in a mass panic, I’ve rang my bank and blocked any payments, spoken to two Indian people who claim my account is cancelled but still really really worried as one said they’d been shipped, the other said they’d not. I can’t afford this scam at all and don’t know what to do


  154. Another victim!!! Purchased the Raspberry Ketone at the wonderful £3.95, just checking my account today and can see £94.97 has gone to these people!!!!! When I called and asked what I had been charged for they advised that I did not cancel after 14 days and so would be charged!!! Even thought I haven’t had any “shipment” I asked if this woman was for real to which she said “it’s in the Terms and Conditions”!!!!! She also suggested I shouldn’t read the reviews online!!!! I demanded she cancel my account to which she said she had, she offered to refund “just for me!!!” £40, I did not agree to this but we did settle on a refund amount not the full price, but most better than none! I have also informed my bank to block any transactions with this company and to issue me with a new card just in case! How bloody annoying!!!!




  156. I have just called the number kindly given by someone on here but had to be really firm with them and insist they cancel the order and that I wouldn’t wait for it to be sent and return it as it hadn’t been processed yet so insisted they cancelled the order finally they seemed to get it!!!!

  157. I have also been scammed by this company who offered me a free trial. I phoned the company up they offered me a 30% refund then I phoned back on a number of occasions on the same day and finally was given a 70% refund but was told I had not to take this matter any further. I did not agree but am hoping to get the 70%. I have registered my complaint with trading standards.

  158. I did the same and found today that I had 79.97 taken from my account and yes I have spoken to the Asian man in Florida who assures me after me threating him I will get a full refund once posted back, am waiting for an email from him, what I don’t understand though is the fact they came and are going back to West Lothian and seems offices in Glasgow all very weird, so better not to get involved with them at all

  159. It was on Watchdog tonight!! All our complaining and reporting to watchdog has worked!! They said its the most complained about subject this series!

    • Absolutely! But it did not give us clear instruction on how to claim the money back. It did refer to claiming it back through your bank, but, I have already enquired about this as I paid with Nat West Credit Card, and they told me they could not refund.

      3 and a half months later I am still arguing with the Ketone Cowboys to get my money back, I am emailing daily, to get the set text responses every day.


  160. I brought these pills on 28.06.14 for a small charge of postage and packaging. Yesterday I realised I was charged an additional £180 for both ketone and green coffee. I phoned the company who pretty much said it was my fault as the terms and conditions explained everything. After giving up on arguing with them, my boyfriend spoke to them and got them to cancel the account for any more future charges.

    I am unable to sleep, as I feel so stupid for falling for it and not reading the T&C’s. I have just phoned my bank at 3:50 am, explained to them that I think I have been scammed. The guy told me I hadn’t that it was my fault for not reading T&C’s again. As if I didn’t feel useless enough.

    I don’t trust this Company one bit. Has anyone got a cancellation email and still had more money come out there account the following month? As my bank said there is nothing I can do as I have done all I can by cancelling. They said they can not put a stop on any further transactions from this company, and if they cancel my card it still wouldn’t necessarily stop them from taking any further payments.

    What do I do now?

    I suffer with depression and low self esteem, and to be honest feel exhausted from the whole situation. This is one bit mess and I am having very bad thoughts at the moment.

  161. What happen’s if you change your credit card and get a new one? Can they still take money from you? Because I swear they can’t they don’t have all the bank details like when your working for someone.

  162. I too have been taken for a fool and believe me it hurts – a difficult pill to swallow!!! I am £175 out of pocket, overdrawn on my overdraft facility and totally dismayed by these low life con artists.

    Like all of you. I tried to get a refund back but it now looks very unlikely. I also would like to hear from anyone who has had any adverse side effects from these products .
    1. Contact your bank have a stop put on Ketone Advanced & Nutra Green Coffee Cleanse
    2. Contact the fraud agency via your bank
    3. Log your complaint with Trading Standards

    And remember, if it sounds to good to be true – it probably is!! May everyone associated in setting up this scam rot in hell.

  163. I am not a person who is supposed to get scammed – well that is what I thought. Today my husband tells me I have spent £90 on diet pills!! Of course, I thought 3.95 on a trial was worth a punt – I phoned the lady and I told her the website was misleading. She agreed to cancel the registration on to the programme but would not refund the 94.97. I have been looking at the 2013 online contracts/ pre-contract act and it states clearly that you shoudl receive written, text or email confirmation and details of any contract. This did not happen to me; in fact no confirmation email of the order was ever sent. This is blatant fraud and I do not think that it should be allowed – this appears to be a US company that employs helpdesk employees. If this is how they treat people then I can only imagine what is in these pills – if you look at the combined complaints – this company must be de-frauding the British public of billions. Why is nothing being done about this? I think people should make a combined complaint – power in numbers. I am furious – about to go on holiday with my kids and and can ill-afford £100 – I also believed that people are shy about admitting to buying diet pills and this gives them added cover – I am will not give up until I see this company ‘downed’! Please Lorraine Kelly, do an item about this to draw attention to this shameful scam

  164. *********************************Be firm don’t back down read below***********************
    Ashamed to say i’m a mug, i only noticed this morning that they have taken a total of £349.88 out of my account over 2 months, rang my bank who put a block on them taking anymore money but couldn’t refund anything as they said i gave them authorisation when i gave them my card details. After reading comments on this site i rang on 08448588072 and spoke to a male caled Joe Walker (apparently) i went in all guns blazing and basically told him i would not beat around the bush and that i was currently sat in a police station waiting to see an officer unless i had a refund. It took about 20 minutes of arguing on the phone with him saying it was my fault is should have read the t&cs and me telling him there weren’t any, anyway he offered me £80 i told him he was taking the mic and i would be seeing an officer very soon, he then told me he was going to speak with his manager and came back and offered me a once only £120 just for me, i again told him in polite terms he was taking the mic and the very minimum i would accept was £173 which was what was taken this month after 5 minutes of arguing and again reminding him i’m waiting to see a police officer and that i would ring every day if the police didn’t contact them first, he went again to speak to his manager and came back and agreed as a one off to reimburse me £173. When asked how long this would take he said it would show in my account in 3-4 days, I told him i wanted email confirmation (which at the moment i haven’t had) so i’ll keep an eager eye on my bank balance, once/if this goes back into my account i will then begin the fight for my other £173. I will keep you updated as to if i get my money back.
    Big lesson learned for me i can tell you. Good luck everyone oh and by the way the tablets don’t even work i gained 2lb!

  165. Yes, I am yet another overweight idiot, thought under £10 for the chance I might loose wieght with this trial miricle tablet, thinking that was the total cost unless I ordered more., I was happy to loose that amount of money if it didnt work. Got the pills and after checking my bank account today I have been charged £79.97 and £94.97. This was a total shock as I didnt realise I had to cancel an account that I didnt know Id set up. I have called my bank which cost me another £10 from a mobile phone, and sent emails to the companies, but as yet got no replies. ( probably never will ) From what ive read it looks like I am just going to have to accept Ive been ripped of which I didnt think would ever happen to me! as I am very carful with this sort of thing. so it just shows you these scammers are getting better and getting away with thousand of good working people money all the time….I have canceled my debit card with my bank HSBC as others have suggested so that they cannot get any more money out of me, I was hoping that my bank will manage to get this money back but it apears that wont be happening. So I have two plasitc white pots worth over ”£200” perhaps I should frame them to remind me what an idiot Ive been and they would be the mose exspensive ornagments I have ever purchased.

    I would like to know if anyone has actualy managed to get their money back. These people should be exposed if anyone know how to do that………..I might try to get in touch with Fake Britain and see if they will take it on.

  166. Well as promised I have been refunded a total of £173 which to be honest I didn’t expect as I hadn’t had the confirmation emails as promised. I’m still £173 down but will continue to fight to try and get this back now that the other money is safely back in my bank account.

  167. I too have been scammed . I believe ketonespure is also linked to this as they give exactly the same contact number and returns address, but the man I spoke to called Hector denies this. I don’t expect to get any money back, but they certainly won’t get anymore

  168. Hiya
    I can’t believe I have been caught in this scam! It’s the same as everyone else where I sent off for the free trial and now out of pocket by £150.

    I called the company today and they advised me to send the the reminder tablets back and they will refund me. I also have been given a number to put on the envelope. Before I send them back has anyone else got their money back as don’t want to waste postage money if not going to get any money back. I have also reported it to the bank and also cancelled my card just in case.

    I have also reported to Fake Britain.

    Gutted – yes I lost pounds but the wrong type!

  169. I too have been scammed by these low lives. I did cancel before the 14 days, but even though I got a response confirming they said it was not their email address. Just spent 15 minutes speaking to someone and he just kepy so cool while I raged! Agrred to cancel and confirmed by email, but will not refund two lots of £94.97 even though they never sent the goods apart from the sample which I paid separately for.

    Biggest crooks on the planet, but still being allowed to rip people off. What’s that all about?

  170. I fell for the same scam (not like me I am very careful), when I found money had been taken from my account I rang and was offered £55 refund immediately. When email came through £25 was for Ketone and £30 for Nuri Green, that worked out at just under half refund for Nuri Green but a lot less than half for the Ketone. I rang back and said if you can give half of one why not half for the other, I was offered another £30. A few days later I rang again and said it was very unfair and that I had lost weight due to this making me ill. I was given RMA numbers and told to send them back recorded delivery (covers you for about £40) so I sent special next day delivery (covered for £500), just in case they said they hadn’t received them. Didn’t hear anything for about 4 days so rang again. Was asked for my tracking number and immediately I was told I would get the remainder of the refund in 2-3 days, did receive confirmation emails within seconds but had I not rung up and given them the tracking number Im not sure I would have heard anything so to anyone who has fallen for this I would persevere, pester, constant emails but don’t give up. Good luck

  171. Hi, I am the latest victim of this scam, a scam it truly is!
    I wondered why my bank account was looking a little sad, I then had a look at my bank statement and saw this lot had taken the 94.97 out of my account. This is a shocking way to do business and I have told them so. What goes around, comes around ladies, if not in this life time but the next, hopefully there will be justice in some form or another. Well, it’s going to be a tight rest of the month thanks to this unethical company. Wish I would have googled Ketone Scam before I opted for the free trial, an expensive lesson learnt.

    • Mon 15th Sept

      My Wife & I were both scammed by this devious lot back in June.

      We fought them for a full refund and refused to return any of their pills.

      We BOTH got the FULL REFUNDS.

      It was not easy but we found a way which sorted them out good & proper!

      I explained how we achieved this very positive result in several posts on here.

      Those explanatory posts on here now seem to have been edited out.
      So do some posts from others which explained exactly what to do.

      Strange as there was nothing illegal or dishonest suggested in my posts.

      Any Explanation as to why messages have been removed Admin?
      James Brian

  172. How to cancel the subscription of Respberry Ketone Blast from UK

    1. Call Customer Support number written on the order note received with the product

    2. Provide your order number and ask Agent to cancel the subscription immediate.

    3. Agent will give you RMA number and will ask you to write that on the box and send it via Royal Mail Special Delivery to the return address provided on the BOX. (Please note that I had posted the product first and and told them that product has been returned already. The said this should not be an issue).

    4. Return the product as advised by the Agent.

    5. Call back to the Customer Support and provide them Tracking number. And ask them to send the cancellation email while you wait over the phone.

    6. Call your bank, and tell them that you are a victim of scam and any recurring payment to this company should not be authorized. It depends, but most banks are aware of this Scam due to number of complaints. You will have to keep the Royal Mail Receipt in a case bank require proof of return.

    Cancellation email from Customer Service should be like:

    Dear ABC,

    This is to inform you that it has been pleasure serving you, and we earnestly appreciate your recent purchase of Ultra Ketone Plus .

    As per your request, your account has been deactivated and all your bank details have been effaced. Thereby, you will neither be charged nor any further products will be shipped to you.

    Kindly keep the following information for your record.


    PRODUCT NAME: Ultra Ketone Plus

    DATE AND TIME OF ORDER: 2014-03-13 12:24:56

    DATE AND TIME OF CANCELLATION: March 18, 2014 16:44 pm


    For any assistance please do not be reluctant to contact us: Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.

    Sincerely yours,

    Customer Support Team
    44 (0)20 3300 2788

  173. just another to report the loss of 95 pound after sending for a free one month sample , all you want is to buy a product from a professional company , another let down in life’s journey.
    well I informed my bank who told me I was the 5th person that week, so I canceled all further
    payments and sent for a new card, but lets have faith that they will be stopped.

  174. I did not realise until I got my statement. They had debited over 500 pounds. I was stupid and did not read the small print.

  175. I have fallen for this with a spur of the moment thing, never do anything like this usually and immediately regretted it. But I used a bank account with £6 in it for safety reasons. They said to cancel I have to, at my own expense, return the pills. I was glad to do so. WHAT TO DO NEXT? Tell your bank and they can put a stop on the payments, they are aware these people are fooling the public. I sent the things back but the bank says they sometimes don’t pick the items up so they won’t cancel the ‘account’ till they get the goods back. THEY ARE CROOKS!!! Report them to TS they are aware.

  176. I too have been caught by this scam – to the tune of £165 !!!!
    Like most I would like to see the scams stopped but am too ashamed to post it on Facebook!

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