Should you avoid the Ketone Naturals trial?

Should you avoid the Ketone Naturals trial?

It is important that when choosing a dietary supplement that you avoid the hype and look at the facts.

Take Ketone Naturals for example, this supplement claims to be a “miracle in a bottle to burn fat”.

Obviously this is quite a claim, but can it be backed up with science? Lets look at the supplement in more detail to see if it will offer any weight loss benefit.

Claimed benefits of Ketone Naturals

Ketone Naturals has claimed the following benefits:

  • Burn fat
  • Flush toxins
  • 100% natural

Unlike some other supplements these claims are not too unrealistic, however we will still need to look at the ingredients found in this supplement to see if they will help with your weight loss efforts.

Ingredients found in Ketone Naturals

Ketone Naturals is made using 150 mg of 100% pure raspberry ketones per capsule, which is a good amount.

What is worrying is that in the ingredients section of the website there are numerous mentions of the product ‘Vita-Ketone’ instead of Ketone Naturals.

I wonder if there are various products being marketed under different names to try and get as many people as possible to sign up for their trial offers.

Whatever the reason it is certainly confusing.

Cost of Ketone Naturals

The cost of the trial offer of Ketone Naturals may surprise you as the actual price is £56.64, which will be charged 14 days from your initial sign up.

You will most definitely be in for an even bigger shock when further monthly packages will be delivered, again with the hefty bill.

Unfortunately Ketone Naturals operates an auto ship program, so please make sure you read the T&Cs of any offer before signing up to make sure you understand what it is you are signing up for.

Is Ketone Naturals a scam?

While not illegal, these kind of trial offers are definitely going to be called a scam.

Often people will sign up without realising the true cost, which will lead to accusations once the trial period has concluded.

This is why I recommend that you try to stay away from the vast majority of trial offers, as most operate in a similar fashion. And if you are tempted please read the terms and conditions before you give away your bank details.

Contact details for Ketone Naturals

You can contact Ketone Naturals using the following information:

Email: support@ketonenaturals.com
Phone: +44 808 168 3669

If you have signed up for this trial offer and wish to comment on your experience then please use the form below. We would love to hear from you.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Ketone Naturals

If you want to avoid any hidden charges but want to experience weight loss through the use of raspberry ketones and other powerful fat burners then I suggest you take a look at Raspberry Ketone Plus.

This supplement is sold online by Evolution Slimming, with a months supply of 60 capsules costing just £19.95, which you can plainly see is much more cost effective than Ketone Naturals.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

5 comments on "Should you avoid the Ketone Naturals trial?"
  1. I only received one product and I was charge £59.15. I never had the chance to try it and It is a nightmare to get refunded. I would like to know if there are people whom would like to start a claim action as in their agreement, they impose that “YOU AGREE TO WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY DISPUTE WITH THE COMPANY” which means according to their terms that we have no right to file a claim in our jurisdiction. I think that it is totally against European standards of Human rights and that we should stop this sort of company to steal people.

  2. It happened the same to me. I was charged 75 euros and I only received the product once. I am in. What should we do because is insane…

  3. I did not receive any product but was being charged US$101.95 monthly. I am horrified and wants to know where and how to get my refund? Please help!!!

    • If you have tried the contact details provided in the above review but failed to get a resolution then your next step is to phone your bank. They should be able to help.

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