Ketone Premium trial offer review

Ketone Premium trial offer review

Ever since Raspberry Ketones were featured on the Dr Oz Show sales of supplements containing this fat burning ingredient have exploded.

The problem however though is that when an ingredient becomes so popular there will be companies looking to exploit its popularity and the insecurities of others.

One method commonly used is the use of trial offers that lead people to sign up for an auto ship program.

These auto ship programs are notorious scams that have led to hundreds of people losing their hard earned money.

Ketone Premium is offered as a trial and if you believe the reports online it is a scam that should be avoided.

What is the truth, will signing up for the Ketone Premium trial result in you losing your money?

Claims made by Ketone Premium

The following claims have been made on the Ketone Premium website:

  • Lose your cravings
  • Burn stored fat
  • Retain muscle mass
  • Appetite suppression

Anyone who has ever looked into buying a dietary supplement will no doubt have seen similar claims, yet the only way to verify them is to look at what ingredients have been used.

Ingredients of Ketone Premium

Unsurprisingly Ketone Premium contains Raspberry Ketone, which has been shown to help burn stored fat.

Ketone Premium also contains Bee Pollen, Green Tea, Guarana, Citrus Aurantium and White Kidney Bean.

Although each of these ingredients have been shown to aid your own slimming efforts there is no mention of what dosages there are of each ingredient.

Without this important information there is no way of knowing how effective or safe this product is.

Guarana for instance is a stimulant that in high quantities could cause side effects that may be best avoided.

Price of Ketone Premium

The 14 day trial of Ketone Premium will initially cost €6.95, although this may be as much as €9.95.

Once the trial period ends you will be charged €85, with further monthly payments thereafter.

If you have not read the terms and conditions when you signed up and subsequently fail to check your bank statements regularly you may be in for a shock when you discover the true cost of the trial.

Is Ketone Premium a scam?

Although the payment terms are in the terms and conditions at the bottom of the website these sales tactics are dubious and no wonder there are claims from disgruntled customers who feel that they have been scammed.

In our opinion trial offers such as this should be avoided, they are simply not worth your time.

How to contact Ketone Premium?

You can contact the Ketone Premium customer service using the following information:

Phone: 01431 9772
Email: support@ketonepremium.com

Handily you can also cancel your membership to their auto ship program through their website, hopefully before you have lost too much money.

If you have signed up to this trial then we would love to hear your opinions. Please leave us a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Is there an alternative to Ketone Premium?

A much cheaper alternative to Ketone Premium is Raspberry Ketone Plus, which costs just €24 for a months supply.

This supplement also lists its ingredients (it contains the recommended daily amount of Raspberry Ketone) and you wont ever have to sign up to an auto ship program.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

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