Ketone Pure trial scam

Ketone Pure trial scam

Ever since Dr Oz featured the fat burning ability of Raspberry Ketones sales of supplements containing this ingredient have soared.

Even today sales are going strong despite it first appearing on his popular television show over a year ago.

Unfortunately there are companies out there looking to exploit the insecurities of others by offering Raspberry Ketone supplements as a trial.

These trial offers are usually at a vastly reduced price to entice you to hand over your payment details, but you are also signing up for an expensive auto-ship program too.

Auto-ship programs are a notorious scam that will involve you being sent a new bottle of the supplement each month until you cancel.

These schemes are often difficult to cancel and the cost can be great, which for most of us can put a huge strain on our finances.

Ketone Pure is available on a trial but does that automatically make it a scam? Lets see if this supplement has any redeeming features.

What does Ketone Pure claim?

The following claims are made on the Ketone Pure website:

  • Start losing weight quickly and easily
  • No calorie counting
  • No food deprivation
  • No crazy diet plans

Now, each of these claims are pretty standard and you would expect to see similar on any website selling weight loss supplements.

It is impossible to verify if these claims are accurate however without first looking at the ingredients found in Ketone Pure.

Ingredients of Ketone Pure

Ketone Pure contains the following ingredients:

Ketone Pure (which is Raspberry Ketones), Acai Berry, Green Tea, African Mango and Resveratrol.

As with so many other supplements available there is no mention of the dosages of these ingredients so even though they have been proven to help with weight loss there is no way of knowing if there are enough of these beneficial ingredients present.

This is the first red mark against the use of Ketone Pure, are there any more? Lets look at how much it costs next.

True cost of Ketone Pure

The cost to sign up for the Ketone Pure trial is £4.95, which is to cover the cost of postage.

This trial is just for a 14 day period and you will be charged £79.99 if you do not cancel within this timeframe.

As the trial is only for 14 days from the time you sign up there will not be enough time to adequately try out the product.

The worst part about this trial though is that you will continue to be charged until you cancel your membership to the auto-ship scheme, which for those of us who do not check their bank statements regularly may mean you could be charged hundreds of pounds without realising.

Is Ketone Pure a scam?

These kind of trials should be avoided. There are terms and conditions at the bottom of the website with their payment terms but many people will sign up without reading them.

This will undoubtedly lead to people stating that Ketone Pure is a scam. Their sales tactics are dubious at best and there is very little that can be done once you sign up.

How to contact Ketone Pure?

You can phone Ketone Pure customer service on +44 (203) 411 1861 or send them an email at customerservice@ketonepure.info

Returns should be sent to (Please make sure you cancel your membership before sending the supplement back):

Herkimer House,
Mill Road Industrial Estate
EH49 7SF
United Kingdom

If you have been unfortunate enough to have signed up for the Ketone Pure and would like to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Ketone Pure

There is one particular Raspberry Ketone supplement that I would recommend above all others, its name is Raspberry Ketone Plus and is sold online by Evolution Slimming.

Unlike Ketone Pure this supplement is not afraid to list its ingredients (it contains the recommended daily amount of Raspberry Ketones) but is also considerably cheaper at just £19.95 for a months supply.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

18 comments on "Ketone Pure trial scam"
  1. I have recently been scammed by a company called Ketone Pure. They sent me a product that a) I didn’t want, b) didn’t need, c) didn’t ask for and d) charged exorbitant fees for one tub of their product containing 30 capsules of Raspberry Ketones and charging me two fees of a) £93.00 an b) 95.99. I have written to them at their office in Linlithgow, have e-mailed them at their customer services and have tried everything to stop this scam. I don’t have the money they want for a non-existent product.
    Thank you.

  2. DO NOT PURCHASE THE TRIAL it is a scam. I have just been taken for £184 as I did not know about there hidden terms and conditions. If you do not cancel the trial within 14 days they then can take the cost of the items for that month and then continue to take a monthly fee until you cancel. BE WARNED

  3. how do you cancel???? they have taken 5.99 even though I cancelled and returned the producvts within a couple of days and now have taken 89.99!!!

  4. I wish to cancel my order with your company money was taken from my account without my knowledge and im furious as this was not stated when I ordered the free trial I have contacted the police as this is fraud and if I do not get my money credited back in to my account and no more money debited no action will be taken but if not police be in contact thanks

    • Hello Jacky.

      It is not my company as this is an independent review website. We have just written a review highlighting the payment terms of this company.

      I would suggest you use the contact details listed in the above review to contact the appropriate company. 🙂

      • There are two Companies involved maybe more Ketone Plus and Super Cleanse. I have just been scammed by both. I tried the email address and phone number with no luck the email address failed and no answer from the phone number. I called my bank and they have stopped any future payments but I think I have lost £46.50 + £89.00. Not really sure what to do next


    • I also have just been scammed after speaking to a lady who said her name was Catherine jones which I did not believe. she told me the original payment of £2.99 & £6.95 was for p & p only and I now have a bill for £89 & £93 unbelievable! I will be reporting this scam to trading standards and police.

  6. this proves why you should read terms and conditions its not a scam just tacitacal sales. i hope everyone will learn to read terms and conidtions before signing up to things and not claim everything a scam

  7. John have you been to the Ketone website (or one of the sites proporting to be an official site of the company) when you click on the T&Cs they deliberately fade to black once it starts discussing payments etc. It no where states up front that funds will start debiting after the trial unless you check these T&Cs. So unless you open it and copy and paste the words to a word file you will have difficulty reading them, in some cases impossible depending the device you’re using and IT skills (basic is needed, not everyone online has these) Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not a scam.

  8. I have recently been scammed by them too, i tried calling the company to sort this out and a very stupid man who could hardly speak English could of course.. not find me on the system and kept asking me to give him my email, tel and even card details which i of course would not share. i gave him the ref number and my surname which he said was not on the system. I am still in the process of trying to sort this mess out while i am now £95.99 poorer and i think they also linked me to another company who has taken £88 out of my bank 🙁 bastards..

    • And to add to this, tried emailing them, and of course i get an email saying – Delivery Status Notification (Failure)‏
      so the email given must be a fake..

      • Hi Louise, I too have been scammed. I’m in the UK. I noticed last night that Ketone Pure took £93 out of a/c on the 3rd July. Thinking I’d lost the money for good (as it was my fault for being gullible and not seeing T&C anywhere (naïve) I phoned HSBC Bank to cancel my card so that they’re unable to debit more payments. To my surprise, HSBC have told me that their Fraud department will immediately reimburse my account that same amount tomorrow when I phone them at 8am (obviously closed today, Sunday). They will open a case and try to retrieve the funds, so may I suggest you stop your card and do the same with your Bank. All is not lost! Good luck and don’t sign up to anything again that sounds too good to be true! Glad I’m not the only one to feel a fool…………….

        • I have also just found out that this bloody company have taken £93 from my bank account today, but unfortunately I cannot get it back my bank say that when I gave my card details to pay for the postage and packing that automatically agreed to the terms and conditions. As far as I was concerned I was paying for postage and packing of a FREE trial, not signing up for a monthly programme. The only option left to me was to cancel my card. I am absolutely furious over this and feel so stupid to be caught in this way. This company are tricking poeple and getting away with it. I just hope they get caught out soon. What goes around comes around and I hope it happens soon to them. Customer services were no help they offered a small refund, but only if I agreed not to take it further. Bloody cheek they have got my money under false pretences and are geting away with it. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO BUY THESE PRODUCTS. They are playing on vulnerable people, like myself, who are desperate to loose weight, what a fool I was.

  9. Update: Further to my above post, I phoned Keytone Advanced in America who scammed me for £94.97 for the raspberry keytone tabs and £79.97 for the coffee cleanse tabs (being unaware I’d signed up for monthly tabs & direct debits) and after having threated them with trading standards, they agreed to refund 1/2 of both amounts. Not wishing to risk the Bank failing to get anything, I accepted and am still angry but prepared to cut my losses. As for Keytone Pure, who debited £93 straight away also for a paltry tub of raspberry keytone capsules, I phoned them in America and was advised to send the tabs back within 21 days of the original order, to receive a refund less £10 shelf charge i.e. £83 within 3 – 5 working days. I did this on the 10th. They received the tabs on the 11th. As I haven’t received a payment into my bank I thought I’d check so phoned just now (18th July). After telling them the barcode from the special delivery receipt I was told that I need to wait another 3 – 5 working days. They’d better keep to their word or the bastards will be hearing from the Disputes team at my Bank……………….

    • P.S. Whatever you do, CANCEL YOUR BANK CARD IMMEDIATELY(that you paid the Direct Debit from) so that the bastards can’t take any more payments from your account…….

  10. Absolute rip-off. I have been charged £174.94 even though the fraud office of my credit card phoned me and said that the charges would not go through. Thankfully I have cancelled my credit card so no more payment can be taken, but an expensive lesson .
    These people should be stopped ……

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