KetoneBalance Duo Review

KetoneBalance Duo Review

In 2012 there were two weight loss ingredients on everyones lips; Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee. No wonder really as both were mentioned on the Dr Oz show, which is surely going to raise the profile of any product.

Now a new weight loss pill has been created with both beneficial ingredients being combined into a new super pill that will surely give your latest weight loss attempt the kick start it needs.

This all natural weight loss pill is called KetoneBalance Duo, lets look a little closer at how it works and whether it is the miracle we have all been waiting for.

KetoneBalance Duo benefits

  • Lose weight
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Break down fat
  • Boosted energy levels

How does KetoneBalance Duo work?

Both the Green Coffee and Raspberry Ketone will help to boost your metabolic rate. Yet what sets these two ingredients apart from many others is its ability to not only burn stored fat but also prevent further fat being built up.

KetoneBalance DuoFor a start Raspberry Ketones can cause the production of the hormone known as Adiponectin to increase.

It is this hormone that regulates how and where excess calories are stored.

The Green Coffee on the other hand contains Chlorogenic Acid that helps to slow down the release of glucose, which essentially halts the production of fat.

KetoneBalance Duo ingredients

KetoneBalance Duo contains 200mg of its two main ingredients Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Extract, it also contains 100mg of both Green Tea Extract and Guarana Extract.

Green Tea Extract is another popular weight loss ingredient that has been in use for centuries in Asia due to it containing large quantities of beneficial antioxidants.

Using Green Tea Extract can help to increase your metabolic rate, which we know will increase the amount of calories you can burn, along with burning stored fat too.

Guarana on the other hand is a natural stimulant that will also boost your metabolism. It works in a similar fashion as Caffeine so you will also notice an increase in your energy levels. Ideal if you often feel too tired to workout after a hard days work.

Does KetoneBalance Duo cause any side effects?

If you have any issues with Caffeine then you may be best avoiding KetoneBalance Duo. Caffeine has its benefits but has been linked to mild side effects such as headaches and anxiety.

Those who are pregnant or nursing are advised not to use this product.

KetoneBalance Duo is recommendedKetoneBalance Duo conclusion

There is little doubt that using KetoneBalance Duo will give your latest weight loss attempt the kick start it needs.

Supplements are not the long term solution but they are an excellent motivational tool. For long term results you should always try to change your diet for the better while getting regular exercise.

Where to buy KetoneBalance Duo

You can buy KetoneBalance Duo online for £39.99 for a months supply.

It is available with FREE worldwide delivery and will be delivered discreetly with plain packaging if you are conscious of what your neighbours will think.

Click here to buy KetoneBalance Duo

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