Should you sign up for the Ketones Body Pro trial?

Should you sign up for the Ketones Body Pro trial?

Ketones Body Pro is offering their supplement for trial, but is it worth it?

While it claims that you can “lose weight in no time” there are doubts in my mind that not everything is as it seems. In the past trial offers we have reviewed have turned out to be auto-ship programs that have left users unhappy and out of pocket.

Is Ketones Body Pro another auto-ship scam? I guess the only way to know would be to look at the offer in more detail.

Claims made by Ketones Body Pro

Ketones Body Pro has made the following claims:

  • Shed belly fat
  • Boost metabolism
  • Stop cravings

Now anyone who has ever wished to lose weight will be tempted by these claims as they are the biggest issues most people will discover on their weight loss journey.

Can Ketones Body Pro really do what it claims though? We would need to look at its ingredients before commenting further.

Ingredients found in Ketones Body Pro

It is pleasing to see that Ketones Body Pro has decided to show its actual ingredients with their dosages.

Doing so shows me that it contains 125 mg of Raspberry Ketones, as well as other proven weight loss ingredients such as Green Tea, Caffeine, Apple Cider, Kelp and Grapefruit Extract.

It is my conclusion that although this is not a magic pill, you will experience some weight loss benefits. Although I must stress that to lose weight and keep it off long-term you should make sure you get regular exercise and eat healthily.

How much does it cost?

The major issue with Ketones Body Pro is its high cost, which is also misleading. At the very top of the sales page is a button claiming that the trial is free, as well as numerous other message stating the same.

Unfortunately there is nothing free about the trial. To begin there is a £2.95 shipping charge, as well as an insurance fee too. Then 14 days after first signing up an even bigger surprise will await you.

After the trial has concluded you will be charged £89.78, which is quite astonishing. You will also find that you will be enrolled into an auto-ship program so further monthly packages and bills will be sent to you.

Is Ketones Body Pro a scam?

While the ingredients of Ketones Body Pro are good, the high cost and use of auto-shipping is a big turn off that will surely lead to complaints.

My suggestion would be to give Ketones Body Pro a wide berth. Trial offers such as this are overpriced, with various more affordable options available.

How to cancel the trial?

To cancel the trial you should phone: +44 (0) 870 820 0461

There are also 2 email addresses you may want to try: support@getketonesbodypro.com or billing@getketonesbodypro.com

Please leave a message below if you have trialled this supplement yourself.

The following video could help you get a refund too:

Alternative to Ketones Body Pro

If you are looking for an alternative to Ketones Body Pro then my suggestion would be Raspberry Ketone Plus, which is available at £19.95 for a months supply from Evolution Slimming.

This supplement is made from quality ingredients and as it is not available for trial there are no hidden charges.

Click here to read our review of Raspberry Ketone Plus

78 comments on "Should you sign up for the Ketones Body Pro trial?"
  1. Just received an email saying i was charged for the order i never have placed and it cost me over 120€!!!! Cannot contact the site and my bank account is cleared up.

    • It is a scam…everyone do not use i have been done for over £200 and didnt order anything other than samples. Lucky i used a credit card and have now cancelled the card and will be ringing the credit company to see if i can claim the monies back. I never thought i would get caught in a scam but i did…do you!!!!!!!

      • Hi I have just received to emails from debt collectors saying I owe £207. I can’t get in contact with anyone. Do you have any advice.
        Please. Nat

        • I’ve just had same e-mails for £214 to be paid by 10 dec 2015 I can’t get in touch either

          • Did the debt collectors come? Im in the same situation

          • I’ve had emails from debt agency too….. what should I do? Have received no pills !!

          • I have had this issue too, I received a free trial to which I have not even used the product! However I received an email saying I owe the company £107… They stated that in the terms and conditions that I obviously ticked ( as I never read terms and conditions as I am sure no one does) that if I didn’t cancel the order within 14 days I would be chargerd. This is ridiculous, also as I have not payed it they have threatened to get Bayliffs involved… Has anyone got any advice? Should I pay it or ignore them? What has everyone else down, I am very worried about this.

    • I have too just been caught up in this DEFINITE scam. I rang the 0870 number listed on this website straight away and got Bob from their customer service team. I have had confirmation that my so called “subscription” has now been cancelled. However, a little bit of advice, record your call AND stay on the phone while you receive all emails from them! They try to get you off the phone as quickly as possible telling you to send an email back to them when you receive theirs. The first email took 5 minutes to come through – making me suspicious that they hadn’t sent it at all. However, with Bob still on the phone it did come through. The first email is a template where you have to cut and paste the blue text back into a reply to them. Which I did…again, they tried to get me off the phone saying that as soon as they receive it they will send an email back to you confirming the cancellation. I wasn’t having that and said I would stay on the phone until they had received my email and I’d received their final confirmation. I also asked for all of my data to be removed from their database. You won’t get a refund directly from them as it’s my fault that I didn’t read the Ts&Cs, but as others have said on this forum – it’s very difficult to find – and as I took my initial “free” batch of SlimBody pills from completing a customer survey with Boots I thought it was reputable. Boots are a creditable UK firm – I wonder if they know what is happening here. I’m now going to my bank to see if I can get a refund for the £98 that has been taken from my account – I’m also going to ask my bank to ensure this firm is highlighted on my account to ensure no other money is taken out…even though I’ve had my cancellation, I don’t trust that this will stop. Hope this helps!

    • I have never reseved and product from them but 2 emails from a dept colectors. Do not use scam .

  2. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID this scam at all costs. The trial stated explicitly that it was FREE (with the constant bombardment, why wouldn’t you believe them?

    I felt very uneasy about the process (NEVER doubt your gut instinct). As soon as I ordered my “trial”, I regretted it, and telephoned the company immediately. But more about that later…

    The Ketones Body Pro and Green Coffee Body Pro “free trials” arrived in the post yesterday. When I got through to the so-called “customer services team”, I was unfortunately informed that according to their “Terms and Conditions”, taking up the trial automatically enrols one for the costly auto-ship programme.

    It must be noted that the CRUCIAL INFORMATION I was being given over the telephone was located within a teeny weeny – VERY EASY TO MISS – hyperlink at the bottom of the webpage.

    I asked the representative about my right to cancel immediately. She told me that I would have had three hours from ordering to do so. I told her that I telephoned the company as soon as I had ordered, but found their offices shut, as it was a Saturday. (they only operate Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.). She told me that I could have emailed the company. HOWEVER, according to that logic, the company still wouldn’t have received my cancellation in the expected three hours, as no one would have been available to deal with the request! Utter shoddy and shady customer service!

    Furthermore, no where on the website, or in the “Terms and Conditions” does it state that I had a “three hour” cancellation window period.

    Worse still, the representative informed me that I had 14 days to try the product. If after that period I didn’t like the product, I would have to ship what was left of the product back to the company, to avoid further charges. Now tell me, how IN THE HELL would I have known if the product worked in such a short amount of time?

    At that point, the red flags unfurled; I decided there and then that I wanted an immediate end to this madness. I was then informed of my “options”:

    A. “Trust” the product, and continue the subscription at a whopping £90+ per month!

    B. Pay a one off FEE for my “trial” – oh yes, you read correctly – and end the subscription.

    C. End the subscription, then send the trial back IMMEDIATELY (intact), PLUS PAY for shipping and handling costs. Oh wait, there’s more to this f*****ry: I had pay a CANCELLATION and RESTOCKING fee.

    Hahaha! The charlatans; the money-hungry, greedy, thieving b******s!!!

    The cancellation and restocking fee sent me ballistic, and I refused point blank to pay for that. She agreed to waiver the charge “as a goodwill gesture”. Thanks, you complete con-artists!!!

    Seeing as they had backed me into a corner, I just wanted NOTHING more to do with the company; I was sick of the WEB OF CONSTANT LIES and the SMOKESCREENS. I opted for ‘C’; t’was best to cut off ALL ties.

    I’ve learnt from my foolish mistake; “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”, or ‘”free trial”, in this instance.

    I will write a strong email of complaint to the company. As to whether they’ll concede to being deceitful, I highly doubt it. Judging from the way they shamefully lure customers into their den of doom, they’re highly unlikely to care beans about resolving customer concerns.

    I just hope that my story highlights the pitfalls of this profiteering organisation; I hope it helps dissuade anyone considering purchasing products this conniving company. BE WARNED.

    • Did you dispute it at your bank

    • I’ve been caught too. They are liars, I tried to cancel the order within a few hours, I ordered online and early next morning an agent phoned to confirm my address and when I advised I was going away and if I did not get them the next day it was a good idea to cancel and he advised that I would. I was at that point unsure so I said I wanted to cancel anyway. Guess what they came whilst away then I found 14 days from date payment taken they took 2 off payments of £89+
      They told me that ALL calls are recorded and had no record of me phoning after several emails I still cannot get them to understand that I didn’t but advised them when they phoned me.
      I managed as a gesture of goodwill to get refund of 2 half payments and am still fighting to get rest, don’t hold out much hope though, there is a very rude chap purporting to be a Supervisor by the name of Michael Mcguinness who had the brass neck to say the tone of my letter was MOST unprofessional etc which got my back up as I am the injured party!! It is he who should be professional and not tell me “No more refunds can be given. That is it.Have a great weekend.
      “, when I was arguing my case. Contact Cedric the General Manager and plead your case you might be lucky enough to get some refund?
      Further to the question below I contacted my bank and they categorically do not want to know (TSB) they said that I gave my money willingly and Chargeback can only be used in the case of Direct Debit Payments, which I am sure is dependent on the Bank concerned, I shall be sacking TSB when convenient to me.

    • who did you call to cancel? pleaaaseee provide me with the number you called x

      • could you please give me the number you called &a website address so I can contacts this company. thankyou

        • I had the same happen to me just yesterday after numerous phone calls spoke to someone called Bob Fleming I think on 0870 820 0293 got the number off the cleanse body pro bottle he emailed a form with a 50% reduction but still had recurring payments and auto ship on so I refused to consider it until they took off all conditions attached. I replied to the e-‘mail he sent and have had trading standards involved. Received an e-mail back today saying they have removed all details and recurring billing auto enrolment membership etc and will refund 50% back even though I did not accept it going to try the bank for the other 50% I am considering reporting this lot of cowboys to the advertising standards agency this bunch of thieves should come with a health warning they had mt blood boiling yesterday. Do not use them go to someone like Holland and Barrett

        • I to have been caught. I contacted my bank as soon as I noticed that a further payment had been taken and they seem to just pay anybody who makes demands on your account. They don’t seem to be able stop them the only way is to close the account. If you have a contact address for these scumbags please forward it to me.
          Chris Mundy

    • Hi I too was conned by the Body Pro company, tried to send the product back by special delivey it was returned within the week with a sticker saying refused, even though i have a royal mail confirmation of delivery notice. Does any one know the best address to send this product back so i can get a refund. The address i used was 1st floor, woodberry green, finchley, london,n12 0dr

  3. Oh my god I received mine yesterday and a friend at work warned me that it is a scam.
    However the customer service office is closed today. Don’t know what to do I don’t want to be charged this much. The only reason why I ordered is because it seemed like a great deal !!

  4. Just had the same i called them thieves,i am elderly and disabled and on benefits.i was conned and i wont repeat everything i said but someone with extremely poor grammar pretending to be a lawer representing the company called me a fraudster. Hahaha pot kettle black.

  5. This is a total scam. They have taken over £300 from my account and i’ve received nothing but my original trial. So angry with myself for being so gulible!! I will not stop until i have got the money back. My bank has stopped them from taking any more money..


    • Did they threaten you with a dept collecting agency, I’ve not received anything more than my free!! Trial, they have already taken£89.78 out of my bank, they say I owe another £89.78 for green coffee but they will reduce amount to £40 so I reality I’m paying for my free trial at full price. I’ve stopped my bank allowing them to take any money but they have all but accused me of fraud..don’t know if they will bring in dept collecting agency but they said that will cost me more in the long run. Does anyone know if this is right.

  6. DONT DO THIS FOR GOD SAKE. The customer service woman named GREZEL, ROSE. Admitted to me on the phone this is a scam!! I read reviews and thought…..shit, I need to cancel this asap! She made it very hard for me to this and when I questioned her about it being a scam she said it is, so please just dont!!

  7. Ive just messaged both emails hoping to cancel it after all the reviews ive read, seriously pissed off atm because i dont have a job so they cant take money out of my bank as there is nothing there.

    • I am also on benefits I found out today they took 74.89 pounds out my account.the Halifax cannot recall the money but put a block on them taking anymore.i tried from the bank calling the customer service number but it is always engaged.i am so distressed and sick I have a 6 year old son and would not willingliy pay this amount for tablets.the bank said to write a letter to them saying I was unaware of the terms and conditions which I have done and stated that I’ve seen in the Internet that this is a scam and I cannot get to speak to anyone about cancelling my agreement. They are going to investigate my case and I should hear in 21 days what they decide if to refund me the money. This seems only option I have atm.so try this with your bank.good luck

  8. I have been scammed by these chancers, I signed up for a free trial and yesterday they took £180 out of my account. The number is constantly engaged and cannot get hold of anyone at this company. I am disputing the payments through my bank and the bank has also put a cancellation in place for further payments.


    To say I am livid is an understatement!

  9. Absolutely disgusted, didn’t even have product in my possession for 14 days when they took £89.78 out of my bank account, phoned up and they said I still owed them £89.78!! Obviously I cancelled immediately and ask for a full refund as they had taken my bill money out the bank. I still don’t know what I’ve paid for I’m waiting for them to email me. When I went to my bank I only said the amount and the advisor said to me don’t tell me raspberry ketones we have had hundreds of people been ripped off by this company in this branch alone. All I can say is shame on them. Holland and Barrett sells the same product so if you want to save yourselves the stress and heartache buy there. Avoid this company at all costs.

  10. They’ve taken almost £400!!!!! I’ve received a second batch and thought that was odd as I hadn’t ordered anymore. Then my husband checked his bank statement and there it was! I’d forgotten I’d paid on his card which isn’t a problem but it would be so much easier if I’d paid out of my own account, not that I think the bank will do anything. They’ve taken 4 separate amounts. I’ve just phoned and left a message for them to call me, I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a long time. I’m going to email them now too. Good luck to everyone trying to get money back of this scamming company with no morals!

    • Get your husband to go to his bank and cancel any further payments being taken by the company.
      It’s a nightmare, I was pretty much accused of fraud by them when I refused to pay anymore and was told they would contact relevant authorities which I told them to do so. I have asked via email on numerounumerous occasions what it is I have actually paid for and am still waiting for a reply.i just have peace of mind now knowing that the company can not take any more money from my bank account.
      Free trial!!!!!!!! More like theft. Avoid bodypro limited at all costs

  11. I have literally just ordered them before I even saw all of these reviews I am only 19 and every time I call the number it just cancels I’m nearly in tears as I have no idea what to do

  12. Absolute scam – STAY WELL CLEAR and cancel your bank/credit card immediately before they drain your Bank Account and then report them to Trading Standards Office who already know them. Many people have been conned by their unfair “super buried deep small print terms and conditions” approach.

  13. Sadly scammed too. I’ve blocked future attempts to take payments from my bank. I may even change my bank details to make it technically impossible. Agree with most of the messages here. They think they are covered because of the terms and conditions, but we need to check if the way they operate in such a misleading way is actually breaking trading laws etc.
    I also got further incensed, waiting for office hours to voice my complaints. I tried several times entering a waiting queue each time, only to get to first in line and then get deliberately cut-off.
    These are crooks running this company. They are basically laughing at us. I will be going out of my way to ensure there’s some retribution, not to mention reimbursement of rip-off charges.

  14. If there’s one thing you do today, stay clear of these scamming Bas****s!!!! They have taken nearly £90 from my card company on the 13th May 2015, and I only found out today!! They are so bad, I wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire!!!!! They keep asking me to send them a cancellation thing, which they just sent to me in the first place, only for me to send back to them, but my credit card company is dealing with the fraud investigation on my behalf, and I will hear within the next week. However, I am a police officer – stupid enough to take in the bull-sh*t!!
    PATHETIC for a few poxy tablets that I sent back to them straight away and I emailed them straight away, but they’re denying that they have received the email!!! Whatever!!!

  15. I ordered these and I stupidly didn’t read the terms and conditions, they emailed me saying I needed to pay £86 as the 14 day free trial had ended I emailed back and said I wanted to cancel they then emailed me back and said that its been cancelled but I still had to pay £86 I argued with them but now they are saying they will use my IP address and I will be done for Freud they haven’t taken any money out my bank but are still emailing me, do I have to pay them I can’t afford to but don’t want to get done for Freud.

  16. By the way, their email address is billing@keytonesbodypro.com or support@bodyprolimited.com
    Good luck though, they will probably reply, but I keep getting an email from someone called ‘Irish Agent’ or ‘Rudy Manager’ who are both trying my patients big time!!! I had a reply last night saying the exact following…here goes….I have copied & pasted this for all you people who have been conned…..I understand your frustration, we can not please everyone or each of our customers, they need to vent regarding with the 14 Days Risk Free Trial. If only Our customer will read the TERMS & CONDITIONS for the RISK FREE TRIAL for 14 DAYS they will UNDERSTAND why they are billed for such amount. It is the responsibilities of the customer to READ and UNDERSTAND the TERMS AND CONDITIONS most specially YOU as a buyer will put ALL your DETAILS to purchased online. As a CONSUMER i will be KEEN for details, like the call back numbers, terms and conditions, prices etc.
    Phone Support +44 870 820 0201


  17. SORRY, THE EMAIL ADDRESS IS WRONG ABOVE, IT’S billing@ketonesbodypro.com.
    Good luck everybody.

  18. Also, the address on the despatch note sais Body Pro Ltd, 1st Floor, Woodbury Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR, UK. I’m going to pay them a little visit.

  19. My husband gave his details for a free pack. Today I have discovered they have taken £89.78 from my credit card, which was used for the original P & P. I have spoken to the fraud Dept. who will stop any future payments going out. I tried the telephone numbers on the bottle and above however they are no longer answering any phone calls which isn’t a surprise. I have emailed them and awaiting a response. I can’t believe we were conned like this. May be we should all go to Watch Dog or something to see if they can help and make other vulnerable people aware of this scam What do you think?.

  20. Oh yes, i am usually so good at these things and not signing up, but lately obviously my boredom at work got the better of me.

    I am concerned I may get charged, but i have tried calling only to get put through to a message bank. And have sent off three emails saying I cancel my trial and they need to send me reference shipping number to return the unused pills.
    I am however going to be going to my bank tomorrow morning and putting a ban on them deducting money from my account. Which should fine, as I have the emails that have me writting to the company removing my consent and trying to return the product. So I am optomistic it should be fine.
    If the bank says they wont do it, then I will just close the account and open a new one.
    Oh the joys of the internet.

  21. Ruari McCallion
    1 week ago
    FIRST AND FOREMOST: do NOT have anything to do with this organisation.

    Second, FEAR NOT. They are in breach of so many consumer and commercial laws that they do not have a leg to stand on if they seek to take you to court.

    Third, if you find they have taken money from you, get in touch with your bank or card company immediately. I expect they will find you sympathetic.

    Is it a scam? Without being libellous, let us say that pretty much anyone could be forgiven for thinking so, after reading the accounts of people who have been unfortunate enough to encounter this bunch.

    I have investigated this company, after hearing something about it, and ordered Ketones Raspberry and Green Coffee. As with everyone else, the offer was for a free trial, with auto-renewal thereafter. Anyway, as soon as I was advised that the pills had been despatched I got on the phone to my credit card company and told them that no more payments were to be taken from the account and that any attempt to do so was to be regarded as fraud. They were a bit lackadaisical at that point but the fact that I made contact was important – more later.

    I tried the various numbers I was given by Body Pro – none of them worked. Four of them, all told, and none worked. It is impossible to cancel any order within the parameters that they apply.

    Anyway, despite my instructions to the card company, 2 payments of £89 were taken from my account. I got onto them straight away and was put through to Disputes. They said they would listen to the recording of the conversation – and they did, and they wrote to me by email to say they were refunding the money and would block all future attempts by this company to get payment. Yippee!

    Body Pro then wrote to me by email to say they were about to send me more. I told them how happy I was to hear from them as I could now tell them that the subscription was cancelled. They would get no more money from me.

    I then heard variously from Rudy, Manager; Rose, Agent; and Michael, Manager. I don’t know if they are all huddled together for warmth at 15 Towcester Road, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK19 6AN, which is their registered head office, but you never know. Have a look at it on Google Street View. It’s a shabby-ish semi-detached house with pebbledashed walls, the last on the left before Mounthill Avenue, when heading north. There’s a public phone box on the verge at the end of the drive.

    They tried to get me to sign a ‘cancellation template’ that would authorise them to take £180 from my account. I amended it to remove any and all phrases that would be helpful to them and I sent it back. They offered me a 50% discount. I said no.

    I also advised them that they are in breach of the Sale of Goods and Services Act, Trading Standards, Distance Selling regulations, Inertia selling and the Unfair Contract Terms Act. They seem to know so little about any of these that I came to the conclusion that they are not British. I thought they might be based in the USA – but they aren’t.

    Guess what?

    The sole listed director is one Tibere Cedric Jacques Pey of 502/21 Havelska, Prague, Czech Republic. Although he seems to have another address at 1st Floor, Woodberry Grove, Finchley, London, N12 0DR.

    I have told them that if they wish to pursue me through the courts they are welcome to do so, and that I and, I’m sure, many other people will be delighted to see their business model subject to close scrutiny in a Court of Law. I have also told them that all future communications are to be in writing, by surface mail. They have my address – it’s where they sent their rubbish pills.

    Do not be afraid, don’t worry. This is a clumsy operation and you really can’t be held to account for it. Just get in touch with your card company and get them to refund whatever has been paid already and block any future payment requests from this lot. Or any other suspicious payment requests.

    Best wishes to all.

  22. I am trying to contact Your company because I am in a present dispute with you over the use of my personal information including back account details for the registration of a product trial and subsequent monthly subscription that I have not ordered. I have notified my bank any they are in liaisons with you, trying on my behalf to recover debited monies for products / services I did not order, do not want or need. I am incredibly concerned about learning how my personal details are known to your company. I personally do not use diets or diet medication in my life, I have never been interested in any such lifestyle products and I have not knowingly ordered any free trials from your company or otherwise over the internet. I am a very hard working mum to two children, my son age 4 years old has Type 1 Diabetes I am his full time carer and knowing what I do about medication I would never seek to order pills from any company over the internet (with respect) for fear of what might be inside them. I need to get this matter resolved and would be very grateful for your co operation to cancel anything from which you hold my personal details for. I confirm that I do not want to use your products . I have returned immediately into the possession of my bank the one and only delivery of diet pills received, both bottled products have not be opened and I need to receive your reassurance that matters can be resolved for me from here. I have cancelled my card because I do not know how my personal details have come to be used. I have liaised with family members who confirm they have not placed an order in my name by using my card details so I am very worried about how access to my bank card information has been gained. I realise that my bank HSBC are in communications with you, so far they inform me that you feel this order is eligible for payment. I appeal to the good nature of your company today to accept that I have not requested an order from you myself, I believe my personal details have been compromised somehow and I can confirm that I use my home computer to order supermarket shopping and to make purchases from sites which include ebay and amazon but I have not ordered from your company any diet trails or wanted to sign up to any subscriptions for products that I simply hold no intention of ever using. This matter would not have come to light had I not have received a package of pills to my door, I appear to have been billed for a few months worth of subscriptions which is highly concerning so I need to work this matter out with you because aside from not ordering these products I can not afford to pay for the subscription that I am led to believe is registered in my name, as stated above I am a full time carer for my son. I am prepared to seek legal advice on this matter should it be necessary to clear my name. On the day of receiving your delivery and contacting my bank and their fraud department I tried to find a contact telephone number for your company to discuss how the delivery had come to me but I was unable to trace any customer service numbers whatsoever. I do not have a reference number but my name is Mrs Michelle Hales and I am contactable on 07939 944963. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible yours Mrs Hales

    • You need to contact Ketones Body Pro yourself. This website is not associated with that product, or indeed any product. The above is purely a review, which in no way endorses the trial offer.

  23. So I ordered the body cleanse and raspberry ketone together earlier today. I thought it was a good price and after checking out and purchasing the products I felt uneasy as something didn’t feel right. I then did some research only to find out that this was some sort of agreement. I then read some of the comments on here and found out that I could email and contact them. I called them and no one answered so I emailed them about 6 times and the replies back. Luckily for me I cancelled it in less than and hour of ordering so they put my order on hold as I received an email from Rudy. She told me that although it was after trial and that she get that it was better that I tried the products first then decide on cancelling. It was then that I replied back saying that I was no longer ingested in purchasing theses products and then She replied back and confirmed my cancellation. However, I am also going to go to my bank and cancel and future payments just in case. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation as me

    Good luck to you all I suggest you don’t go ahead with this as there are hidden charges

  24. I believe that you are all just really stupids!!!

    How can you think that something is free?????

    This company is running a freemium model! they give us the possibility to at leat try their products and I did!

    Result: WOW! I just say thank you to them and for their discounts!

  25. What you should do is get your free trial then when it’s shipped you cancel your bank card, that’s what I done.

  26. I too have ordered the free trial. Once payment for shipping went through I panicked and researched the whole process, thank god I did. Immediately I rang the customer support line, explained that I didn’t want the trial as I would definitely not be able to afford the follow up prices. After being kept on the line for what felt like an eternity while the woman on the other end tried to track down my order, I was told that the order and charges had been cancelled. Still panicking I rang my bank to ask them if they could put a stop to any payments, the only thing they could do was cancel my bank card and issue a new one as my details have now been compromised. I have also emailed Body Pro Limited to confirm that the order has been cancelled, just to cover my back in case they try to dispute it. The following is their response:

    Thank you for contacting Body Pro Customer Support.

    We are sending this email to confirm that your subscription to the auto-ship program and your membership have now been cancelled. You will not be charged anymore based on your request.

    However if you decide in the future to avail of our monthly programs, feel free to contact us any time.

    We would be more than happy to re-sign you up with our amazing discounts.

    Thank you!

  27. This is the first and last time I ever buy anything on a whim.
    I had my card cancelled immediately after purchasing the trial and sent a cancellation email- to which the woman replied saying I should have emailed on the day I ordered (Saturday) rather than the day after, despite them being closed on Saturday. I argued that with their business being closed on Saturday, surely the email would have have been read until the Sunday anyway, but she informed me that they do in fact read emails on Saturdays. Utter bull.
    Anyway, my trial arrived today and I plan to send it back and obtain proof of postage. But they still have my address and I’m worried they might still send me stuff, or do a follow up, despite my card being cancelled.
    Has anyone actually ever been chased up for the money they apparently owe? I have no idea what to do.

  28. Has anyone actually ever been chased up for the apparent money that they owe? Genuinely scared that someone is going to appear at my address.

    • They don’t even send you the pills that you subscribed to, they take the money and send you nothing

    • Don’t worry about the money that u apparently owe. They where trying to get me to pay £80 but ignored all emails and not heard anything since May they must give up when they get no reply they are trying their luck and scaring people so they pay

  29. Ive ordered mine already and ive just read some of these comments and now im really scared that they will take money out of my account, im only an apprentice so I don’t earn very much a month. any suggestions on what to do? I havnt actually received the pills yet

  30. Hi all my name is Emma.
    I too fell for this major scam! I mean come on, I’m a single mother to an 8 months old baby, 18 and have my first home, so me seeing *free bottle* is very appealing to the eye! All I had to pay was the £5 for delivery and a bit more for tax, this company are trying very hard to make it all too convincing with all the ‘stories’ of the results these tablets supposedly gave!
    I was very wrong, I got charged £180 for both the ketones body pro and cleanser.

    If you too are in this scammed mess I advise using both email addresses above, using capital letters in the subject type CANCEL TRIAL WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT, Explain your situation, make sure you tell them you want to cancel with immediate effect within the email itself as well as using it as the subject title:)
    Hope this helps

  31. Please could someone give me details on how to get my money back please?

  32. OMG I fell for it. I always thought I was quite good and working out the scams but not this one 🙁 What can I say accept this we make me more “suspicious” of companies now. I did get the account cancelled with no problem but after having to pay our £89.73. What a great business to be in !!!!!!!!!!

  33. OMG I’m so embarrassed that I fell for this. I also emailed them complaining that they had taken £179+ and was informed that it’s every customers responsibility to read carefully the terms and conditions. I decided to cut my losses and used that opportunity to cancel my agreement with them. I have also informed my bank, just in case, so that no further payments can be taken. Here is their reply…..

    Hi Fiona,

    Thank you for contacting Body Pro Customer Support.

    We are sending this email to confirm that your subscription to the auto-ship program and your membership have now been cancelled. You will not be charged anymore based on your request.

    However if you decide in the future to avail of our monthly programs, feel free to contact us any time.

    We would be more than happy to re-sign you up with our amazing discounts.

    Thank you!

    Customer Service Working Hours:
    8AM – 8PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), Monday – Friday
    *Closed on UK Holidays

    Phone Support: +448000119824

    Rudy, Body Pro Manager

  34. Further to my previous post, I have to say that the Nationwide couldn’t have been more helpful. Not only are they insuring that further payments cannot be taken, they are looking into the £179+ payment and will possibly refund me. Still doesn’t alter the fact that this company are scamming people, there should be some way that they are shut down and cannot use this ruse again.

    Everybody needs to avoid these despicable scammers.
    I signed up for the free trial and nowhere did it state anything about auto subscriptions or anything. I have tried to find the ad again but conveniently for them I can’t.
    I ordered the product on the 3rd they arrived on the 20th and I tried to cancel on the 22/23rd after finding out it was a scam. I blocked my bank from them and cancelled my card sent numerous emails to cancel with immediate effect but they won’t confirm my cancellation or provide me with a rpa number to send the products back. They are trying to say the trial period was over before I even got the things. How can you do a trial without the product? I knew something was wrong from getting the 1st email from them as they couldn’t even do simple math. On advice I told them they would be getting no more payments from me. I want to send their products back and I want all unknown auto subscriptions cancelled. They refuse to do any of this and have even threatened on 2 occasions that someone would call at my home for the payment. If they do they police will be phoned immediately. I ticked no terms and conditions box the only time I have seen these is when they emailed them to me. I have emailed with a “rudy” “olivia” “rose” and an “irish” and they just keep.sending me the same emails over and over.
    I was lucky that I realised early on and blocked them from taking anymore payments but there have been unsuspecting people who haven’t realised till they have had hundreds ripped from their bank account.
    They have also told me they are monitoring my activity and ip address. I’m scared to even use my own computer because of this.
    I just hope people can be made aware of these con artists before they get scammed.
    Also be aware that they are using false names on similar forums claiming to be lawyers and other people doing some damage control. You can tell its them as they spelling is as bad as it is on their emails.
    I am reporting them to as many people I can find no matter how small. They need to be stopped.

  36. Bunch of scam merchants who cleaned out my credit card!

  37. I am really cautious about this sort of thing – ie weight loss pill and also about scams in general. However, i too was stung. I’ve contacted credit card company who are hopefully sorting a refund and a block (for 3 months) on future payments to this bunch of scoundrels.

    The only reason i took this “offer” of a trial was that it was linked to a legitimate customer survey i completed for either B&Q or Homebase. This was my “reward” for taking part in the survey. I guess they know from my age and being female it was a fairly good bet I’d be interested. If it hadnt been for the survey link I would never have done this! BE WARNED!!!! dont get involved. I’m going to try to return the second lot of pills with a stern note saying STOP all future payments and connections!

  38. So wish I’d seen these reviews before placing my order for a trial pack. I wrote to the company Body Pro Ltd at their London address, which appears on the despatch note, to cancel any further orders. I received a package of tablets today & checked my credit card transactions – you’ve guessed it, they’ve taken nearly £200 from my account the day after cancellation. I’ve cancelled my card with the bank & they will dispute the payments. Only wish I’d sent my cancellation letter by recorded delivery now – that was the first question the credit card company asked me.

    Do not be taken in by this scam, I never thought I would be but there you go

  39. My Father’s just been scammed by this company. £380.95. Livid!!!!!

    • do your research thoroughly, it is a scam
      connected with lemonway, montreuli, my mom had this
      charges in her bank account, last time we check their
      office is in Cebu, Philippines

  40. my sister who travels to Cebu City have hired a private investigator.
    This is what she got, check this out, for Ketones Body Pro or any Body Pro scam complaints,
    please forward to Cebu National Bureau of Investigation 00632-253-5631 N. Escario Street,
    Cebu, Philippines 6000

  41. Hello,

    I ordered these too, i paid for the trial, a minimal amount. I never took them and threw them in the bin. Now almost 6 months later I have an email from the debt collectors saying I owe them £207. I never got any more product from them. Is the debt collecting agency real? Or is it another scam? I don’t know if I can ignore it or not?

    • Hi, I too have recently received e-mails from a Debt Collection Agency stating that I owe £200+ for non-cancellation of the trial offer (which I fell for in Apr 2015). The product having ten days to arrive from order, I tried phoning as soon as they arrived, but it was a weekend and of course they weren’t open. I rang first thing Monday morning (after spending ages trying to find a contact number), eventually managed to speak to someone who advised me that my account was now closed and would send a confirmation e-mail. No surprises that this never arrived, but as no money was taken from my account (seems I was blessed on that score) and no further products have been received) I thought no more of it. Now 8 months later I’m getting e-mails from a Debt Collection Agency based in Estonia. I’ve replied to the e-mails so far stating the above but now they’re threatening Warrant Officers (which I know they can’t do this early in any proceedings), but not sure what I should do now? Should I continue to correspond or ignore? Is there any help I can get?

      • Hi Jo, I’m in exactly the same position as you. I have opted for some free trial thing more than a year ago. I contacted the company via phone and email as I never received free goods but got charged £89.79. I spoke to my bank and also cancelled. Received a confirmation of the cancellation (stupidly deleted about 4 months ago) now have received 3 emails from a Debt Collection agency in Estonia. They have sold my details… Please let me know how you get on?

      • Hi your situation is exactly the same. I’ve been ignoring debt company emails just wondering has anything come of these emails

      • Hi I too am being chased by debt agency in Estonia. I have received no further pills but am worried about the threats. Do I respond and get into dialogue or ignore?

      • I have a debt e mail also for 107 pounds but the security on my laptap says not to give any details or money because it is danderous and could be used to hack into your bank account. I find this whole scam worring x

      • We too have had a foreign debt collection company contacting us via email, never had any previous correspondence from them by mail or email. We cancelled the order as they were unsuitable fOr my wife as she is intolerant to caffeine and suffers from fibromyalgia, all thifs is causing undue stress which makes her condition worse.

      • I too fell for these con merchants, didn’t send pills back but threw them in bin as they made me feel ill.
        They are now emailing me because I cancelled any other payments from bank, they say they are applying to court for a warrant and then sending an officer round to my property.
        I’m not concerned, I have not replied at all to any of the emails, just deleted them.
        They cannot take me to court or do anything as I paid the six pound they asked for first for what was supposed to be a free trial.
        The emails are just to worry and frighten you into paying it online so that they have your account number again. Please just ignore them and press delete.

        • Hi what they told us is that there is no such thing as free trial, just free period. They say we ticked t and c,s and dont have a leg to stand on. We apparentely owe them around £90 for each tester, its sole distroying and up setting all these theats. Also how do you pay a company that your computor wont allow, there is danger of your bank details being high jacked.

  42. I’m another that fell for this scam hoping for that miracle cure to shed the extra pounds, I did try these for a few days but I had a bad reaction to them so I emailed ‘Rudy’ to cancel a week after ordering them. I was given an RMA and told they’d charge me £2 restocking fee… RESTOCKING FEE???? How many people had handled them pills before me? How can that be legal? They could be contaminated with anything. No wonder I had a bad reaction. I was away the week after and completely forgot to send them back, I heard nothing, no phone calls no letters, no emails to chase nothing. Then last week I get a an email from a debt collection agency for £215.56. I’m shocked. The pills have been sat in a draw since July. Ive now sent the pills back with the RMA attached along with the email from Rudy. The emails from the debt collection agency are coming through daily to intimidate as that’s what they do. From July I’ve heard nothing and now less than a week before Christmas I’ve got this.

  43. Hi I have had emails of a debt company regards this company and that I owe money.
    Has anyone had emails of a debt company ? And what came of it ?

  44. Yes I can relate to the stress Body Pro that has caused all of us. Earlier this year approaching summer 2015 a woman from Body Pro called me to discuss my unreasonable “charges”. It is extremely hard to contact Body Pro’s number they advertised on their website, implying to us all ” You have been fucked!”. This woman told me it cost £30 to cancel my subscription because I didn’t reply back to cancel it after 14 days. I told her a week after our conversation I was able to pay it back via my account & I assume they deducted £30 from my account last summer. I never heard them ever calling me complaining they never receive any payments from me until now. It’s very weird for a professional company to “forget an important urgent debt”. Yesterday all of a sudden I just received a Debt Collection Summary warrant via email demanding £107.78 on the behalf of Body Pro. I still have the one 1st & last bottle (almost full of it) & going to send it back so they can leave me alone. Don’t let these Body Pro scam intimidate us. Together we can use our complaints as hardcore evidence to crush this. If Body Pro ever forward us to court hiring warrants against us we can back each other up as we truly do not know each other but relate with our complaints against this Body Pro company. Body Pro’s scam is going to back fire oh yes I can’t even contact this debt collector either. I wonder when they are coming to my address?

  45. please please can someone help me i have recieved two emails saying i owe them like 187 pounds , i never applied for a subscription. they have sen a threat of court order. i don’t know what to do or who to call. i’ve emailed, and ive tried to call the number above but it keeps saying line busy.


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