8 Ways to Kick-Start Summer Weight Loss

8 Ways to Kick-Start Summer Weight Loss

If you have decided to lose a few pounds this summer the following tips will help.

Please read on to discover some of the best ways to kick-start summer weight loss:

#1: Keep those treats under 100 calories

As the recommended daily calorie allowance for a woman is only 1,400 calories a day, eating too many treats, or treats that contain a lot of calories is certainly not recommended.

Of course if you want to lose weight without becoming too bored with your strict routine then the occasional treat will be needed.

Just make sure that your choice does not contain too many calories.

#2: Track your steps

The amount of steps you take daily can be a good indicator of how active you are.

Remember to lose weight you need to be burning more calories than you consume, so being as active as possible outside of the gym is essential.

I would recommend buying a pedometer or downloading an app that can track your steps on your smartphone. Try and aim to get 10,000 steps daily.

#3: Keep a food diary

Keeping an accurate account of what you are consuming is a good way for you to identify if anything needs to be changed.

For example, are there certain foods you eat that cause more cravings, or perhaps empty calories that could be removed entirely from your diet?

If you also write down your weight loss progress too, as well as including some photos you can look back through this diary for motivation when you are feeling as though your progress has stalled.

#4: Make some healthy food swaps

To lose weight you don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes to your diet.

Some healthier food swaps can make a big difference to the numbers you see on the scales.

For example, instead of using a shop bought salad dressing, you could use a drizzle of balsamic vinegar or lemon juice instead.

Tips for Weight LossThere are numerous swaps you can make if you are serious about losing those pounds.

#5: Plan your meals in advance

If you plan your meals in advance you will be less likely to be tempted by those other (less healthy) foods.

At the start of each week, write a shopping list and stick to it. You could also prepare a few meals and freeze them ready for when you are busy.

To avoid those tempting offers you maybe better buying your shopping online, you can then stick purely to your shopping list.

#6: Eat filling foods

To cut back on snacking and those cravings between meals I would suggest trying to find foods that are filling.

Filling foods are those that have a good source of both protein and fibre.

#7: Swap to wholegrain and wholewheat

White breads, pasta and rice are highly processed so much of their nutrients have been removed.

Opt for wholegrain or wholewheat alternatives.

#8: Plan ahead

We all lead busier lifestyles now, but if you want to lose weight you cannot let a busy lifestyle ruin your efforts.

We have already mentioned pre-preparing meals for when you are busy, but you can also plan your workouts ahead of time too.

Both diet and exercise are an important part of any weight loss effort. So if you are busy you must make the time if you are serious about making a change.


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