Easy breakfast tips to kick start your weight loss

Easy breakfast tips to kick start your weight loss

Weight loss can be difficult, what with following a strict diet and getting regular exercise. Yet there are some things that you can do to make the process that much easier.

Take breakfast for example, this meal is supposed to be the most important yet some of us still skip it altogether.

Well, what happens then? Mid-morning and those hunger cravings are going to get the better of you, resulting in you reaching for that unhealthy snack to tide you over until lunchtime.

This is certainly not a good idea, and will almost definitely result in your other weight loss efforts being for nought.

Would it not be a better idea to eat a healthy breakfast that will keep those hunger cravings at bay until lunchtime? If you believe that this is a good idea here are a few breakfast tips to help give your weight loss a little kick start.

#1 – Make sure there is plenty of fibre present

Fibre is excellent for filling you up for a long time, it can also help regulate your bowel movements, which is beneficial for weight loss.

For breakfast you should aim to consume around 8 grams of fibre to prevent those mid-morning food cravings.

#2 – Have breakfast as soon as you wake up

Experts recommend that eating your breakfast as soon as you wake will give your metabolism a boost, which is crucial if your aim is to lose weight.

#3 – Limit how much sugar and starch you consume

Of course a sugary pancake or cupcake is tempting but you must resist these urges as although they may give you an initial energy boost you will soon crash.

This crash will also lead to further sugar cravings, which if you are trying to lose weight should be avoided.

Similarly you should try to avoid fruit juices or jams.

#4 – Add protein to your breakfast

We have spoken about how fibre is slow to digest. Protein is also slow to digest but also offers other benefits.

For instance, protein can help to repair your muscle tissue after a tough workout. Ensuring you will feel less sore.

This added protein will also help to build lean muscle if you are lifting weights in the gym, which we recommend as muscle helps to burn more calories than fat, even when at rest.

Good sources of protein include eggs and lean meat such as chicken.

#5 – Watch your coffee intake

Although you may find it hard to get going early in the morning it is important to avoid your early morning coffee.

Often this will be full of sugar and cream that will not do your diet any good.

Instead try a green tea as this is full of beneficial antioxidants, or if you really cant quit coffee drink it black.

#6 – Watch your portion sizes

Even if you are eating healthily you still cannot overfill your plates as this will still cause weight gain.

You should aim to eat a portion size large enough to be filling but not so that you feel bloated.

Around 350 calories for breakfast should suffice.

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