Kimberley Walsh Weight Loss Revealed

Kimberley Walsh Weight Loss Revealed

Ex Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh has recently been pictured showing off the results of her recent weight loss, having lost 3 stone since the birth of her son Bobby back in September 2014.

There is no doubt that she looks incredible, but how has she managed to achieve these weight loss results?

How did Kimberley Walsh lose weight?

The 34 year old singer has revealed that the secret to her weight loss success is a combination of gentle exercise and healthy eating.

While the first 2 stone of her weight loss was due to this technique, the final stone was lost after she started working with personal trainer, Nicole Abbot who has managed to create a fitness regime that would fit around the time Booby naps.

For some this would not be suitable, but if he should awake Kimberley has a solution:

“If he wakes up before my hour’s session is up, Nicole ends up bouncing him up and down!”

These personal training sessions include work with weights, which are designed not only to help with her weight loss efforts, but to also boost muscle mass too.

What foods does she eat?

To help with her weight loss efforts Kimberley has revealed that she uses SlimFast, with the meal bars, noodle dishes and shakes perfect to fit around her busy schedule:

“The shakes are great when I’m working out because they’re high in protein, and the meal bars and noodles feel substantial.”

There is no doubt that she looks amazing, and Kimberley is also happy with her current size 10 body:

“For me, it’s not about being thin – I like having shape and definition.”

Final thoughts

Perhaps seeing the results Kimberley can achieve just through diet and exercise will inspire you to make some positive changes of your own too.

Of course having children can have an impact on your diet and exercise regime, there are ways and means around any obstacle if you really want to see changes.

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