10 Kitchen Hacks for Weight Loss

10 Kitchen Hacks for Weight Loss

When attempting to lose weight you may find that you are having to work increasingly hard to see any results.

What you may need are some hacks for weight loss, as these will enable you to experience better weight loss results without any additional work.

#1: Pre-prepare breakfast

If you lead a busy life then you may find that you will tend to skip breakfast. However if you want to lose weight then this is probably the first mistake you will make of the new day.

By skipping breakfast you will find that by mid-morning you will be becoming increasingly hungry and likely to reach for anything to curb the cravings, even those snacks that you know you should be avoiding.

By pre-preparing breakfast, perhaps a bag of fresh ingredients ready to make into a smoothie, then there is no excuse not to have something.

The best ingredients are those that are rich in both protein and fibre, as these will fill you up and keep you full until lunchtime.

#2: Swap pasta for vegetables

While it is not the best idea to cut carbs entirely from your diet there is certainly good reason to cut back on your intake, especially if you are overeating them.

Carbs are important for energy, but the wrong kind (processed white pasta for example) will only leave you craving more, with weight gain a serious concern.

Vegetables on the other hand are high in nutrients that your body needs but are low in calories, meaning you can use them to fill up without affecting your weight negatively.

#3: Pre-prepare your salad and vegetables

As long as the packaging is sealed properly then there is no reason why you cannot pre-prepare your salad or vegetables for the week.

This is ideal for those who often find they do not have the time to cook from fresh each day.

You can also freeze certain meals too. For example you can blend a variety of vegetables, freeze them and then drop them back into the blender when you are ready to consume them.

#4: Make your own Greek yoghurt

A good breakfast choice or snack food for those looking to lose weight is Greek yoghurt, but you don’t have to buy it from your local supermarket to experience its benefits.

It is entirely possible to make your own in the comfort of your own home.

All you will need to do is add some protein powder to some dairy-free yoghurt, then simply mix it up until it is smooth and creamy.

You can also add a few nuts or flax seeds to give it an extra boost too.

#5: Add tofu to your smoothies

Adding tofu to your smoothies will help make them more creamy, plus will help add a little extra protein and fibre to your diet.

This can help you to feel more satisfied throughout the day.

#6: Use almond milk for ice cubes

If you are a fan of smoothies and usually add ice cubes made from water then stop.

By using frozen almond milk ice cubes you will be able to increase your intake of both protein and calcium, which will aid your weight loss efforts.

An alternative to almond milk is coconut water.

#7: Make your own ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? But obviously eating that tub of Ben and Jerry’s is not the best idea if you are looking to drop a few pounds.

Ice CreamLuckily for you there is a way to make your own ice cream without the added fat.

Using frozen almond milk and a variety of frozen fresh fruits (your preference), you simply blend them together to make your own ice cream.

#8: Plan your meals ahead of time

By planning your meals ahead of time there is no excuse not to eat as healthily as possible.

This is because you can shop accordingly based on your plans.

#9: Healthy swaps for baking

When baking to save calories you can swap the butter for mashed avocado instead.

You can also replace sugar for dates too, which is great as sugar is highly addictive and leads to further cravings.

#10: Keep track of your calories

If you are preparing your own meals then you can control how many calories you are consuming.

I suggest you keep a food diary and mark down what you consume and its calorie content. Doing so will allow you to look back to see if any changes are required.

When preparing meals for future consumption make sure to label them so that you know the number of calories it contains.

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