8 Kitchen Ingredients for Weight Loss

8 Kitchen Ingredients for Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose a few pounds, maybe because of doctors orders or just to look a little slimmer for an upcoming holiday?

If you are then you are probably trying to eat a little healthier, but what should you be eating? Here is a list of ingredients that you might find in your own kitchen that can aid your efforts.

Read on to discover the best kitchen ingredients for weight loss:

#1: Chillies

There are a few reasons why you should add chillies to your diet if you are trying to lose weight.

For one they contain a phytochemical called rutin that can increase the flow of saliva in your mouth that will help with the digestive process.

Chillies also contain capsicum too, an ingredient that when consumed can cause your internal body temperature to increase.

This process is called thermogenesis, and when it occurs your metabolism will increase, so you will find that burning calories and fat is much easier to achieve.

#2: Cinnamon

You can use cinnamon to help you to feel fuller for longer, which it can achieve as it slows down the rate that sugar is absorbed, similar to insulin.

Obviously when your are feeling full you will be less likely to want to reach for those unhealthy snacks between meals, so wont over-consume those all-important calories.

#3: Curry leaves

Most of us have a pot of curry powder sitting around the kitchen, but for a little help with your weight loss perhaps you should buy a few curry leaves instead.

Curry leaves when eaten raw have been said to help stimulate liver function, which will help improve your metabolic rate.

According to the Journal of Plant Foods for Nutrition, curry leaves can help regulate your blood sugar levels, and can change the way that your body absorbs fat.

#4: Tulsi

If you suffer from food cravings and bouts of emotional eating then you should perhaps bring a little tulsi into your kitchen.

This particular ingredient help to purify your blood, improves your mood and can help detoxify your body.

Tulsi can also help eliminate water weight.

#5: Cumin

Cumin is a seasoning that is often used in Indian cooking, perhaps it is time you started to add it to your own.

Cumin for Weight LossThis ingredient can help detoxify your liver, and can aid digestion too. This will therefore help to relieve flatulence and stomach bloating.

You can also use cumin as an appetite suppressant by consuming it raw with mint leaves.

#6: Coriander seeds

This ingredient is good for reducing your blood cholesterol levels and can help breakdown saturated fats too, before they become an issue.

#7: Fenugreek seeds

There are various benefits you can experience by chewing these raw:

  • Reduced stomach inflammation
  • Lower cholesterol levels

This can reduce your chances of developing heart disease and will aid your weight loss efforts.

#8: Ajwain

Ajwain can aid digestion and can help reduce flatulence.

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