8 Last Minute Holiday Weight Loss Tips

8 Last Minute Holiday Weight Loss Tips

Are you going on holiday in the next month but have been a little lax with your weight loss efforts?

If you have then it is time for you to kick start your efforts. Below you will find some last minute holiday weight loss tips that really work.

#1: Have a goal in mind

To successfully lose weight then you need to set yourself goals, but be aware that these goals should be achievable otherwise you will likely quit if you fail to reach them.

Of course have a larger goal in your mind. Though you would be more successful if you were to have lots of smaller ones too.

Remember once completed these small goals will add up to quite a large achievement.

#2: Keep a food journal

When you keep a food journal you will be able to write down exactly what you are eating and when.

Doing so will enable you to see what each food does to you. And possibly tell you what foods you should be avoiding.

#3: Use portion control

If your aim is to lose a few excess pounds then it is no good you overfilling your plate with food.

There are various ways to use portion control but a quick rule of thumb would be to use the following guide:

  • 1 half of a plate should be vegetables
  • 1 quarter should be protein
  • 1 quarter starchy foods

You should also pay attention to your own satiety levels. Stop once you feel satisfied, regardless of whether any more food remains on your plate.

#4: Stop starving yourself

You may think that starving yourself or skipping meals will help with your weight loss efforts.

While you may experience short term results using this method it is certainly not recommended.

Starving yourself is dangerous and results in a lack of nutrients being taken in by your body. Plus, any weight you lose will quickly return once you start eating properly again.

When you starve yourself your body will slow your metabolic rate in an attempt to hold onto your fat reserves. Your body will also start to break down muscle tissue for energy too, which will also slow your metabolism.

Once you start eating properly your metabolism will remain sluggish, so any lost weight will return quickly. You may even gain a few extra pounds from your original weight for good measure too.

#5: Plan your meals in advance

In this modern world we all lead busy lives, which can make healthy eating difficult to achieve everyday.

BikiniHowever, with a little forward planning then there is no reason for you not to eat healthily.

At the start of the week work out what you are doing and what you are going to be eating. This can also help with your shopping list too.

If you lead a particularly busy life then you could even pre-prepare healthy meals at the start of the week that you can just heat up when ready. Rather than buying one of those pre-packaged ready meals found in your local supermarket that is full of added sat, fat and other nasties.

#6: Quit grazing

Do you find that you are always eating? Perhaps due to boredom for example?

Well, if you are then it is time to stop. Stick to your mealtimes, and eat a healthy snack between meals if you do experience cravings.

#7: Use food combinations

There are certain foods that can help with your weight loss efforts. For example you could try:

  1. Tuna and ginger; a low fat protein and a spice shown to help burn fat. Can help reduce inflammation and fat storage
  2. Spinach and avocado oil; Can help with weight loss as well as offering other health benefits as it contains monounsaturated fats

Look online to see what other food combinations you can try to aid your efforts and keep your diet interesting.

#8: Make small changes

As stated earlier, small changes to your diet and lifestyle can have a big effect on your waistline.

Once you decide to lose a few pounds start off slow, drastic changes can be hard to cope with and are likely to only result in failure.

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