5 tips to achieve lasting weight loss

5 tips to achieve lasting weight loss

For some weight loss is easy, however keeping the weight off is the hard part with most of us regaining the lost weight within a year of reaching our goals.

Here are 5 tips to help you achieve lasting weight loss that you can keep off long term.

Lasting weight loss tip #1 – Reasonable goals

My first tip is to not set too high a weight loss goal. Instead try and aim to lose around 5-10% of your body weight to begin.

Not only is this goal achievable but if you are willing to stick to the changes you have made will be sustainable too.

You should aim to keep this lost weight off for around 6 months and If you can achieve this goal then perhaps you can set a new 5-10% body weight goal.

The aim is not to lose weight quickly but to keep the weight off long term.

Lasting weight loss tip #2 – Cope without food

It is something that affects us all, we let our emotions rule our diets.

We feel depressed so we eat, we are happy so we eat. Therefore unless we learn to cope with our emotions without reaching for food we are never going to keep the weight off.

Lasting weight loss tip #3 – Use moderation

When you are attempting to lose weight you don’t have to be strict with your diet all the time. As long as you are eating a healthy diet most of the time then your weight will be moving in the right direction.

Of course you are allowed the occasional treat, however the issues arrive when those treats become the norm.

Lasting weight loss tip #4 – Keep active

If you are constantly on the move then you are less likely to regain any of that lost weight.

Coming home from work and immediately slouching in front of the TV until bedtime however is a sure-fire way to gain weight and end up back where you started.

Lasting weight loss tip #5 – Stay positive

If you can learn to stay positive despite any set backs along the way then you will be able to achieve lasting weight loss.

Getting bogged down with problems will only lead to stress and comfort eating, which is not going to be helpful for losing weight.

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