6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Living Healthily

6 Reasons Why You Aren’t Living Healthily

To live healthily there are certain things you should be doing regularly, but for whatever reason you are not doing them.

Perhaps if we list them and the excuses you make why you can’t do them, perhaps it will give you the inspiration to try a little harder.

#1: You haven’t got any time

This is one of the most common excuses, but if you want to live a healthy life then you need to find the time to make those necessary changes to your life.

Instead of browsing Facebook for a few hours every day, perhaps use that time to workout, or prepare a few healthy meals to freeze for when you truly are busy.

If you want to live healthily then you may need to make a few small sacrifices, but surely they are worth it.

#2: You hate healthy food

Now this excuse is ridiculous. To live healthily you most certainly do not need to be living on bland and tasteless foods like celery.

Nowadays with access to the internet there are so many recipes available that you cannot fail to find a variety of healthy and tasty meals to try.

#3: You think that a small mistake is the end of the world

We all make mistakes from time to time, but it is not the end of the world.

Actually, I would encourage these mistakes, as sometimes eating healthy or skipping a workout can be good for you.

If you are eating healthily all the time you may become bored and the cravings for those once-loved foods will increase until you can no longer resist them.

Healthy LivingThe occasional indulgence will help keep you on the straight-and-narrow for the majority of the time.

#4: You don’t think your body can cope

The human body is a wonderful thing that can cope with a number of different stresses.

When it comes to exercise for example, you can only push yourself so far, but your body will recover and become stronger.

My advice to you if you are worried about your body coping would be to start off slowly, but to then try and push yourself to work that little bit harder each day.

#5: You are not getting support

If you have someone to go through this journey with you then you have more chance of success, but even if they are not physically doing or eating the same as you then mental support is necessary.

#6: You eat out too often

Of course if you are buying out from your local takeaway or McDonalds every night then this will have an impact on your weight, however the occasional indulgence wont harm (see tip #3).

Nowadays there are healthy versions on most menus, so even if you do eat out there is no excuse why you need to pick the most unhealthy option available.

You are in control of your choices, and you have to live with them either way. Choose as healthy as possible and this will be reflected in your life.

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