3 Simple Habits for Long-term Weight Loss

3 Simple Habits for Long-term Weight Loss

If you want to experience long-term weight loss you cannot rely on fad celebrity diets, or drastic diets that risk your health.

To lose weight and keep it off then diet and exercise are the best methods that when used in combination will give you the results you crave.

Of course to help you efforts there are certainly other things that you can do, for example if you read on you will discover some simple habits for long-term weight loss.

#1: Set yourself small, achievable goals

If you want to successfully lose weight and keep it off then it is no good setting yourself unrealistic goals, if you fail to reach them then you will likely become disheartened and quit your efforts.

You may also be tempted by less than safe methods to try and achieve these goals, which is never a good idea as your health is more important than anything.

What I would suggest however are smaller, more achievable goals that once you reach them will boost your confidence ready for the next target.

While these goals will be small they will soon mount up towards your final weight loss goal.

Just try to be specific when creating these goals. It is no good saying that you are going to “eat less and exercise more”. Instead try something along these lines:

  • I will bring a healthy lunch from home rather than eat out 3 times a week
  • I will lose 2 pounds by next Thursday etc

#2: Stop skipping meals

You may be tempted to skip meals when trying to lose weight, after-all the key to weight loss is taking in fewer calories, right?

Well, while you may lose a few pounds to start the weight loss will soon slow as your metabolism slows too.

Unfortunately when you start skipping meals your body will start to think that you are starving, so in a desperate attempt to cling onto its fat reserves your metabolic rate will slow.

Lasting Weight LossWhen this occurs not only will your weight loss stop, but your body will also start to burn off your all important muscle mass for energy, which will only result in your metabolism slowing even further.

This is a dangerous combination that will likely result in weight being gained once you start to eat normally again.

Rather than skipping meals I would suggest that you eat more often, of course this means that your portion sizes should be smaller. However if you eat 5-6 times rather than once or twice then you will rarely be hungry, while your metabolic rate will always be working to its fullest to help break down the food.

#3: Start eating more slowly

If you want to avoid overeating then you need to start eating a little slower.

It is a fact that it takes 20 minutes for our brains to receive a signal from your stomach telling it that you are now full, during which time you may have already eaten considerably more than you needed to.

An easy way to slow yourself down is to make sure you chew your food thoroughly, making sure not to gulp it down.

Chewing thoroughly will also help with your digestion too, as the food has already been broken down considerably during the act of chewing.

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