Lose 5 Pounds in Just 1 Week – 6 Fast Weight Loss Tips

Lose 5 Pounds in Just 1 Week – 6 Fast Weight Loss Tips

While we do not condone fast weight loss, slower and more steady is better for long-term results, with Christmas and the inevitable parties fast approaching you maybe feeling a little desperate.

So, instead of letting you choose an unhealthy option that could potentially risk your health I have compiled the following tips.

It will no doubt result in faster than normal results, but remember chances are you wont be seeing 5 pound weight losses every week.

#1: Use a diuretic

This is not something that is any good long-term but for fast results you can’t go far wrong with them.

There are natural diuretics such as dandelion or fennel that can help you to lose stubborn waste and water.

The main issue with diuretics is that any weight lost is quickly regained once you eat or drink again.

#2: Drink water before a meal

Research has shown that to cut the amount you eat during the meal you should have a drink of water beforehand.

This simple act will fill you up, so fewer calories will be consumed during the meal.

#3: Get a good nights sleep

A lack of sleep can play havoc with your weight, this is because the hormones that control your appetite will be affected.

Also, other hormones such as cortisol will also be overproduced too, which will lead to your body holding onto its fat reserves despite your efforts to lose it.

I would recommend trying to get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep each night. To achieve this try and remove any distractions that will affect your sleep, for example your phone or laptop.

#4: Cut out processed foods

When I say processed foods I don’t just mean junk food but also foods like white bread and white pasta.

Junk foodThe reason for this is that when they are processed most of its nutrients have been removed and replaced with salt and sugars, which is not something you should be consuming on a regular basis.

Instead opt for whole grains as they are not overly processed so offer more nutrient value to you, plus contain fewer calories.

#5: Watch your alcohol intake

If you have made the decision to lose weight you know that you will need to make changes to your diet and the foods you eat. What you may not realise is that what you drink will also have an impact on your weight.

Obviously soft drinks are best avoided, but so should alcohol.

Not only will it lower your inhibitions, leading you to choose those high-calorie foods you know you should avoid. But also most alcoholic drinks are high in calories too, which you are trying to cut.

#6: Workout hard

To burn off calories you need to put effort into your workouts, you cannot simply turn up to the gym and go through the motions.

Personally I would rather you workout hard for 10-20 minutes rather than saunter around for an hour.


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