8 simple methods to lose a pound a week

8 simple methods to lose a pound a week

If you want to lose a pound a week then you will need to find a way to reduce your calorie intake by around 3500 calories, or 500 calories a day.

Of course you could workout that little bit harder but there may be an easier method you could use.

Read on to discover a few simple methods you could use to lose a pound a week:

#1: Stop adding cheese to your sandwiches

Just one slice of cheese could add up to 100 calories, so aim to eat as little of it as possible.

If you are ordering a ham or turkey sandwich and would normally have a slice or cheese to go with it then stop.

Keep the protein rich meat and hold back on the cheese. You will be surprised at how many calories you will save yourself each week.

#2: Swap your bread bun for lettuce

While burgers are certainly not the best food to eat many of us love them.

To make them that little bit healthier and to save yourself a few calories simply replace the carb-rich bun with lettuce instead.

A typical bun could amount to almost 250 calories, while the refined carbs will cause a spike in your blood sugar levels that will cause food cravings later on.

#3: Cut out the fruit juice

A typical 8 oz serving of fruit juice can contain 120 calories. By swapping it for plain tap water with a slice of fruit (for example lemon or lime) you could save virtually the whole calorie amount.

Lose weightFruit juice often contains hidden sugars, while even the fresh variety will contain natural sugars that can quickly add up if you are not careful.

#4: Add lemon to your salad

Rather than adding one of those calorie laden dressings you would be better off spritzing a little lemon over the top of your salad.

#5: Use almond milk for your cereal

Regular milk contains around 70 calories in each half cup, which when compared to almond milk (just 30 calories) makes swapping them even more sense.

If you eat cereal every day then you could save around 280 calories a week.

#6: Mist your oil when cooking

Rather than pouring the oil straight into your frying pan buy yourself an oil mister so that you are able to spread the oil evenly across your pan.

Doing so will help save yourself calories as you will be using less oil.

#7: Buy thin-crust pizza

Again pizza is certainly not the best food you could eat while attempting to lose weight, however it is possible to save calories just by choosing to buy a thin-crust pizza instead of a thick one.

It is also recommended that you try to limit your cheese intake, so make sure you are not tempted by those offers of extra cheese.

#8: Use Greek yoghurt

If you love your condiments then you will likely be adding tens, perhaps even hundreds of calories to your diet every week.

Instead swap these high-fat and high-sugar condiments for Greek yoghurt. It contains around a third of the calories you would find in mayonnaise for example.

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