How to lose chest fat

How to lose chest fat

Gynecomastia or ‘man boobs’ is something that affects thousands of men, and while it is often due to increased levels of oestrogen in the body it can also be due to being overweight.

With a proper diet and regular exercise you could lose this chest fat and be confident enough to remove your shirt at the pool or at the beach this coming summer.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal:

#1: Start lifting weights

While cardio exercises like running or cycling are good for burning off calories they will only burn the calories while you workout.

To see better results you need to start implementing weight training into your exercise regime.

Doing so will help build muscle, which will enable you to burn more calories even while resting.

The workout itself will help burn calories both during the workout and for up to 24 hours thereafter.

#2: Watch what you eat

To lose chest fat you need to start eating healthier. That means fewer take-aways and junk food.

Instead you should start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, as they contain fewer calories but offer more nutritional value.

To help build muscle you will need to start eating more lean protein, such as chicken and turkey. It can help to repair the damaged muscle tissue that is broken during your workouts, allowing them to grow and become stronger.

#3: Cut back on your alcohol and sugar

These are ‘empty calories’ that will not benefit your progress.

If you enjoy the occasional night out drinking with friends then look out for alternatives such as vodka as this contains very few calories.

#4: Attempt to lower your oestrogen levels

There are certain foods that can affect your hormones.

Some can even help to burn the fat in your chest, such as green beans, corn, broccoli, cabbage, melons, berries, grapes and pineapples. So make sure you start eating these on a daily basis.

#5: Do some cardio

Although we mentioned above that weight training is good for helping to lose chest fat you should also do some cardio to help improve your cardio health.

This will allow you to push yourself that much harder, so that you can see even better results.

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