Choose to lose fat not weight?

Choose to lose fat not weight?

When people say that they want to lose weight they really mean that they want to lose fat. I very much doubt they want to lose muscle or bones mass.

Unfortunately, when people lose the weight probably less than half of the lost weight is fat, often it is simply water weight or muscle mass.

The problem with losing water weight is that it is quickly regained once you have a drink, while losing muscle mass will make losing any more weight much more difficult to achieve. Muscle helps to burn calories after-all.

If you wish to lose fat rather than weight then read on, there are some tips below that should help you see the best results:

#1: Track your body composition

The best way to see if you are losing fat rather than just body weight is by checking your body composition.

Use a body fat scale to work out your body fat percentage first-of-all, then multiply it by your weight to find out your body fat mass.

If you have experienced the same reductions to your body fat mass as your body weight then you will know for certain that your weight loss is 100% fat loss.

#2: Moderately cut calories

Of course cutting calories will lead to weight loss, however if you cut your calorie intake too drastically then you will lose muscle.

To lose fat but not muscle, try to cut create a calorie deficit of 300 calories per day.

#3: Eat plenty of protein

To ensure you do not lose any muscle whilst losing weight you should make sure you are eating plenty of protein, which can be found in food such as chicken and turkey.

You should aim to take in between 15-30% of your calorie intake using protein sources.

#4: Strength training

To retain muscle you need to be working it, which means you should be doing some strength training when you are at the gym.

For women you do not have to worry about looking manly after lifting weights, your testosterone levels are certainly not high enough to cause any significant muscle gains.

For fat loss not muscle loss aim to do 2x 30-minute, full body strength training sessions every week.

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