How to lose a stone by Christmas

How to lose a stone by Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner many of us are starting to stress about the office party and how we are going to fit into our best outfit.

Well, by following these following tips you could lose as much as a stone by Christmas.

Tip #1 – Make weight loss fun

If you want to lose weight then making it fun will make it that much easier to achieve.

No one wants to be sat in their house on these cold winter nights feeling hungry and depressed.

Tip #2 – How many calories do you really need?

By working our your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) you will know how many calories it takes to maintain your current weight.

Once you know how many calories you need you could then cut around 500-700 calories from it, ensuring you never go below 1200 calories per day.

It is important to keep track of your BMR as once you start losing the weight the amount of calories you need daily will also decrease.

Tip #3 – Keep a food diary

By keeping a food diary you will be able to keep track of what you are eating and drinking.

This will help to keep note of your calorie intake and will help you to see which foods should be avoided in the future.

You could also use this food diary to note the amount of calories you are burning through exercise too.

Tip #4 – Keep track of your progress

Although you should keep track of the weight you have lost it is important not to weigh yourself too often.

Weighing too often can be an unwanted distraction and may make you feel like quitting if your weight is fluctuating up and down daily.

You should measure yourself too as weight loss is not the only goal, muscle weighs more than fat so if you are working out more often you may lose fat and gain muscle.

This may mean that you may weigh more than before, but look and feel much better.

Tip #5 – You need to exercise

Every weight loss plan should include regular exercise as this is the best way to burn off those calories and stored fat.

A gym membership may be a good idea for some, but not others. Therefore you may want to look at joining a local club who will be doing activities that interest you.

Not only will these activities burn calories but you will be making new friends in the process.

Another option is to simply workout at home, with countless fitness DVD’s available and the Internet to look for ideas there is no reason why you cannot find 20 minutes a few times a week.

Tip #6 – How to eat

What you eat is important, but also how much and when to eat are also important.

Here are some things you really should keep in mind if your goal is to lose a stone by Christmas:

  • You should never skip meals, especially breakfast
  • You should try to increase the amount of fibre you eat
  • Foods with a low Glycaemic Index are the best choices
  • Swap carbohydrates for protein
  • Your fridge should be full of low calorie snacks
  • Drink less caffeine
  • Eat less junk food and stay away from takeaways

If you follow these simple tips you can lose the weight and look the best you have in ages this Christmas.

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