8 ways to lose stretch marks after weight loss

8 ways to lose stretch marks after weight loss

If you have recently lost weight or are considering losing weight then you may be starting to worry about stretch marks.

Once the weight is lost you may become more body confident, but this new found confidence is often lost once you strip and see those stretch marks.

What are stretch marks?

In essence a stretch mark is a scar on your skin that is caused by the stretching of your skin, more often than not by excess fat or during pregnancy.

The most common areas to develop stretch marks are on the stomach, your sides, lower back and thighs.

Although stretch marks can seem unsightly the following tips can help you to reduce their appearance and ensure you no longer have to cover them up.

#1 – Drink more water

By drinking more water (around 8-10 glasses per day) you will be able to reduce the prominence of the stretch marks.

#2 – Use a cream or moisturiser

Although creams and moisturisers work better with new stretch marks they can help reduce the appearance of old ones too.

When choosing a cream you should look for one that contains Retin A (tretinoin) as this is a form of vitamin A that can help your skin to renew itself.

#3 – Use an oil

Both lavender and rose oils are a great natural way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

#4 – Use egg whites

This may sound a little strange and certainly a little messy but if you apply egg whites to your skin, your stretch marks may fade.

It is best that you apply the egg whites 3 times daily.

#5 – Apply potato juice

Potato juice is full of vitamins and minerals that can help restore skin cells.

Just slice a potato and rub it onto the affected areas for best results.

#6 – Use lemon juice

The natural acid found in lemon juice can help to bleach your stretch marks, therefore reducing their appearance.

For best results rub the lemon juice onto the affected area using a circular motion.

#7 – Use Shea or Cocoa butter

Both butters can be used to massage your skin. They will help to moisturise it.

#8 – Laser treatment

The final tip and most costly is laser treatment, which can be used to treat stubborn stretch marks.

Despite its cost it is the most effective method you can use.

In conclusion

Although there are various methods you can use to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after weight loss. You cannot expect to see results overnight, often the results will take some time and in a lot of cases will never disappear completely.

My advice is that you should learn to love yourself, and worry less about how you perceive others think about you.

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