Lose that back fat

Lose that back fat

If you are struggling to lose that unsightly back fat then you are certainly not alone. It is one of the most common concerns made by women.

So how can you lose this back fat? Maybe the following tips will help:

Lose that back fat tip #1 – Wear a bra that fits

If you wear a bra that fits you correctly your back fat will be less noticeable. Sometimes your bra will slide up creating a bulge that will accentuate the back fat.

When choosing a bra to wear, ones with a wider back and sides will look more flattering under clothing.

Lose that back fat tip #2 – Wear Spanx

Although Spanx or any other shape wear is cheating a little it can be a good idea and certainly a confidence booster if you are planning to wear clothes that are tight or formfitting.

Lose that back fat tip #3 – Eat more fruit and vegetables

You have no doubt heard that you should be eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, so why aren’t you?

It is not possible to focus your weight loss on one particular area so to lose back fat you will need to lose fat from your entire body.

One of the best methods is through healthy eating, which means out with the junk food and in with healthier alternatives.

Fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients and can fill you up without taking in too many calories.

Lose that back fat tip #4 – Eat more healthy fats and protein

Instead of eating processed meats such as bacon or sausage, reach for fresh lean meats that contain healthy fats like omega 3 and plenty of protein.

Both omega 3 and protein are essential for weight loss and fat burning so make sure your diet is full of both.

If you are not a fan of meat you could also try eating an avocado or flaxseed oil as they both contain healthy fats, while legumes and leafy greens will contain all the protein you need.

Lose that back fat tip #5 – Eat more whole grains

Whole grains and high fibre foods are essential for a healthy digestion and will keep you feeling fuller for longer than foods that don’t contain them.

Try to avoid white flour, rice and oatmeal, instead choose whole grain bread, brown rice or even quinoa, nuts and legumes.

Lose that back fat tip #6 – Time to relax

This may seem like a strange tip but when you are stressed out your body produces a hormone called cortisol that causes fat to deposit in those hard to burn areas.

To avoid to much cortisol being produced you need to take steps to reduce stress. Try to remove those aspects of your life that cause stress or take up yoga or meditation to reduce your stress levels.

Even a nice warm bath at the end of the day can do wonders for your stress.

Lose that back fat tip #7 – Get some sleep

Another way stress is caused is through a lack of sleep.

Try to aim for 7-8 hours a night to wake up feeling fresh and free from stress.

Lose that back fat tip #8 – Drink more water

Instead of drinking ‘empty calories’ in the form of caffeinated drinks, teas, coffees and alcohol perhaps you should be drinking water instead.

Not only does it contain zero calories but it can help to flush out those toxins that cause weight gain too, along with improving your skin health.

Water is also an effective appetite suppressant and can curb food cravings between meals. Often your body will mistake thirst for hunger so always keep a bottle of water to hand.

Lose that back fat tip #9 – Exercise

Exercise when combined with protein will help you to build lean muscle, which will help to reduce the appearance of back fat as well as aid in the burning of it.

Cardio exercises such as jogging and swimming are great for burning calories, but don’t forget weight training too.

Weight training is obviously going to help build muscle, which looks infinitely better than fat.

It can also help to burn calories too, muscle has been shown to burn more calories than fat even while you are resting.

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