5 Easy Weight Loss Tips to Help You Lose The Last 5 Pounds

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips to Help You Lose The Last 5 Pounds

You have worked hard to reach your current weight, but for some reason you can’t lose those last 5 pounds.

What can you do? Of course you could be happy with your current achievement and work towards keeping the weight off long-term, but will you feel like you have failed?

Lets look at a few methods you could use to shift those final few pounds.

#1: Try a sport you are rubbish at

No doubt you have a favourite sport or exercise, perhaps jogging for example. So you do it regularly.

However, if you are only doing the same type of exercise every week then your body will get used to it and you will stop experiencing as many benefits.

If you try a different sport, then you will be tricking your body and your muscles, which will result in more calories being burnt than normal.

#2: Add more vegetables to your meals

Again, you have probably already started adding more vegetables to your meals when you first made the decision to lose weight.

This is for good reason, as they are naturally low in calories while being full of nutrients.

Perhaps in order to lose those last few pounds you could consider adding a few more vegetables in place of some of those less healthy foods you have allowed yourself to have?

#3: Give your whole body a workout

When it comes to strength training it can be easy to fall into the trap of focussing on one particular body part per workout (usually a part you hate most, like your bum for example).

Well, for better results you should focus on workouts that work your entire body.

The reason being is that the more muscles you work the more calories you burn, and therefore the more weight you can lose.

#4: Watch those snacks

Sometimes we all feel peckish between meals, but if you are struggling to lose those last few pounds those additional calories can make a big difference to your weight.

I would certainly recommend avoiding junk food as snacks, instead opt for fresh fruit or a handful of nuts.

You could also try sipping water when you are feeling peckish too. Sometimes your body will mistake thirst for hunger, so drinking water may help those feelings of hunger to subside.

#5: Take a break

If you are struggling to lose weight you maybe thinking about it constantly, which will lead to your stress levels rising.

When this occurs your cortisol levels will also rise, and with it a host of problems.

Cortisol can prevent your body from breaking down body fat, and stress can also lead to bouts of comfort eating, which will likely lead to weight gain.

Taking a day off and doing other things rather than stress about weight loss is a good way to unwind and leave your refreshed ready to start your efforts again.

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