6 tips to lose those final 5 pounds

6 tips to lose those final 5 pounds

You might have stuck to your diet rigidly over the past few months and the gym has become your second home, but whatever you do you still cant manage to lose those final 5 pounds.

Perhaps these 5 simple easy to incorporate tips will finally help you achieve your weight loss goals.

#1 – Give up alcohol

Most alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories that do nothing for your weight loss efforts.

There is no nutritional content in alcohol and as you get more drunk your willpower will lessen, which will mean you are less likely to resist those unhealthy foods at the end of the night.

It may sound boring but the best drink you can have is water.

#2 – Incorporate intense cardio

Instead of spending hours jogging on the treadmill think about doing some more intense cardio like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for example.

These workouts will push your body to the limit and will undoubtedly help you towards your goal.

#3 – Beat stress with exercise

When you are stressed your body will produce excess levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that cause snacking to occur.

Next time you start to feel stressed out, go and workout. Exercise is a great stress reliever as it releases similar feel good hormones as when you eat chocolate.

#4 – Treat yourself

When I say treat yourself I do not mean with food, that is the old you.

When you have had a good week on your diet, have eaten healthily and gone to the gym a couple of times you can reward yourself with a trip to your favourite place.

Perhaps a spa day or the cinema would be a good reward for all your hard work.

#5 – Focus on your fibre intake

Eating foods full of fibre will help make you feel fuller for longer as it takes up a lot of room within your stomach, plus is slow to digest.

You should aim to eat at least 25 grams of fibre each day for best results.

#6 – Take a breath between bites

If you tend to eat your food fast you are not giving your brain enough chance to realise that you are becoming full.

Take a little time to enjoy your food, breathe between mouthfuls and make sure you chew thoroughly.

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