6 Simple but Effective Ways to Lose Water Weight

6 Simple but Effective Ways to Lose Water Weight

While water is quickly regained, if you are just starting a diet then losing this can help give you the motivation to push harder to achieve real long lasting results.

Read on to discover some simple but effective ways to lose water weight.

#1: Go for a quick run

A quick way to lose water weight is to go for a 30-60 minute run.

Cardio will cause you to sweat, and will also help to boost your metabolic rate, so you will be burning calories too.

#2: Eat less salt

Salt is full of sodium that causes water retention within the body, so I suggest that you try to cut back on your salt intake.

This means that most processed and junk foods should be avoided.

#3: Cut back on sugar too

Sugar can cause weight gain so is best avoided if you wish to lose both water weight and body fat.

Consuming sugar can lead can cause your blood sugar levels to sharply rise, but as sugar is burnt quickly by your body these blood sugar levels will drop sharply too. This results in cravings for more foods that are full of sugar.

Instead try to eat foods that contain good amounts of protein and fibre, as they can help to curb food cravings as they are slow to digest.

#4: Drink more water

This may seem like a strange tip to give if your aim is to lose water weight, but it really works.

If you are not consuming water then your body will retain it, so my suggestion would be to make sure that you are drinking an adequate amount each day.

Water is also good for weight loss and your overall health in general, plus it can help to flush out the toxins that build up within your body, which will result in clearer and healthier skin.

I would suggest drinking around 8 glasses of water daily, but to judge how much you should be drinking then you should look to see what colour your urine is.

If it is dark yellow then you are not drinking enough water and should drink a little more.

#5: Eat and drink natural diuretics

There are certain foods and drinks that are natural diuretics that can help reduce water weight and bloating.

Water Weight LossFor instance you could try:

  • Melons
  • Blackcurrants
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Ginger
  • Fennel
  • Oats
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Green tea
  • Carrots
  • Lemon juice

#6: Try to reduce stress

If you are struggling with stress then your body will start to produce excess amounts of a hormone called cortisol.

Unfortunately when this occurs you will find that your body is more likely to retain fat and water.

Stress is something that can affect us all but there are things that you can do to reduce your stress levels.

For example you could try meditation or yoga, even an hour reading your favourite book or a nice warm bath could be enough to reduce stress levels.

Final words of advice

Remember the weight lost using these tips above will mostly help you to lose water weight, which your body will quickly regain.

You can use these tips to give yourself a quick boost at the start of a diet, or to lose weight quickly, perhaps for an upcoming party.

For longer lasting results you will need to do more than the above, with an overhaul of your diet and regular exercise recommended.

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