Trick to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Trick to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Even though you have tried hard and have finally reached your weight loss goal does not necessarily mean that you are going to be able to keep the weight off long-term.

An unfortunate fact is that most dieters will regain 40% of their lost weight within a year of reaching their goal. Facts also show that within 5 years every last pound would have been regained.

So how can you avoid becoming another number in this statistic? Well, the authors of a new study published in the Journal of Obesity may have a trick that will enable you to lose weight and keep it off.

This method is called the Caloric Titration Method or CTM for short that has resulted in significant weight loss results over the course of the 2 year study.

What is the Caloric Titration Method?

The Caloric Titration Method basically involves weighing yourself daily on a scale and ticking off a data point on a chart.

David Levitsky, the lead author of the study and professor of nutrition and psychology at Cornell University had this to say about CTM:

“…forces you to be aware of the connection between your eating and your weight. It used to be taught that you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily, and this is just the reverse.”

What did the study involve?

During the first year of the 2 year study, 162 overweight volunteers were placed randomly either in a CTM intervention experimental group or a delayed treatment control group.

Lose weightWhile both sets of volunteers were given advice on how to track their weight daily, only the CTM group were asked to use this technique throughout the study.

In the second year of the study, those who were encouraged to use CTM in the first year were asked to continue using the technique, except only as a weight loss maintenance measure.

The second control group were then instructed to start using CTM every day for the remainder of the study.

What were the results of the study?

Over the course of the first year of the study, those in the CTM group lost an average of 13 pounds, while those in the control group lost an average of 10 pounds.

During the second year of the study the CTM group were able to keep the lost weight off, while the control group who were now using CTM daily experienced similar weight loss results as those in the CTM group experienced during the first year of the study.

What caused these results?

The researchers believe that consciously weighing yourself daily while tracking your weight could reinforce your own good behaviours. For example eating less or taking part in exercise.

David Levitsky had this to say about the findings of the study:

“We think the scale also acts as a priming mechanism, making you conscious of food and enabling you to make choices that are consistent with your weight.”

While it was previously thought that weighing yourself daily would not aid your weight loss efforts, this new study suggests that this idea was wrong and that perhaps we should be weighing ourselves more often.

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