8 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Before Spring

8 Lazy Ways to Lose Weight Before Spring

Spring is almost upon us, and no doubt as it starts to get warmer our clothes will become less bulky with more flesh on show.

If you have gained a few pounds over the winter months this can be a worrying time, especially if you tend to find losing weight difficult to achieve.

Luckily for you there are ways to lose weight that do not require much effort. Please read about some methods that really work.

#1: Enjoy the cold

According to a study in 2015 exposing yourself to the cold can help your white body fat, which is the type that stores calories and affects your health, to act more like brown fat.

Brown fat is the type of fat that generates heat and ultimately results in calories being burnt.

#2: Start to shiver

Shivering is caused by muscle contractions, which will result in calories being burnt.

A study in 2014 has shown that 10-15 minutes of shivering could burn as many calories as an hours worth of moderate exercise.

#3: Enjoy the company of others

Spending time with friends will make you happy, which will increase the amount of serotonin your body produces.

This is good news for your weight loss efforts as a new study has found that serotonin can help your body to burn more fat than normal.

#4: Drink some cold water

When you drink cold water your body will be forced to burn more calories in an effort to warm you back up.

#5: Go for a walk

Lose WeightWalking is an easy way to burn calories, so make sure you try to do a little every day.

If it has been snowing then this can be even more beneficial as you will need to work that much harder to move around.

#6: Put on some extra layers

Those extra layers of clothing you tend to add in the winter is ideal for ensuring you have to work harder to move around.

#7: Opt for soup

Soup is a popular food choice around the winter time as it can help to warm you up.

If you opt for a vegetable soup then you will find that the veggies will help fill you up, therefore stopping you from craving snack foods between meals.

The reason for this is that vegetables tend to be full of fibre.

Fibre can also aid your digestion, which also has its health and weight loss benefits.

#8: Order in instead of eating out

According to research people tend to order foods that are lower in calories if they have to wait for delivery, rather than ordering in a restaurant.

Plus, as a bonus you wont have to leave the house to walk around in the soggy weather.

Weight loss can be difficult, but the above tips can give you a little boost to your efforts. Give them a try and report back on your progress.

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