Lose weight by changing your environment

Lose weight by changing your environment

While making changes to yourself is going to lead to weight loss, did you know that you can also make changes to your environment that can also aid your efforts?

Below you will find some tips that you can incorporate into your daily life that will result in significant changes being experienced:

#1 – Don’t enter your home via the kitchen

It will come as no surprise for you to learn that those who tend to enter their home by their kitchen tend to weigh more than those who enter by another entrance.

#2 – Buffet food

Those of us who grab a plate and pick every available option from the buffet table tend to be the largest, while those who sit the furthest from the buffet ate least.

#3 – Watch your plates

If your plate is the same colour as your food you are more likely to eat more of it. You may also want to think about using smaller plates rather than filling those large ones.

This goes for bowls too as a study has shown that those eating from a larger bowl would eat 54% more ice cream than those who use a smaller bowl.

#4 – Stop buying in bulk

While buying in bulk may save you a few pennies it may also cause an increase in pounds.

What people tend to do is simply eat more, so only buy healthy foods in bulk.

#5 – Chew gum while shopping

A simple trick to avoid buying too much from the supermarket is by chewing gum. A study showed there was a 7% drop in junk food bought by those chewing gum.

#6 – Organise your kitchen

If you have your toaster, cutting board and knives out in your kitchen then it is time to store them away.

Research suggests that those who have a cluttered kitchen will eat 44% more snack food than those whose kitchen is tidy and uncluttered.

#7 – Stop hanging out in your kitchen

Avoid putting comfortable chairs in your kitchen as it will make it too comfortable, meaning you will be spending more time there. Obviously this will result in more food being eaten.

#8 – Stop doing other activities while eating

If you tend to eat your dinner while sat in front of your TV you may be taking in more calories than you need.

When you are doing other things then you are not realising how much food you are eating. That is until it is too late.

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