Lose Weight by Eating More

Lose Weight by Eating More

If you want to lose weight you may think that starving yourself is the answer. Well, although creating a calorie deficit will help in the short term, it is simply not sustainable for long term results.

Often restrictive diets will result in cravings and binge eating, which we all know will not be good for your weight or your health.

You may even find that cutting too many calories will result in lost lean muscle mass that will reduce your fitness levels and your appearance.

Instead of starving yourself for results I would recommend that you eat more. Though this does not mean junk food but rather the right food that can help to boost your metabolism and help you to burn more calories.

How is your metabolism boosted?

Certain types of food take longer to digest than others, resulting in your metabolism increasing in an attempt to help digest them.

Protein in particular is one of the best metabolism boosting foods, which can also help to build and maintain lean muscle.

Cut back on carbohydrates

Carbohydrates such as pasta and white rice should be avoided if you want to lose weight as your body will tend to burn this for energy rather than your stored body fat.

By reducing your carb intake your body will have no option but to start burning fat.

More protein is key to weight loss

Protein is a key ingredient for weight loss yet it can be difficult to add it to your daily diet. Our suggestion would be to try to eat some sort of poultry (white meat) such as chicken or turkey.

You may even want to eat a couple of eggs a day (not fried), with nuts being the perfect snack food if you do get hungry between meals.

Can I eat more at night?

You have probably heard the rule that you should not eat before bed, well research has shown that if you make the right food choices then you may be able to keep your metabolism burning while you sleep.

Don’t forget to exercise

Even though you are eating healthier to see real weight loss results you should always combine a healthy diet with regular exercise.

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