5 places to lose weight fast

5 places to lose weight fast

Although what you eat and the amount you eat is important recent research suggests that where you eat also has a part to play in the amount of weight you can lose.

If you are trying to lose weight perhaps you should be eating your meals in the following locations.

Location #1: Eat in public

If you want to lose weight you should try eating in front of at least one person.

Eating alone may cause you to overeat as there is no one there to make you feel self conscious about what you are eating and the amount of foods you are eating.

Location #2: Eat at the table

If you tend not to sit at a table with a proper dinner in front of you then you are unlikely to measure out the portions of your food.

Picking at your food while standing in front of your cupboards or fridge may cause you to overeat without knowing as when you see your food laid out in front of yourself on a plate you are more likely to register the amount that you are eating.

Location #3: Eat in the break room at work

When you are busy in work it is easy to just eat food in front of your computer without ever realising how much you have really eaten.

By taking just 10-20 minutes away from your computer you will not only give yourself a well deserved rest, but will also ensure you take notice of what and how much food you have eaten.

Location #4: Eat opposite a mirror

Eat in front of mirror to lose weightOne study has shown that eating in front of a mirror can cut the amount you eat by a third.

It is suggested that seeing yourself while you eat will remind you of why you wanted to lose weight in the first place.

Location #5: Eat in a blue room

Amazingly the colour blue has been shown to act as an appetite suppressant.

The colours red, yellow and orange however have the opposite affect so you should try to avoid eating your food in any area with these colours.

Don’t forget!

Remember it does not matter where you eat if you are not eating the right foods.

Cut back on the junk food and instead eat a diet rich with fresh fruits, vegetables and protein.

Make sure you drink plenty of water too, as this will help to cut back on those cravings you experience throughout the day.

Finally any weight loss attempt should involve regular exercise. Just working up a sweat 3-4 times a week for 20-30 minutes will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals.

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