How to lose weight in 2015

How to lose weight in 2015

Now that Christmas and the New Year are over it is now time for you to start working hard to achieving your new year resolution of losing weight, but how can you lose weight in 2015?

Is there anything different you could do to help speed up your weight loss?

Read on to discover a few tips that should help you lose weight that much faster than normal:

#1: Set a goal weight

How can you achieve a goal without setting one?

Obviously it needs to be something that is achievable, otherwise it will be too hard and you will need to make too many sacrifices. Therefore, chances are you will fail.

Of course set one large goal, but also make sure you set plenty of smaller ones too. The reason being that these smaller goals will help keep you motivated to achieving the next goal.

After a while all these small achievements will add up to some massive changes being seen on your body.

#2: Work out in the morning

If at all possible you should try to workout in the morning so that you do not become too tired and unable to give it your all.

Often you will go to work with the intention to workout afterwards, unfortunately as the day goes on you will become tired and will likely start to make excuses for why you cant workout.

#3: Make exercising fun

If you are not enjoying your workouts then you are less likely to want to do them.

For some the gym can be boring, but you don’t have to workout at the gym. There are plenty of exercise classes you could do, or perhaps you could invite a friend along to push you and encourage you?

#4: Don’t weigh yourself daily

If you weigh yourself daily then you may be putting undue pressure on yourself to lose weight every day, which is unlikely to happen.

Everyones weight will fluctuate daily so rather than the daily weigh-ins, have a weekly or fortnightly one instead.

If you are getting regular exercise you may notice that your weight does not drop as much as you may imagine, but this could be due to an increase in muscle mass.

Therefore you may want to use other methods to gauge your journey, for instance you could see how differently your clothes fit you, or compare old pictures to how you currently look.

#5: Stop with those fad diets

It is easy to be tempted by the weight loss claims made by the various fad diets available. However, these are often overly strict or involve the cutting of whole food groups that can leave you missing important nutrients from your diet.

Not only is the weight likely to return as fast as it was originally lost but you could be risking your long-term health by undertaking some of these diets.

#6: Prepare your meals in advance

Many of us lead busy lives, which means we are often so short of time that we are forced to buy take aways or microwave meals.

While these are ok on occasion, once you start having them 2-3 times a week you will surely start to notice your waistline expanding.

If you lead a busy life then I suggest that you try preparing a few meals beforehand, so that you can freeze and reheat when you are short of time.

You could also prepare a healthy dinner for work in advance, so that you are not tempted by that unhealthy cafe food.

#7: Don’t focus on the bad

Weight loss can be difficult and you are bound to make the odd mistake along your journey.

Rather than allowing these issues to get you down, try to learn from them and move on. If you dwell on them you will never be able to move past it and will likely result in you quitting and any weight lost being regained.

Instead of focussing on the bad, look at your journey so far. How much weight you have lost, how much healthier you feel and how much better you look.

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