10 Tips to Help you Lose Weight in 2016

10 Tips to Help you Lose Weight in 2016

If you have finally decided that 2016 is the year that you are going to reach your weight loss goals then you should read on.

The following tips will certainly help you to reach your goal weight.

#1: Expect it to be difficult

Weight loss is not easy and anyone that has stated otherwise is most likely lying to you.

However, this is not to say that you cannot lose weight in 2016, as with a little hard work, perseverance and dedication you will soon start to see some good results.

#2: Avoid the extreme

It may be tempting to try extreme diets and workout sessions when you first make the decision to lose weight.

Of course, these methods will undoubtedly help in the short term, the chances of being able to stick to these methods long term are incredibly slim.

Think about it this way, would you be able to survive on just 500 calories for the rest of your life? What about working out for 3-4 hours everyday? They are just unrealistic and potentially dangerous.

To lose weight and more importantly to keep the weight off then you need to be sensible, cut a few calories and do a little more exercise than what you currently do and you will soon start to see results.

#3: Go for a walk

Walking is one of the easiest ways you can burn calories and can be performed by most able-bodied people.

You can go for a 30 minute walk before or after work, or walk to the shops instead of driving.

There are so many ways that you could incorporate more walking into your daily life.

#4: Get support

If you try to lose weight without the support of your family and friends then you are less likely to succeed.

This support will help make you accountable for your actions, plus you will be able to get the encouragement and advice you need to push through any issues you encounter.

You could even get support from strangers too, there are various slimming clubs both online and local to you that you could join to talk to like-minded people who maybe going through the same struggles.

#5: Be honest with yourself

If you find yourself making excuses for why you can’t eat healthily or exercise then you need to stop.

Just be honest with yourself, and stop making excuses. If you want success then you will need to just get on with it, you know what changes you need to implement.

#6: Don’t deny yourself

There are no doubt certain foods that you love and that you couldn’t imagine going without. Well, my advice to you would be to not deny yourself these foods, even if you know they are bad for you.

What you need to make sure you do though is to make sure you are not overindulging with these foods, which could be likely if you deny yourself them for too long.

#7: Be realistic

Unless you are willing to dedicate large parts of your life to training then you are unlikely to look like one of those magazine models.

The truth is that they are able to spend all day working on their bodies as that is their job.

Lose WeightFor most of us our everyday lives will get in the way, plus genetics has a part too.

Of course this does not mean that you should give up your attempt to lose weight. Being overweight or obese will put you at a higher risk of developing numerous health conditions.

Just be more realistic about what you can achieve.

#8: Eat more vegetables

This may seem obvious, but if you want to lose weight then you need to be cutting back on the microwave meals and junk food.

Instead you need to make an effort to eat more vegetables.

Vegetables are perfect for healthy eating as they are low in calories yet full of the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Every meal should contain plenty of vegetables along with both protein and fibre-rich foods too.

#9: Sign up for a fitness event

When you sign up for a fitness event you will be able to increase your focus and motivation as you will be working towards a goal.

Once you sign up you will not want to embarrass yourself by not performing well, or worse still not turning up at all.

#10: Stick to your plan

If you want to see the results of your hard work then you cannot simply quit at the first sign of trouble.

Once you have set your plan you should stick to it. Of course you can make a few changes to it along the way, but quitting is simply not an option.

Hopefully the above tips will ensure you are able to lose weight in 2016.

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