12 Tips to Help You Lose Weight in 2017

12 Tips to Help You Lose Weight in 2017

We are now well into 2017 so it is probably time to check how your New Year resolutions are going?

Have you managed to lose weight, or have you already fallen off the wagon?

If you have then it is certainly understandable, after-all most of those who say they want to lose weight fail.

Do you want to succeed though? If you really want to lose weight this year, perhaps for health reasons or just to improve your self confidence then read on. The following tips will certainly help you achieve your weight loss goals.

#1: Practice mindful eating

This involves making conscious food choices, and to not eat mindlessly.

To do this you will need to listen to what your body is telling you, learn to eat only when you are hungry and to stop eating when you are full.

#2: Cut out those “diet” foods

If you want to lose weight then you maybe tempted by those fat-free offers you have seen in your local supermarket.

While these are tempting, they may not actually be helpful when it comes to losing weight.

The truth is that these so called “diet” foods may contain more calories than their full fat alternatives.

This is because these foods have added sugars to make them taste better, along with numerous artificial preservatives.

I would highly recommend that you look at all food labels before you add them to your shopping basket. What these labels reveal may shock you.

#3: Avoid overly processed foods

If you are looking at food labels and come across any ingredients that you cannot pronounce then chances are they are an artificial ingredient, so is best avoided.

These foods are often quickly digested by your body and will leave you craving more of them.

Opt for whole foods instead, which are foods like fruits and vegetables, as they are not processed so retain most of their nutrients. They are also naturally low in calories.

#4: Eat more vegetables

As mentioned, vegetables are full of nutrients and are low in calories, which makes them the ideal food for anyone looking to lose weight.

They are also a good source of fibre, so eating vegetables will fill you up and keep you feeling full.

#5: Eat healthy fats

It was once thought that fat caused weight gain.

This belief has now been proven to be false, but certain fats should be avoided, such as saturated or trans-fats.

Healthy fats though should be encouraged, so make sure to add fatty fish like salmon and tuna, as well as avocado, walnuts, soybeans, flaxseeds and almonds to your everyday diet.

These healthy fats are good for your overall health and can help burn fat too.

#6: Cut back on processed carbs

There are various diets that promote the cutting of carbs, but personally I would not recommend cutting all carbs. They are after-all essential for energy as well as a number of other bodily functions.

What I would recommend, however, would be to cut back on processed carbs.

These are foods such as white flour, white bread, white rice, pastries, breakfast cereals and sweets.

When these foods are made they are highly processed, meaning that most of their nutrient content is removed.

This means that when you eat these food types they are quickly digested, leading to blood sugar spikes and subsequent crashes.

When this occurs you will end up craving more of these foods.

#7: Eat more fibre-rich foods

Fibre if filling so if your diet is rich in fibre you will encounter fewer food cravings. Your digestive system will also work more efficiently too.

I would suggest that you make sure your diet contains the following fibre-rich foods:

  • Whole grains
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Legumes
  • Nuts and seeds

#8: Choose water

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that you should cut out soft drinks if you are trying to lose weight. Yes, even those diet options as they have been shown to cause cravings for sugary foods.

Your best option is water, as it has zero calories and can help curb your appetite.

To make it less boring to taste you could add a slice of lemon or another citrus fruit.

#9: Snack healthy

Again, you shouldn’t need to be told, but choosing crisps or a chocolate bar when you are hungry between meals is not a good idea.

Instead opt for fresh fruit or a handful of nuts.

You don’t want to ruin your hard work choosing a high calorie snack.

#10: Trick yourself into eating smaller portions

An easy way to cut your portion sizes would be to use a smaller plate.

Your portion size will look huge, but the reality is that it will be much smaller than you are used to.

#11: Get regular exercise

While the weight loss benefits of exercise are less than dieting you should stick try to do it.

Research has shown that regular exercise is good for long-term health.

#12: Get enough sleep

Failure to get adequate sleep will leave you tired and more likely to reach for that junk food.

You will also find your cravings are much higher as the hormones that control your appetite will become messed up with a lack of sleep.

I would recommend you try to get at least 7 hours of good quality sleep per night. To achieve this, switch off any distractions in your bedroom, and to try not to go to bed stressed.

If you want to lose weight in 2017 then these tips will help. Of course, it will be difficult, but with a little hard work and dedication there is no reason why you cannot reach your goals.



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