5 Ways to Lose Weight In Time For Christmas

5 Ways to Lose Weight In Time For Christmas

Have you gained a few pounds over the summer months? Perhaps overindulged while on holiday, or had too many barbecues?

Well, you are certainly not alone. There will be plenty of people just like you who are now worrying about fitting into that skinny dress for those upcoming Christmas and New Year parties.

So what can you do? For a start you could read the following tips on how to lose weight in time for Christmas.

If you take the advise given then there is no reason why you cannot lose those excess pounds and increase your body-confidence for those parties.

#1: Don’t cut out fats

Some diets promote the cutting of fats, but the truth is that your body needs fats.

Of course there are certain fats that you should cut out, such as those found in processed junk foods, but to cut out fat entirely is not a good idea.

There are good fats, such as omega-3 fats that are found in fish that are good for your overall health, and can even promote weight loss.

For instance these omega-3 fats can help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

#2: Cut back on fruit juice

You may think that fruit juice is a healthy option, especially when compared to soft drinks, but the reality is that they are not that good for you, especially if you are looking to lose weight.

Fruit juices are full of calories, mostly from the fruits themselves, but many also have added sugar too.

If you want to increase your fruit intake then opt for whole fruits instead. They will be a much better alternative as the fibre content, found in the skin and pulp will help fill you up.

Fruit juice does not have this fibre, so you get the calories without the benefits.

#3: Watch those carbs

Not all carbs are bad, but there are certain types you need to be careful of.

The worst kinds are those that have been processed, so any foods made from white flour is a bad carb that is quickly digested.

Christmas Weight LossWhen foods are quickly digested you will experience a sugar high. Unfortunately this is short-lived and you will crash leading to further cravings for sugary foods.

#4: Cut back on alcohol

Not only does alcohol contain calories that you are trying to cut back on, but drinking alcohol can lower your inhibitions too, which will result in you reaching for those snacks and foods you know you should skip.

It maybe a boring option, but the best option to drink while attempting to lose weight is tap water. It is free from calories and can help curb your appetite, particularly when consumed prior to a meal.

#5: Try to avoid snacks between meals

These added calories will soon add up, so opt for fruit or nuts if you are unable to control those cravings between meals.

A good tip to avoid snacking would be to have a drink of water. Sometimes your body will confuse thirst for hunger, so if you have a drink and the cravings remain then you know you truly are hungry.

You could also do something to distract you from these cravings too, for example you could go for a walk. Just do something to take your mind off those cravings.

These are not huge changes to make, yet can make a big difference to your weight. Incorporate these few changes into your lifestyle and reap the rewards.




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