Lose weight by reducing your stress levels

Lose weight by reducing your stress levels

In a recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology it was shown that women who struggle with stress were much more prone to gaining weight than those who could control heir stress levels.

The reason these women were more prone to weight gain is that stress causes your body to go into a kind of ‘survival mode’ where your metabolism will be reduced.

As you should already know your metabolism is essential if you wish to burn off the calories you consume before it is stored on your body as fat.

This study also showed that both the cortisol and leptin levels increased too, which will also lead to further weight gain.

Stress leading to comfort eating

If you are struggling with stress then you are more likely to want to ‘comfort eat,’ where foods such as chocolate, pasta and crisps will be consumed in an attempt to improve your mood.

These types of foods are popular with comfort eaters as they are high in sugar, which will give you an immediate lift due to your raised blood sugar levels.

The issue with eating these foods is that these blood sugar levels will inevitably fall, leaving you feeling just as you felt before. This will result in a circle of sadness and eating that will cause your weight to increase.

Is there a better way to fight your stress?

Rather than reaching for the junk food you would be better off going to the gym for an hour. Exercise is a great way to get your body to release feel good endorphins that will make you feel better.

Exercise is also an obvious way you can lose any of that weight you have gained during your most stressful times.

What if my energy is low?

A common reason for not going to the gym is a lack of energy, yet if you diet is correct then you wont have to make this excuse ever again.

If you diet is high in protein then you will find that your energy levels will remain consistently high, plus as protein is slow to digest you will experience fewer cravings too.

Is there anything else that could help?

There are plenty of products available that can help to boost low energy levels, many of which contain caffeine that will give your energy levels a boost yet could potentially cause issues such as headaches and insomnia.

In our opinion you would be better off using a product such as Phen375, a fat burner that can cause an incredible increase in your metabolism. Resulting in excess calories and stored far being burnt, along with an increase in your low energy levels.

With that excess weight gone you will have that one thing less to have to stress about.

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