Could you lose weight with the sugar diet?

Could you lose weight with the sugar diet?

Following WWI, Americans were becoming increasingly conscious about their weight. By the 1940s the sugar manufacturers felt unjustly attacked with advice that in order to lose weight you would need to reduce your sugar intake.

This led to the creation of numerous advertisements looking to advise the general public about the benefits of sugar and how it could even help with weight loss.

Just look at a few of these adverts created by Domino (not the pizza brand) that indicated how sugar could aid slimming:

Domino sugar diet advert

Domino sugar diet advert

Domino sugar diet advert

Not only were these adverts misleading but remind me of the smoking adverts from yesteryear that claimed this now taboo act as being healthy.

Can you think of any ridiculous diet fads from the past? Please let us know.

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